Samsung Refrigerator Freezing Up [How to Fix]

Is your Samsung refrigerator freezing up? This article shows you what to do. It also explains how to fix different parts of the refrigerator that are freezing up.

Samsung refrigerator freezing up
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Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Always Freezing Up – What to Do

If your Samsung refrigerator ice maker is always freezing up, check if there is a leak. Pour some water into the dispenser bucket inside the refrigerator door. Without shutting the door, take a look at the dispenser on the outside. If water is pouring out, then there is a possible leak.

To make doubly sure, put a torch under the ice maker itself. If you can see the light from the torch inside the ice maker, there is definitely a leak. The leak is the basis of the freezing. Moist or warm air causes frost buildup. And if water doesn’t drain properly, it will freeze over time. This means you will need to replace the ice maker.

The leak could mean water or air is coming out of an opening somewhere. It could also mean water is not draining properly. You will need to use silicone to seal the left side and the back of the compartment where the ice maker fits. That is, you will need to remove the ice maker to do this.

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Here is a video on how to change the ice maker and seal any leak with silicone…

Another solution could be to replace the circuit board and change the firmware that runs the unit. This is not something you can do by yourself. Contact Samsung help center. The reason for this is that the ice maker freezing up seems to be a common issue with Samsung refrigerators. And if your warranty is still active, then you will not have to pay for the repairs.

Note: These steps apply to the ice makers in all Samsung refrigerator models, including Samsung Frech-door refrigerator models.

Samsung Refrigerator Freezing Up and Not Cooling – Solutions

Here is what to check and fix if your Samsung refrigerator is freezing up yet not cooling:

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Door Seals

Check the door seals or gaskets to be sure they latch well. Also, make sure they are clean. If the door doesn’t close well, humid air will enter the refrigerator and cause a frost buildup. Yet, this will reduce the cooling capacity of the unit.

Ice Dispenser Flap

Be sure that the ice dispenser flap closes well. If it doesn’t, it will keep the door from closing properly so outside air will enter and cause frost to build up. Check if there is ice or debris keeping it from being flush with its housing and remove it.

Samsung Refrigerator Coils Freezing Up – Quick Fix

If your Samsung refrigerator evaporator coils freeze up, defrost them manually by turning the refrigerator off for at least 24 hours or using hot water. But this tells you have to check some parts of the refrigerator.

Check the defrost heater which is under the evaporator coils. If the heater is working, it should defrost the ice buildup on the coils. But if it is not working, it is either defective or the defrost timer is bad and stuck on the cooling mode.

Test the heater or timer with a multimeter to check for continuity. If there is none in either or both of them, you will need to change them.

Additionally, check to see that there is no leak through which warm air is coming into the refrigerator. The first place to check is the door. Be sure the seals are not broken or torn and that they seal tightly.

The coils are usually cold so if warm air goes over them, the air will freeze on them after condensing. And if this keeps happening, the coils will always freeze too fast and the defrost cycle will not be enough to defrost them.

Watch this video to learn more…

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Why Does My Samsung Refrigerator Keep Freezing Up?

When you see that your Samsung refrigerator is freezing up, check the following:


Test the thermistor with a multimeter. You should see a change in its resistance together with the temperature of the refrigerator. If resistance of the thermistor does not change or you find no continuity, the thermistor is bad and needs to be changed.

A defective thermistor means there will be no reading of air temperature. And if the temperature is not read, the control will not be able to regulate power to the compressor and evaporator fan motor because it has no reading to work with. Consequently, the compressor and fan motor will run too much, causing the refrigerator to become too cold.

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Temperature Control Thermostat

Turn the thermostat from low to high. You should hear a click when you do this. If you do, the thermostat is good but if you don’t, test it for continuity with a multimeter. If you don’t find continuity, then you know the thermostat is faulty and should be replaced.

If the thermostat is faulty, it won’t be able to send voltage to the evaporator fan motor and compressor. This could cause the refrigerant system to run more than it needs to, making the refrigerator too cold.

You can also check the air damper assembly. It opens to let cold air into the fridge part of the refrigerator and closes to regulate the flow of cold air. If it is always open, it will always explain the refrigerator freezing.

Additionally, check to see if you set the temperature too low. Setting it to medium is your best bet so increase it if it is way down so the refrigerator does not freeze up.

Why Is My Samsung Fridge Freezing Up in the Back?

The back wall of a Samsung refrigerator is where you will likely find the vents. If you put any item in the back or it leans on the wall, the excessive cold air from the freezer and coils will cause it to freeze.

Blocking the vents causes air circulation issues, possibly contributing to the back wall’s ice building. Rearrange items in the refrigerator to accommodate the vents and avoid blocking them. Reduce the things so the refrigerator is not overstocked and air can flow freely around the section.

Another possibility is high humidity, and the moisture condenses on the back of the refrigerator. Since it is one of the coldest parts of the appliance, the water quickly forms ice and builds if not checked on time.

You may also want to check the drain at the center bottom of the back wall in the freezer section. A frozen drain can cause several issues, including ice formation on the back wall. Clear the drain with a hair dryer, hot water, or a heat gun. You can also manually defrost it by unplugging the refrigerator and allowing the ice to melt.

Samsung Refrigerator Fan Freezing Up

Several issues can cause ice to build up on the fan in your Samsung refrigerator. But before doing anything else, unplug the refrigerator and open the doors. Leave them open for a few hours so that the ice will melt. That means storing froze persihable foods in another refrigerator or a cooler with ice.

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Doing this should fix the ice on the fan issue. Alternatively, empty the freezer and remove the inside back panel to access the fan. Use a hair dryer or annother heat source to melt the ice, whih may be faster, although it is tiring.

Afterward, lean up the excess water and turn on the refrigerator. Check the door gasket for weakness and replace it if necessary. Moisture from warm or hot food can also cause ice to build in the evaporator compartment and other parts. This is especially true if you regularly put hot foods in the refrigerator.

Check the drain hole to see if ice covers it. That indicates no proper drainage, which may build ice fast. Clear the drain to enable the defrost water to flow out. And check the pantry tray to see if water is stored in it, although it does not apply to all Samsung refrigerator models.

Samsung Refrigerator Drain Freezing Up – What to Do

If you find that the drain of your Samsung refrigerator is freezing up, check the following:

Drain Strap

Some Samsung refrigerators have drain straps. If you see a tiny piece of aluminum or copper attached to the defrost heater and extending a little into the drain, then yours have a drain strap.

Check if it is fitted into the drain; if it isn’t, set it straight. This is to enable it conduct some of the heat from the heater into the drain to defrost any ice buildup.

Drain Heater

Check to see if your Samsung refrigerator has a drain heater. If it does, be sure it is fixed in place. This will ensure it defrost frost from the drain so it doesn’t clog it up. And if it is in place, check if it is working with a multimeter. If there is no continuity, it is defective and needs to be replaced.

Samsung Refrigerator Freezer Freezing Up – How to Fix

Be sure that nothing is leaning on the back wall of the freezer. Don’t put too many packages in the freezer so that air can flow freely. And make sure nothing is blocking the air vents in this section.

In addition to the above, check to see that nothing is keeping the door of the freezer open, even slightly. If humid or warm air gets into the freezer, it will cause a frost build up through condensation. Don’t open the door too often and be sure the seals are working well. Check the ice dispenser to be sure the flap is flush with the housing.

Important Note

Always unplug your refrigerator before you begin any repair or troubleshooting. This will keep you and the refrigerator safe.

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