Samsung Refrigerator Leaking at Water Filter [How to Fix]

This article treats the problem of a Samsung refrigerator leaking water at water filter. Read through to learn how to fix this problem.

Samsung refrigerator leaking at water filter
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Samsung Refrigerator Leaking after Filter Change – Quick Fix

Check for air in the water filter if it is leaking after a filter change. Dispense about 15 glasses of water to remove the air from the filter.

If the leaking continues after this, remove the filter and dispense a gallon of water. However, if the leaking stops, you know that the problem was caused by the water filter having air in it.

Connecting the water filter to the water supply line improperly can cause a leak if the refrigerator has a filtering system. Therefore, check to see if the water filter is the right size for the refrigerator and the right type for the model. Additionally, check to see that it is installed properly.

Furthermore, check for any damage to the filter, especially at the head. If it is cracked, it is going to easily leak water.

Samsung Refrigerator Leaking Around Water Filter – What to Do

If your Samsung refrigerator is leaking around the water filter, check the following:

1. Cracked Filter Housing

To fix this, the filter housing needs to be changed. Therefore, contact Samsung to request professional service. Otherwise, chat with our appliance technicians who can expertly offer this professional service.

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2. Damaged Water Filter Head

To fix this, simply inspect the filter to check for damages. Then, buy a new water filter to replace the damaged one.

3. Improper Water Filter Installation

Ensure you use only water filters that Samsung approves, those which fit the brand perfectly. Also, be sure to install the filter correctly. If you are not sure of how to do this, consult the refrigerator manual for steps.

Quick Note

It is important to call for professional help if fixing a leaking water filter in a Samsung refrigerator proves difficult. It helps prevent damage that could be too expensive to fix.

In addition, always unplug the refrigerator before fixing any part of it, unless the repair requires power supply. Even then, be careful around the refrigerator.

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