How To Make Air Conditioner Cooler — Detailed Guide

Hello there! Have you been having cooling issues with your air conditioner and need simple ways to fix it? Here are a few ways on how to make your air conditioner cooler:

  1. Top up the refrigerant.
  2. Unclog clogged filters.
  3. Check for dirty condenser coils and clean them

But that’s not all there is to make your air conditioner cooler.

Later in this article, we will supply you with details on how to carry out these steps and will also let you in on how air conditioners work, the components of an air conditioner and the types of air conditioners that there are.

Let’s get into the components and how an air conditioner works.

What You Need to Know About Air Conditioner Types to Make Them Cooler

Air conditioners are devices that are built to condition air, simply put. They remove heat and moisture from confined spaces in order to make the occupants feel more comfortable.

There are different types of air conditioners used for different purposes – commercial or personal use. They include the window, split, packaged and central air conditioners.

The window and split air conditioners are mostly used in houses where cooling isn’t required in too many rooms. Packages and central air conditioners, on the other hand, are used to cool larger spaces like a movie theatre or a big building.

With this being said, are you using the right air conditioner? Perhaps this may be the reason your room doesn’t feel cool enough. It is advisable to check this to be absolutely sure.

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Now, let’s take a look at the different components of an air conditioning unit and the functions of the components. You need this information to make the decision on what solution to implement.

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Components of an Air Conditioner

The air conditioner as a whole can’t function properly without its components. Some of these components may seem more important than the others. But most times, a problem with one of the components may lead to a problem with the air conditioner as a whole.

The major components of an air conditioner are the evaporator, condenser, expansion valve and the compressor.

  • The evaporator is located on the cool side of the air conditioning unit, it helps to receive the refrigerant that flows into the compressor.
  • The expansion valve regulates the amount of refrigerant that goes into the evaporator.
  • The compressor receives the refrigerant from the evaporator and pressurizes it, thereby increasing its temperature.
  • The condenser is the component that sends the refrigerant as a warm liquid into the expansion valve.

The four components above work in a cycle, which means that the failure of one or more of the components leads to a total disruption of the entire cycle, just like we mentioned earlier.

Other components are;

  • The air filter, which helps to remove particles from the air and
  • The thermostat to regulate and maintain the temperature of the air.

So now that you’re familiar with most of the components of an air conditioning unit, let’s get to how to make your air conditioner cooler.

How To Make Your Air Conditioner Cooler

Low Refrigerant

Remember what we said earlier about the refrigerant; that it is the substance that brings about the cooling effect? Well, if the refrigerant in the air conditioner is low, the air conditioner may not cool properly.

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But not to worry, this can be rectified easily.

First, you need to determine the type of refrigerant in your air conditioner as there are different refrigerants like the R-134A, R-220, R-410A and many more.

Also, if you suspect a leak somewhere in the air conditioner, an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) specialist will be necessary to determine the reason for the leak and how to deal with it.

More so, there are synthetic refrigerants you can add to the air conditioning unit in order to achieve cooling faster. One of such refrigerants is the Bluemaxx Synthetic Refrigerant.

Clogged Filters

Another reason your air conditioner may not be as cool as you want may be because your air filters are clogged or dirty.

The filters are meant to keep dust and other harmful particles in the air from getting into the conditioned room. They also allow proper airflow in the room.

To solve the problem of clogged filters, all you need do is clean the air filter using lukewarm water and detergent. Then you can air air-dry the filter before fixing it back in place.

We also recommend spraying the filter with a mixture of vinegar and water because the mixture deals with germs in the filter.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser of an air conditioner is usually located outside just like the coils.

Your air conditioner may not cool properly if the coils of the condenser are dirty as a result of accumulated dust and other particles.

However, you can fix this by using a coil brush to remove dirt from the coils. Then, with an additional coil cleaner, which can be purchased online, your condenser coils should be good as new.

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The problems listed above can easily be fixed without the help of an HVAC technician.

You may also check out the video below for an effective DIY way to make your air conditioner cooler.

However, if you try these methods on how to make your air conditioner cooler and none of them works, then you may need to get the help of an expert.

For example, if you have a faulty compressor, then a replacement may be required.

In fact, in some cases, depending on the repair and replacement cost, you may need to change the entire unit.

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How To Make Air Conditioner Cooler – Quick Recap

We’ve gone through the fact that your air conditioner may not be cooling properly due to a number of reasons. We then went ahead to state the most common problems and their solutions.

First, a lack of an adequate amount of the refrigerant in the air conditioner may cause it not to cool properly. So, topping it up may increase cooling, especially when synthetic refrigerants such as Bluemaxx Synthetic Refrigerant are used.

What’s more? Cleaning the condenser coils or clogged air filters with the use of detergent and lukewarm water may also make your air conditioner cooler.

Up for a challenge? Learn how to make a DIY but effective air conditioner in this detailed video below:

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