Samsung Refrigerator Frosting Up [Quick Fix]

Frost or ice buildup in a refrigerator should not be normal. Read this article to learn how to quickly fix a Samsung refrigerator that is frosting up.

Samsung refrigerator is frosting up
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Samsung Freezer Is Frosting Up – How to Fix

If your Samsung freezer is frosting up, check the following parts:

1. Ice Maker Flap

To determine if the flap of the ice maker closes properly, open the door on the left side and take a look at the ice chute. There is a black flap in it. If it is correctly positioned, it should lie flush against the housing of the chute. So if it is not, ice or some debris could be holding it open.

Clean it to remove the ice or debris so that the flap can close fully. If it does not close fully, warm air enters freely into the freezer, causing a buildup of frost.

2. Door

Ensure that the door of the freezer closes fully and properly. And ensure that the gaskets of the door are properly attached and clean. If you are not sure the gaskets are working fine, close the door of the freezer on a dollar bill. If you can pull out the bill, the gaskets are not working fine. Replace them.

Additionally, clean the gaskets if they are dirty, using warm water and mild soap. Endeavor to clean them regularly as dirty door seals keep the door from sealing tightly.

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3. Air Circulation

If there is any food item obstructing the vents in the freezer, rearrange it so that the vents are free. Keeping food too close to the vents causes frosting on the food, which can accumulate with time.

Also, keep from making items rest on the inside back wall of the freezer. It is easy to form condensation this way, which refreezes and forms frost.

In addition, create enough space between food items so that air can easily move between them. Closely-packed food restricts the movement of cold air and increases the chances of frost buildup.

Watch this video to learn more ways to keep frost from building in your freezer…

Note: A high level of humidity in the home causes a quick buildup of frost in the freezer if the door is opened often. While the freezer usually has a defrost heater to cut down this buildup, the frost buildup can become too much for the heater alone to handle,

Therefore, reduce the number of times the door is opened so that frost does not build up easily in the freezer.

These steps apply to all types and models of Samsung freezers, including top-mount freezers, chest freezers and bottom-mount freezers.

These are the likely reasons why your Samsung freezer is frosting up. However, if you fix all these and the frosting problem continues, contact Samsung Support center to request service.

You also have the option of chatting with any of our experienced appliance technicians. They are ready to assist you and offer expert advice, no matter what the appliance problem is.

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Samsung Refrigerator Frosting Over – What to Do

If your Samsung refrigerator is frosting over, check the temperature setting. If the setting of the temperature is too low, adjust it to a higher point so that the refrigerator stops frosting up or freezing food.

However, if the temperature of your Samsung refrigerator is higher than it should be, lower it to a cooler point but not too cold as to start freezing food.

High refrigerator temperature will cause the unit to grow warm. Over time, condensation will form in it and the moisture will freeze if the temperature gets cold. This causes a buildup of frost.

Remember that if the humidity level in your home is high, it will be easy for frost to build up in the refrigerator just by opening the door frequently.


Unless the repair you want to run on your Samsung refrigerator or freezer needs a supply of power, always unplug it from the wall socket before you start. And if you cannot unplug it, trip the circuit breaker for that room or that part of the house.

If fixing any part of the freezer or refrigerator is too difficult, don’t hesitate to contact Samsung Support center and request service.

Alternatively, chat with us. We have qualified refrigerator technicians that can help you with any issue you may have with your refrigerator.

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