No Power to GE Refrigerator [Solutions]

If you notice that there is no power to your GE refrigerator, what do you do? This article will show you the solution to this problem.

No Power to GE Refrigerator

No Power to Control Panel on GE Refrigerator – Solved

Here are the things you should check when you notice there is no power to the control panel:

1. Power Source

Ensure you connect the refrigerator to the power source. Check the power cord to make sure it is connected to a live outlet and is not damaged either. In addition, ensure that the circuit breaker has not tripped off.

If the problem is not from the power source, check the power switch.

2. Power Switch

Check the power switch to ensure it is in the ON position. If the unit is not ON, the control panel will not work.

3. Wiring Connection

Check the bottom left of the refrigerator. Unscrew and remove the base grille. You will see the wire connections that run through it.

Now, closely look at the wiring connections and ensure there is no breach in the wires. If there is a breach, reconnect the wire and tape it with electrical tape.

A breach in the wiring could be the reason the control panel does not have power.

However, remember to disconnect the appliance from the power source if you want to carry out this repair.

4. Door

Ensure the refrigerator door is not open while you try to resolve the blank control panel. This is because when the door is open, the control panel becomes blank.

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However, if none of these tips fixes the problem, attempt a reset. All you have to do is unplug the appliance from the wall outlet and wait a few seconds.

Afterward, plug it back in. Doing a reset will help restore functionality to the control panel.

If the reset still does not restore power to the control panel, contact GE for further assistance.

No Power to Compressor on GE Refrigerator – What to Do

If the compressor on your GE refrigerator is not working, here are things to do:

1. Check the Thermistor

With a multimeter, check the thermistor for continuity. If you don’t find continuity, it means the thermistor is damaged. So, replace it. The thermistor is behind the rear panel inside the freezer and is attached to the evaporator coils.

Keep in mind that if the thermistor is defective, the compressor may not run. That is because the job of the thermistor is to check the temperature of the refrigerator.

And when it does that, it will send the reading to the control board. The control board will, in turn, use the temperature reading to send power to the compressor.

Therefore, if the thermistor is defective, it will alter the whole process, and the compressor will not work.

2. Check the Motherboard

Unthread the screws holding the motherboard access panel. You will see a big connector at the bottom of the board. It has three connections. Check for the one labeled compressor, which is the output from the board to the compressor.

The next thing you should do is to use a multimeter to measure the voltage coming from that connection. The voltage reading should be 120AC.

If that is not the case, it means the board is not supplying power to the compressor. That may mean that the motherboard is damaged, so replace it.

But when you want to measure the voltage, apply extreme caution because the refrigerator would be turned on. Also, ensure that the condenser fan next to the compressor is working. If the fan is working, the compressor should, too.

GE WR55X10968 Genuine OEM Main Control Board Assembly for GE Refrigerators





Here is a video showing you how to replace a bad motherboard…

3. Check the Start Relay

Use a multimeter to test the start relay to know if it is still functional. If the start relay does not have continuity, then it is damaged. Replace it because the compressor cannot work without it.

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Alternatively, to check the condition of the start relay, shake it after detaching it from the compressor. If the relay rattles, it is most likely bad.

The start relay is the metal component attached to the compressor that activates it.

Apart from the damaged parts, when the refrigerator is on defrost cycle, the compressor will shut off. The defrost mode may last up to forty minutes and can happen twice daily. So, ensure this is not the case before starting any other repairs.

If these are not the reason why your compressor is not getting power, then the component might be defective.

However, a certified technician is the best fit for this replacement. Changing the compressor requires professionalism because it involves the use of voltage.

No Power to Dispenser on GE Refrigerator – Quick Fix

Try these quick fixes for your GE dispenser that has no power:

1. Unlock the Control Panel

Press and hold the lock button until the light comes on. That should take about three seconds.

Some refrigerators have the child-lock feature. So, if you turn on this feature accidentally, the dispenser will shut off. Therefore, first, ensure this is not the reason why your dispenser does not have power.

2. Check the Wiring Harness

Check the door wiring harness and ensure to plug it in. However, this applies only if you have to remove the door, probably during installation or relocation.

The installer may have forgotten to plug the harness in, and as a result, there is no power to the dispenser.

3. Check the Door Switch

Use an Ohm meter to check if the door switch has continuity. If the door switch does not have continuity, replace it. That could be the reason the dispenser is not getting power.

The door switch controls the light in the freezer and the dispenser. When you open the freezer door, the door switch will turn the lights on, then turn the dispenser off. Therefore, if the switch is defective, the dispenser may not come on.

4. Reset the Control Panel

To reset the control panel, unplug the unit from the wall socket or circuit breaker. Then, wait for at least thirty seconds before you reconnect it. This reset should restore power to the dispenser.

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Furthermore, resetting the control will work for any of the “no power to dispenser” issues in new and old appliances.

However, if after trying these quick fixes and your dispenser still does not have power, the appliance needs servicing. Contact GE Service center to book an appointment.

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No Power to My GE Refrigerator – Solution

The following are possible solutions if your GE refrigerator is not getting power:

1. Turn the Switch On

First and foremost, ensure that the ON/OFF switch of your refrigerator is on. That is when your appliance has one. If not, check the power cord to determine if it is damaged or not.

2. Check the Power Cord

Check the power cord for burn marks or smells. If you notice any of these, the power cord is damaged. Replace it to get your refrigerator working again. Also, ensure that you tightly fit the power cord to the electrical outlet.

However, if the power cord is not the problem, check the circuit breaker.

3. Inspect the Circuit Breaker

If there was a power surge or outage, the breaker might have tripped off. If the circuit breaker tripped off, reset it to supply power to the refrigerator. Additionally, for older homes, the circuit breaker may be weak and need a replacement.

Furthermore, check the fuse box to ensure the fuse did not blow. That could be another reason why your refrigerator has no power.

4. Take a Look at the GFCI Outlet

Check your refrigerator to see if it has a GFCI protected outlet connection. If so, trip the countertop receptacle of the GFCI outlet to determine if power is on the refrigerator outlet.

You may have to reset the GFCI outlet or replace it entirely to restore power to your refrigerator. However, if you must change the GFCI outlet, it should be because the GFCI outlet is bad.


Is there no power to your GE refrigerator; no sound, lights, or fans working? The problem is with the power source.

However, if you still cannot determine the actual cause of the problem, contact GE for further assistance.

Alternatively, chat with any of our experienced and qualified technicians at no cost. You also do not need to book an appointment.


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