How to Change GE Fridge from Celsius to Fahrenheit [Quick Guide]

Does your fridge’s temperature setting read Celsius and not Fahrenheit? Do you want to learn how to change GE fridge from Celsius to Fahrenheit? This article is for you.

How to Change GE Fridge From Celsius to Fahrenheit

How to Change GE Fridge from Celsius to Fahrenheit

The following are ways to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit on GE refrigerators:

GE Bottom-Freezer Built-In Refrigerator

To change from Celsius to Fahrenheit on this model, press the button that reads “Temp Display ⁰C/⁰F.” It is that easy!

You can find this button on the temperature control panel. If you are unsure, get the refrigerator’s user manual and check the location of the button. You can also read online manuals and help guides to determine the exact location of this button and how long to press it before the temperature changes from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

GE Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Take a look at the control panel; you will see buttons controlling the cold and warm temperatures in the freezer and refrigerator. Press these buttons on both the fridge and the freezer temperature displays simultaneously once you find them. Hold the four buttons down for three seconds, and “0” will appear on the two temperature displays.

Next, press the “Express Thaw” function for the “0” on the displays to disappear. You can also press any other function button in-between for the “0” to disappear.

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Now, change the left-hand display, which displays the freezer temperature, to “1”. Then, change the right-hand temperature display, which displays the refrigerator temperature, to “7”.

Again, press “Express Thaw,” and “F” or ”C” will appear on the right (refrigerator) display panel. Use the “Colder” button to switch between C/F and make your selection.

As with the other model above, use the refrigerator’s manual to determine the buttons’ location and how to use them. Online manuals are also available if your user guide is no longer available.

Saving Selection

After selecting or changing the temperature display from Celsius to Fahrenheit, you must save your selection. To do this, press “Express Thaw” and wait three seconds. Then, press “Express Thaw” for the last time to go back to the usual display.

Keep in mind that this step applies ONLY to GE Side-by-Side refrigerators with Custom Cool. Additionally, their temperature displays show the actual measured compartment temperatures in either ⁰F or ⁰C.

This setting may seem a bit difficult but it is not. Once you start, it is easy to navigate. However, according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, a service technician should carry out this procedure. Furthermore, changing from Celsius to Fahrenheit may not be necessary unless you altered the setting before now.

Quick Note

If you are looking for how to change a GE fridge from Celsius to Fahrenheit, you can do so on the temperature control panel. And the temperature control panel is in either of these two places: the dispenser panel or the upper rear wall of the fridge section.

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If none of these two settings answer your question, consult your user’s manual if it is still handy. Otherwise, contact the GE Service Center for further assistance.

Alternatively, our service technicians are available to help. Use the chatbox to your right to chat with any of them.

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