How to Pull Out a GE Refrigerator [Quick Guide]

If you want to clean and you are wondering how to pull out a GE refrigerator, this article is for you. Read to learn simple ways to do this.

How to Pull Out a GE Refrigerator

How to Pull Out a Ge Refrigerator

Take the following steps in order to pull out a GE refrigerator:

Step 1

Empty the refrigerator. It is best to do this, even if you are only moving it a short distance. This is to prevent any breakable item in it from getting damaged. Besides, you will have to unplug the unit from electric power. So, storing frozen food elsewhere is necessary.

Step 2

If there is an ice maker, shut the water supply to it off. The same applies to the water for the dispenser.

Then, unplug the refrigerator from where it is connected to the wall socket or power down the circuit breaker that controls it.

Step 3

Take some cardboard paper or any other item of that nature and tape it on the floor. Do this from the refrigerator’s front and take it down the path through which you will move the unit.

The cardboard paper is to protect the floor of the room from scratching while pulling the refrigerator out. This is especially true if the floor is covered with vinyl.

If the refrigerator has wheels, lift its leveling legs before engaging the wheels. But if you are not sure about how to do this, consult the installation guide.

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Step 4

Now, pull the unit out in a straight line. Make sure to keep it on the path covered with paper. Don’t move it to the left or right; you may cause damages to the floor or even to the refrigerator.

And when you are ready to push it back into place, move it on the same path. Be sure the legs are still raised and the cord is not in the way.

Set it in place, turn the water supply back on and plug the power cord back into the wall outlet.

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How to Take Off a GE Refrigerator Door

To take off a GE refrigerator door, do the following:

  • Get your work tools together
  • Ready the refrigerator
  • Disconnect water line and wire harness
  • Remove hinge cover and hinges
  • Take the door off

To learn more about taking the door off, this article will guide you.

How to Remove Handle from a GE Refrigerator

There are a number of ways to remove the handle from a GE refrigerator. This depends on the model.

Top or Bottom Freezer Models

Step 1

Open the door of the freezer and look at the handle. There may be screws on the sides or the inner part of the handle. If you find any, unscrew them and keep them in a safe place.

Step 2

Take a hold of the unit’s handle and turn it out. Do this in such a way that it faces away from the unit. Next, lift the handle off from where it hangs on the mounting clip or fastener and lay it aside.

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Remove the mounting clip or fastener, if you wish, by removing any screw holding it in place.

Step 3

Now, go to the refrigerating section. Look for any screws that hold the handle securely to the door. The screws may be at the top of the handle or on its side. When you find the screws, remove them.

Step 4

Much like that of the freezer, take a hold of the handle and turn it out. Do this in such a way that it faces away from the refrigerator. Next, lift it off the mounting clip and lay it aside.

Remove the mounting clip, if you wish, by removing any screw holding it in place.

French-Door or Side-by-Side Models

Step 1

Get a 1/8 or 3/32 Allen wrench for this job. Depending on the model you have, take any of the screws and unthread the screws. You will find them on the inner sides of the handle.

Step 2

Now, slide the handle of the unit off the mounting clip or fastener. Do this gently.


Knowing how to pull out a GE refrigerator is an important step in keeping your house clean. However, always ensure you do this safely. If the unit is too heavy, get someone to help you pull it out.

Remember to disconnect it from electric power before pulling it out. And if there is any water connection, turn it off.

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