Miele Fridge Freezing Food [Quick Fix]

Is your Miele fridge freezing food? Believe us when we say we understand how annoying this can be. This is why in this article we will discuss quick fixes for this problem.

We hope that at the end of this article, you will be able to stop your Miele fridge from freezing your food.

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Quick Fixes for Your Miele Fridge Freezing Food

There are a couple of reasons your Miele fridge keeps freezing food. The following are ways to check and fix these reasons in no time.

1. Increase the Fridge’s Temperature

The first thing to consider is the temperature of your fridge. To know the minimum and maximum temperature of your fridge, check your fridge’s manual.

However, if you do not find this in the manual, then take 38°F as the minimum and 40°F as the maximum ideal temperatures.

Check the temperature and if it is below the ideal temperature, then increase it. Ensure you do not increase the temperature beyond the ideal maximum temperature.

2. Stuck Up More Food

Sometimes, the reason your fridge is freezing food is that there isn’t enough food in the fridge. The fridge stays cold because of the cold air being sent into it.

If there isn’t enough food to properly absorb the cold air, it will settle on the food and begin to freeze it. So try to fill your fridge and see if this will solve the problem.

3. Keep Foods Away from the Vents

As already mentioned, the fridge stays cold due to the cold air supplied to it. Cold air is supplied to the fridge from the freezer through outlets known as air vents.

If your food is stored directly in the path of the air vents then it may likely start to freeze up.

Also, placing foods close to the air vents will block the vents causing a decrease in airflow. The decreased airflow will cause the fridge to overwork as it will try to make up for the problem. Subsequently, the fridge will become too cold and start to freeze food.

To solve this, locate all the air vents in your fridge and avoid placing your food in these areas.

4. Clean the Coils

The coils are located behind the appliance and so are prone to dirt, dust, and grime. When the coils are dirty, they will cause the evaporator fans to work overtime. This will result in the fridge getting cold enough to freeze food.

To solve this problem, you simply need to clean the coils. You may use either a damp cloth or a vacuum for this.

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For safety, ensure you turn off the fridge before you clean the coils. Also, since the coils are located behind the fridge, adjust the fridge to a position that will allow easy access to the coils.

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5. Replace Door Seal

The door seal is otherwise known as the door gasket. It helps to regulate the air temperature of the fridge by preventing warm air from entering the fridge. It achieves this by making sure the fridge is closed properly at all times.

If the door seal is leaking then warm air will begin to enter the fridge. What happens when warm air enters the fridge is that it eventually becomes frost.

Frost in the fridge is bad because it may cover the vents. When the vents are blocked, there is a decrease in airflow. And the fridge in turn will work overtime to make up for this, leading to the fridge getting too cold.

To know if the door seal is leaking, switch on a flashlight and put it inside the fridge. Then close the fridge, if you can see the ray of the flashlight then the door seal is leaking and should be replaced.

Watch this video for how to replace your door seal.

6. Do not Put Hot Food in the Fridge

As already stated, frost in the fridge vents will cause the fridge to overwork and become too cold. And another reason frost build up in the fridge is when warm food is placed in the fridge.

So before you put foods in the fridge, let it get cool to prevent frost buildup.

7. Call a Service Technician

If the above fixes do not solve the problem then it might be a technical issue. For this, we recommend that you call a service technician.


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