Samsung Refrigerator Doors [Issues and Fixes]

A few issues could develop with Samsung refrigerator doors. In this article, we discuss these issues and different ways to fix each one.

Samsung refrigerator doors
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Samsung Freezer Door Not Sealing – Quick Fix

The following are what to do to fix a Samsung freezer door that is not sealing or staying closed:

1. Check Gasket

Take a look at the door gasket to see if it is damaged, ripped or loose. If it is, replace it. Also, check to see if any item is poking into, keeping it from sealing properly.

Additionally, check to see if it is dirty. Clean it thoroughly with warm water and mild soap. A dirty gasket won’t seal properly. Therefore you clean it regularly.

It is important to also check to see if the door seal is still magnetized, even if it is not damaged, ripped, loose or dirty. Place a metal object on it to see if the object sticks to the seal. If it does not, you can either re-magnetize the seal or change it completely.

Rub a strong magnet along the length of the seal several times in order to re-magnetize it.

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2. Check Contents

There is a possibility that one or more items in the freezer is protruding and keeping the door open. If the freezer is too full, reduce the contents and rearrange the remaining ones to fit into the freezer properly. This way, the door can close and seal tightly.

3. Check the Feet

Ensure that the feet of the freezer are level on the floor. This means ensuring that the floor on which you placed the freezer is level. If it is not, then relocate the freezer to a room with a more level floor. But if it is, then check the feet to be sure they are all well-adjusted. Adjust them if they are not.

If the feet of the freezer are not level, it will make closing and sealing the door difficult.

4. Check the Door

Open the door of the freezer and close it to see if it aligns properly with the frame. If it doesn’t align, you need to readjust it by loosening the door hinges or any other hardware that holds the door in place. Then, tighten them again, this time making sure the door is properly aligned.

You can also check to see if any external object is stuck on the hinges, keeping the door from closing and sealing. Remove it if there is any such object.

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Misalignment of a freezer door is possible if you recently moved it and had to remove the door to be able to fit it into the house.

Samsung Freezer Door Replacement – What to Do

To replace a Samsung bottom freezer drawer door:

Open the drawer and remove the upper tray. Do this by pushing it to the back, lifting its wheels out of their slots. Then, lift the front of the tray up and slide it out.

Next, remove the box tray. Tilt the back of the tray and push it back, removing it from the slot at the front. Tilt it a little forward and lift it to remove it from the drawer.

Using a 10 millimeter socket, unscrew the 4 10 millimeter bolts holding the drawer in place. Each side of the drawer has 2 bolts. When they are unscrewed, lift the door of the freezer out of the way. Hold the two sides and lift the door to release the brackets from the slide rails.

Take the new freezer drawer door and align the tabs on the brackets of the door, making sure that the slots are on the glides. Set in place.

Screw back the 10 millimeter bolts you removed earlier. Put back the box tray – insert it, back first, tilt the front forward to push it into the slot and set it in place. Now, put back the upper tray – tilt the back in and set it on top of the box tray. Push it in and slide it out to ensure the wheels are in place.

New freezer drawer doors don’t come with a gasket, brackets and a handle. You will have to reuse the ones from the original door.

To replace the door of the freezer compartment in a Samsung refrigerator:

Using a screwdriver, loosen the stop pin on the lower left side of the freezer door. Remove the door by removing the retaining part and sliding the stop pin at the upper part and lower part out of the sockets.

To put the door back, fit the stop pin at the lower left side into the retaining part and fit the stop pin at the upper part into the socket, all at the same time.

Here is a video that shows how easy it is to do this…

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To replace a Samsung freezer door on a side-by-side model:

Unscrew the screw holding the top hinge cover in place. Lift the cover out of the way and if there is a wire harness, disconnect it.

Next, unscrew the bolts that hold the hinge at the top to the body of the unit. Now, open the door and lift the door out of the hinge at the bottom. Do this carefully.

To replace the door, slide the water dispenser tube through the hole located in the hinge pin. This works for ice and water dispensing models. Now, slide the door so it fits into the hinge pin. Close the door.

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Put the hinge at the top in place and mount back the bolts you removed earlier. Be sure to check to see if the door is level with the other one before you tighten the bolts.

Now, tighten the bolts after leveling the door. Reconnect the harness if there is any. Slide the cover of the hinge back in position and mount the holding screw.

Samsung DA97-06158A Refrigerator Lower Left Door Hinge

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Samsung Freezer Door Will Not Open – What to Do

If the door of your Samsung freezer will not open, it is possible there is a spill on the door gasket or seal. Sugary drink spilling on the gasket will cause it to stick to the frame and make the door difficult to open. Therefore, clean the outside of the gasket and the freezer with soapy warm water. Try to open the door again after this.

