Jenn Air Fridge Freezing Food [Quick fix]

If you are looking to solve the problem of your Jenn Air fridge freezing food then you are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss the most common reasons your fridge is freezing food and how to solve the problem.

The solutions are quick fixes that would hopefully have your fridge operating as it should as quickly as possible.

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Jenn Air Fridge Freezing Food – Why and Solutions

The following are the most common possible reasons your Jenn Air fridge keeps freezing food. Each problem is explained in detail and is followed with equally detailed solutions.

1. Temperature Set Too Low

The temperature should be the first thing to consider if your Jenn Air refrigerator is freezing food. This is because it is the most obvious reason hence it may be easily overlooked.

Your fridge manual should let you know what the ideal temperature for your fridge is. However, the common ideal temperature for fridges is between 38°F-40°F.

Check to see the temperature is not below this. If your fridge does not display the temperature then get a fridge thermometer and check it.

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If it is below 38°F then you have to turn up the temperature of the fridge. Turn up the temperature from one level to the other, also, ensure you do not exceed 40°F as this will make your fridge too warm.

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2. The Ice maker is Turned On

When the ice maker is not connected to the water supply and it is left on it will continue to try to make ice. As a result, the fridge will get too cold and may begin to freeze food.

Therefore, you need to turn off the ice maker whenever it is not connected to the water supply.

To turn off the ice maker simply push the wire shutoff arm to the off position.


3. Blocked Vents

Air vents are openings in fridges through which cool air is supplied to the fridge from the freezer. If the vents are blocked then there will be decreased airflow in the fridge.

As a result of this, the fridge will begin to work overtime to make up for the decreased airflow. And this may cause the fridge to become too cold.

There are two possible ways the vents can get blocked:

i. Foods are placed in the path of the vents

When foods are placed in the path of the vents it prevents the cool air from getting to the other parts of the fridge. Also, it causes the food to get frozen faster as the cool air will simply settle on the food in its path.

To prevent this, keep your foods away from the vents at all times.

ii. Frost Buildup on the Vents

Frost can gather on the vents and block them. What causes frost in the fridge is when warm air enters the fridge; it gets frozen and becomes frost.

To solve this problem, you have to remove the frost from the vents. You may either use a damp cloth or a plastic scraper depending on the quantity of frost on the vents. However, if the frost is very heavy, you may have to defrost the fridge, read this article for how to properly defrost your fridge.

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You also have to avoid letting warm air enter your fridge to prevent the reoccurrence of this problem. Do not leave the fridge open for longer than a minute at most, and make sure it is properly closed at all times. Also, do not put warm items in the fridge.

4. Leaking Gasket

The gasket which is otherwise known as the door seal helps to keep out warm air from the fridge by making sure the door is closed properly at all times.

If the gasket is leaking or worn out then warm air will get into the fridge and may cause frost buildup on the vents. To see if the gasket is worn out or leaking inspect it for cracks or leaks.

If the seal is leaking, then it has to be replaced.

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How to Replace Jenn Air fridge Gasket

Follow the steps below to replace the gasket on your Jenn Air Fridge

Step one: Switch off the fridge for safety.

Step two: Open the fridge. Next, pry off the seal from the top corner. If it’s difficult to pry off, use a flat head screwdriver to do it.

Step three: From the corner you have pried off, pull the gasket off the track.

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Step four: Inspect the track to ensure there is no bit of the old seal stuck on it.

Step five: Get the new seal. There is a little plastic dot on each corner of the gasket so all you have to do is pin this to each corner of the fridge.

Step six: After clipping the corners of the seal to each corner of the fridge, work your way around the track. Clip the gasket on the track as well as you can.

5. Dirty Coils

The coils of your fridge are located behind the appliance and as such it could get dirty or dusty. When the coils are dirty, it will force the evaporator fans to run longer than necessary.

This may then cause the fridge to become too cold and start to freeze food. To solve this, you have to clean the coils.

For precaution, turn off the fridge and unplug it from the power socket. Shift the fridge from the wall so the coils are accessible. You can now use a vacuum to clean the coils.

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6. Not Enough Food in the Fridge

When the fridge is near empty, there won’t be enough food to absorb the cold air being supplied to the fridge. This may result in the few items in the fridge getting frozen as the cold air will settle on them.

To solve this problem, try to store more food in the fridge, also do not forget to keep them away from the vents.

7. Technical Issue

If you try all of the above and the problem persists then it is a technical issue. For this, we recommend that you get the help of a technician.

However, if you have basic technical skills, you may decide to try to fix the problem yourself.

Check out this video for how to go about this.


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