Samsung Refrigerator Won’t Fit through Door [Simple Solution]

Having troubles with a Samsung refrigerator that won’t fit through the door? This article details how to solve this problem.

Samsung refrigerator won't fit through door

How to Fit a Samsung Refrigerator through Door

If your Samsung refrigerator won’t fit through the doorway of your home, here is what to do:

Step 1

Remove the refrigerator door handles. Consult the manual of the refrigerator to determine how to do this for your specific model. Use a hex or Allen wrench if there is a visible screw. When turned sideways, removing the door handles reduces the size of the refrigerator.

Step 2

If removing the handles on the doors does not reduce the size enough for it to fit through the door, then remove the doors. Again, consult the manual of the refrigerator to know how to remove the doors for the specific model.

But generally, to remove the doors, start with the hinge at the top. Then, with a putty knife, take the cover plate down. After this, unmount the screws holding the doors in place, pull them up and remove the hinge pins. Lift the doors out of the way.

Step 3

Mount the refrigerator on top of an appliance dolly. Usually, the side of the refrigerator will rest on the back of the dolly. Using straps, hold the refrigerator in place securely so it does not shift on the dolly during movement.

Step 4

Pull the appliance dolly down from the top so that it rests on the wheels. Push it to the doorway where someone is waiting to help you.

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If there is a raised threshold at the foot of the doorway, you will need to lift the dolly with your helper. Once the dolly with the refrigerator on it clears the doorway freely, the rest is easy.

Just roll the dolly to the point where you intend for the refrigerator to be positioned. Remove the straps holding the refrigerator in place and pull the lip of the dolly away from under it. Be sure to place the refrigerator on a thick towel or rug so that moving it into position won’t ruin the floor of the kitchen.

Additional Information

If removing the door handles and the doors do not solve the problem of fitting the refrigerator through the door, you can try the following:

Before getting the refrigerator too close to the door, turn it so that the side with the door hinges faces the door. Then, place an appliance dolly with 4 wheels under the refrigerator and wheel it towards the door of the house.

When you get to the door, open the door of the refrigerator. If it has two doors, open both doors. Then, move the dolly through the door, rotating and twisting as needed.

If the refrigerator is a side-by-side model, open the second door as you move the unit into the house.

However, this process works for refrigerators with top freezers or side-by-side models. So if you have a 3-door french door model or a 4-door french door model, it won’t work. The doors of the bottom drawers will still have to be dismantled.

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