It is also possible there is an ice buildup forcing the door to remain shut. It could also be the normal vacuum system of the freezer working. Contact any of our qualified refrigerator technicians to troubleshoot and fix this issue for you.

To keep the seal from sticking to the frame of the freezer, ensure you clean the freezer and the seal every month. Also, avoid spilling sugary or sticky liquids on the body of the freezer.

Additionally, you can apply paraffin wax on the gasket and frame after cleaning them to keep them from sticking together. Don’t clean with abrasive cleaners and don’t use petroleum jelly to keep the door from sticking.

It is important to note here that opening and closing the door of the freezer creates a vacuum that causes the door to stick temporarily. If you try to open the door after just a few seconds of closing it, you won’t be able to do it. Give it time so the pressure in it can equalize.

For the ice buildup, it is possible for the door to become frozen shut if there is a large ice buildup on the sensor arm of the ice maker.

Shut off the water supply to the unit and switch the ice maker off. Then, defrost the freezer to thaw the ice. Keep an eye on the ice maker and defrost it again if ice starts building on it.

Samsung Fridge Not Beeping When Door Is Open – How to Fix

If a Samsung fridge does not beep even when the door is open for a while, check the door sensor or the control board. One or both of them could be defective or damaged.

Contact Samsung support center for assistance. A refrigerator repair technician can also help you find the exact cause of the problem. Chat with our experienced technicians for expert help and advice. Be sure to know the exact model and age of the Samsung unit.

Samsung Refrigerator Condensation between Doors – Quick Fix

Check to see if the Energy Saver icon is illuminated if Samsung refrigerator doors have condensation between them. If it is, turn it off to activate the heater on the center panel. This keeps the condensation away.

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The unit is able to save a little energy when Energy Saver is on but this could cause condensation to appear between the doors.

If this does not apply, then check for high humidity. Using a dehumidifier can solve this problem if the humidity is indeed high, especially if it is summertime.

However, if the weather is not the problem, the problem could be from poor use of the unit. Ensure you don’t open and close the door frequently. And when you close the door, make sure it seals tightly.

Samsung Refrigerator Door Squeaks When Opening – What to Do

Apply a refrigerator-rated lubricant to the hinges of the door if your Samsung refrigerator door squeaks when it is being opened. Lubricate each side of the top and bottom hinges using a needle oiler bottle.

To do this, empty the refrigerator door of all items. Apply the lubricant to the hinges from every possible angle, making sure to squirt the lubricant thoroughly on the bottom hinge. This is because it holds a lot of weight.

The door of a refrigerator starts squeaking when the lubricant in the hinge wears off and metal starts rubbing against metal. This is true for every refrigerator door, including Samsung refrigerator doors.

Samsung Refrigerator French Door Assembly

Begin by securing the pin plates of the door hinge. Replace the single Philips screw and the 2 5 millimeter Allen screws to secure the two pin plates of the doors.

1. For the Door without the Water Dispenser

Align the door without the water dispenser. With the hinge pin, direct the alignment of the door. Put the hinge plate into the metal tabs on top of the door.

Hold it in place with the plate lever. Replace the cover of the hinge; press on it until it snaps down. Mount the single Philips screw to hold the cover in place.

2. For the Door with the Water Dispenser

Direct its alignment with the hinge pin. Pass the waterline and the electric wires through the slots in the hinge plate. Don’t pull the waterline or the wires; doing this could damage them.

Put the hinge plate into the metal tabs without cutting the wires and water line. Then, open the door a little to put the hinge plate into the hole at the door’s top.

Secure the plate with the lever. Connect the water line to the guest fitting, making sure that the two tubes meet at the middle of the fitting to avoid leaks from the dispenser. Insert the fitting into the housing on the plate.

Fix the electrical connector and be sure the connector locks. Lay the wires and the connector as flat as they can go.

Put the cover of the hinge in place but don’t force it as doing this will damage the wires. If all the connections are properly done, the cover will lock. Mount the single Philips screw to the cover of the hinge to hold it in place.

When the assembly is done, open and close the Samsung refrigerator doors to ensure they seal properly and all the parts are working fine. If there is any further problem with the assembly, consult the user’s manual to know how to adjust or level the doors.

This video shows how to assemble the french doors of a Samsung refrigerator…


Refrigerators have different issues with their doors and Samsung refrigerator doors are no different. But fixing the issues with Samsung refrigerator doors should not be a huge task. Following the steps for the different issues will give you the needed solutions.

In addition to the above, unplug the unit before running diagnostics or fixing any part of it. It is a safety step to prevent electrocution. Also, wear work gloves if you have any. Doing this is added protection.


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