Maytag Refrigerator with No Water [Issues & Solutions]

If you have the problem of a Maytag refrigerator with no water, it is crucial to find a lasting solution. This article lists issues and how to solve them.

Maytag refrigerator with no water

Maytag Refrigerator with No Water to Ice Maker – How to Fix

Several faults cause water to stop flowing to the ice maker in a Maytag refrigerator. Check the water supply valve, water line to the ice maker, and water filter. One or more of these parts are not working, so inspect them and fix the necessary parts.

Ensure the main valve that controls water from the source is open. Sometimes, you may partially shut it, preventing the free flow of water to the refrigerator. Turn it off and on, and check the ice maker to see if it fills with water.

Another possibility is that the fill tube that connects through the back of the ice maker has ice stuck in it. If that is the case, you need to turn the refrigerator off and melt the ice with a blow dryer. Sometimes, when the freezer temperature is too low or the unit runs too often the fill tube freezes. Adjust the temperature if low to prevent the tube from freezing.

You can also check the water filter. Typically, the water filter works for only as long as six months. If it exceeds this time, the water filter stops working as it should. You may notice a reduction in the water pressure, which can prevent the ice maker from getting water. If you have never replaced the water filter or it has been in use for longer than six months, it is time to replace it.

The water inlet valve may also be faulty. It opens for several seconds to allow the ice mold to fill with water for the icemaking cycle.  If the valve fails to open, the ice maker will not have water. A few things may go wrong with the valve, such as the screen filter being too clogged with dirt or the solenoid fails. Consider hiring a technician to troubleshoot the valve and fix or replace it.

Maytag Refrigerator Has No Ice or Water – What to Do

If you find that your Maytag refrigerator has no ice or water, check the water inlet valve and water filter. They are the two most probable causes of the refrigerator failing to dispense water or make ice. Other possible causes are door switch, dispenser switch, and dispenser lock. Check out this article on a Maytag refrigerator not making ice or water to determine how to fix any faulty parts.

Maytag Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working After Replacing Water Filter – Fix

If the water dispenser on your Maytag refrigerator is not working after replacing the water filter, put the old filter back in place. Try dispensing water to see if the problem stems from the new filter. If the water dispenser works, you need to purchase a new filter. This time, use the old one as an example to get a new one. Alternatively, contact Maytag for the correct replacement filter.

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But if the new filter is not the problem, the new filter may be clogged. Take a look at the threaded part, the area that connects to the refrigerator. There are usually small holes through which the water flows from the source to the refrigerator. Some parts of the filter packaging or some other thing may be blocking the holes. Clear the area if it applies.

Another possibility is that you did not fully insert the filter. Water cannot freely flow into the refrigerator and to the dispenser if the filter does not sit correctly. So, remove it and correctly insert it this time, making sure to fix it as instructed in the user manual or the filter packaging. The refrigerator model will determine how to sit it; some go right in, while others must twist and turn before they sit properly.

Other Possible Causes

The seal on the connection point may be loose or may have shifted when you removed and replaced the old filter. The gasket needs to be properly positioned for the filter to work; otherwise, you may notice leaks. Remove the filter and fix the seal, making sure it fits correctly. After fixing the seal, put the filter in place and turn it. While doing so, try dispensing water to find out the exact point when the filter sits correctly. It may you fix it the correct way.

If you did not flush air out of the system after installing the new filter, it explains the problem of the water dispenser not working. Sometimes, the air gets trapped in the water lines, increasing the pressure and keeping water from flowing.

Remove the filter and insert a bypass plug if you have one. Run water out of the dispenser for about three minutes to clear the air from the lines. If that is not an option, use the water line coming out of the back of the refrigerator to dispense water. If the trapped air of the cause of the problem, the dispenser should begin working after flushing the system.

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Sometimes, it takes too long for the filter head to get wet enough for water to flow. In that case, remove the filter and manually wet it for about two minutes before installing it again. If the problem continues after trying all of the above, your refrigerator needs servicing.  Contact the Maytag Center or employ the services of an appliance technician to check and fix the unit.

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Maytag Refrigerator Stopped Dispensing Water – Quick Fix

Ensure the water shut-off valve under the sink or on the wall at the back of the refrigerator is fully on, not off. And check the water supply line at the back while you are at it; it should have no kinks or twists. If it does, straighten it, and if the kinks have damaged it, replace the water supply line.

The water pressure may also be low. If the filter is old and clogged, it can reduce the water pressure and stop the dispenser from working. But if you have a home filtration system, it may be affecting the water pressure. Try running a separate line to the refrigerator to evade the filtration system. If that does not apply, replace the water filter and see if the pressure improves.

Try flushing the system to see if there is air trapped within it. This is a standard procedure whenever you replace the water filter. So, after ensuring the filter is correctly installed and you are using the right replacement part, flush a few gallons of water from the water line at the back or use the dispenser.

Finally, the Control Lock feature may be active. The feature prevents accidentally turning on the dispenser, especially while cleaning it. It is also there to ensure children or even pets do not turn the dispenser on when there is no one to monitor them. When active, the dispenser cannot work. So, check to see if the lock icon is on the display and if it is, use the manual to determine how to deactivate the feature.


The door switch ensures the water dispenser does not when you open the refrigerator door. If it stops working, the dispenser may stop working, too. You can run a continuity test on the switch using a multimeter and if you find no continuity, replace the door switch.

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The dispenser switch is also capable of stopping the dispenser from working. There is more than one switch, and they direct voltage to the water dispenser. It means the dispenser will not work if one or more of the switches fail. Check the continuity of each switch using a multimeter. If there is no continuity in any of the switches, replace it.

Control Board

Finally, the dispenser control board may be malfunctioning. The board may develop one or more faults, especially in the relays. Look for arcing signs and if they are there, replace the board. However, you must be careful about diagnosing the board because more times than not, it is not the problem. Ensure other parts are in good working condition before checking the control board.

Does My Maytag Refrigerator Have a Water Filter?

Your user manual will tell you whether or not your Maytag refrigerator has a water filter. Not all Maytag refrigerators have water filters. However, if the unit has an ice maker or water dispenser, or both, it most likely will have a water filter. If it has none of these, it is not likely to have a water filter.

Where Is the Water Filter Located on a Maytag Refrigerator?

The location of the water filter on a Maytag refrigerator depends on the model. Some models have the filter fixed to the front bottom toe grille, to the left side of it. Others have the filter inside the refrigerator, in the upper corner to the right. Consult the user manual for the exact location. That will also inform you about the type of water filter you need for your unit. A service agent may help you fix possible issues with the water filter. but if you are only replacing it, ensure you purchase a new one using the model number and specific model of the refrigerator.

How to Turn Off Water on Maytag Refrigerator

It is pretty simple to turn off the water going into a Maytag refrigerator. Locate the shut-off valve for the main water source on the wall at the back of the refrigerator or under the sink and turn it off. The water will stop flowing into the refrigerator. If you are turning the water off, you may also want to turn the ice maker off. If you leave it on without water, it will freeze everything in the refrigerator. Also, it may affect its functionality over time.


If you have a Maytag refrigerator with no water, it is crucial to check the unit to find out why it is so. The first step is to check the water supply valve to be sure it is fully open. Also, the water supply line may be kinked, the water filter may be clogged, or the water inlet valve may be defective. 

Using a professional appliance technician is ideal because it may take a while to find the cause of the problem. Moreover, troubleshooting may be complex. Contact Maytag to request service or consider hiring an independent technician for the job if the troubleshooting steps become too tedious.

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