Samsung Refrigerator Smells…[How to Fix]

A Samsung refrigerator smells for a number of reasons. In this article, we list those reasons and discuss ways to fix the problem.

Samsung refrigerator smells
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New Samsung Fridge Smells Like Plastic – What to Do

If a Samsung fridge smells like plastic, buy a box of refrigerator baking soda, preferably the Arm and Hammer brand, and place it inside the fridge. This eliminates the smell of plastic from inside the unit.

There are specific types of baking soda that work for refrigerators and freezers. Therefore, choose the right type as the generic type may not work for removing smells from refrigerators and freezers.

The plastic smell is usually from all the new and unused parts of the fridge. When it is in the store, it stays closed so there is no air circulation and the smell of all the plastic parts stays trapped inside.

With time, it becomes a part of the fridge, making it difficult to remove. And because plastic has such a strong smell, it seeps into food and water easily.

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Samsung Fridge Smells Like Chemicals – Solutions

To remove the chemical smell from a Samsung fridge, unplug the unit and empty both the fridge and freezer sections of food items. Then, remove every shelf, rack and bin, leaving the entire unit completely empty.

Next, mix baking soda in water to make a paste. Clean the bins, racks and shelves with the paste and proceed to clean the interior of the fridge with the paste, too.

Allow the paste to dry on the fridge parts and inside the fridge. Also, leave the doors of the fridge open for some days with the paste still in it.

After this time, wipe down the fridge and its parts to remove the baking soda paste. Do a thorough job of this so that no paste remains on any surface. Then, close the doors and plug the fridge back in. This takes care of the chemical smell.

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As an extra, place plates with coffee grounds in them inside both sections. The smell of coffee won’t cling but it will help eliminate the chemical smell. However, this is not conventional but it is known to work.

If the chemical smell is similar to the smell of nail polish remover, it could be a leak in the fridge. That is what refrigerant or freon smells like.

And if it is a leak, find a licensed refrigerator technician to determine the origin of the leak and seal it as quickly as possible after replacing the leaked gas. While waiting for professional help, however, unplug the fridge and open the windows so the smell doesn’t become overpowering.

Samsung Refrigerator Smells Like Burning Plastic – Quick Fix

If a Samsung refrigerator smells like burning plastic, it means something is burning. Unplug the refrigerator and contact Samsung as soon as possible. Describe the burning smell and areas that seem to be hot or emitting smoke in the refrigerator in detail.

However, if it is going to take too long to get a Samsung technician out to your home, call a qualified and certified electrician nearby to check the refrigerator.

The electrical wiring of the refrigerator could be overheating and the coating of the wires could be melting, causing the smell. To avoid this in the future, regularly check the wiring, the outlet to which the refrigerator is connected and the refrigerator itself.

Additionally, avoid using extension cords to plug a refrigerator. Always plug it directly into a dedicated wall outlet so that it can get a full voltage supply.

Samsung Fridge Smells Like a Dead Animal – What to Do

Empty the fridge completely of all food items and determine which is rotten pr old. Dispose of any item like that. But if there is no rotten food item in the unit, clean the interior of the fridge thoroughly. Be sure to clean all the racks, shelves and bins, too.

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Next, carefully and tightly wrap up any food item with a strong smell. Doing this keeps the smell of the food from affecting other items and even the water in the fridge.

Now, place a box of refrigerator-type baking soda inside the unit. It will absorb the foul smell. You can also cut a lemon in two and place both halves inside the fridge. Cloves also work in absorbing foul smells.

If food is not the cause of the dead animal smell, then it could be coming from within the fridge. It may take a technician to find the origin and help you to fix it.

If a new Samsung refrigerator smells like a dead animal, the smell may not be from the appliance. To be sure, have the store or installation steam check the condenser coils or other hidden parts; something may have died there while in storage. It is up to the seller to clear the smell if it is from the appliance.

Samsung Fridge Water Smells Like Garlic – Quick Fix

Remove everything in the fridge and unplug it. Allow the unit to thaw for a few hours if there is ice in it.

Next, cut a lemon in two, sprinkle a little baking soda on a plate, take one half of the cut lemon and press its cut side into the baking soda.

Clean every surface of the fridge and ice maker with the lemon half. Keep pressing the lemon into the baking soda to clean until you are done.

Leave the paste made by the baking soda and lemon juice to dry for about 1 hour before cleaning it all off. Replace the ice maker in the freezer, plug the fridge back and give it a few hours before checking the water again. These steps take care of the smell of garlic in the water.

However, make sure to wrap up food in the freezer that contains garlic properly in aluminum or foil. Doing this keeps the smell from spreading to the water, ice and other items in the unit.

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Samsung Fridge Water Smells Like Chlorine – Quick Fix

Replace the water filter in your fridge if the water smells like chlorine. The filter removes the smell and taste of chlorine if it is working properly. So if this problem occurs, you know the filter needs to be replaced.

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Be sure to use a water filter that is compatible with a Samsung fridge or it won’t work properly and the problem will persist.

The same applies to when the water smells like rotten eggs or a wet dog. A properly working water filter will remove the smell.

Samsung Refrigerator Smells Rotten Between the Plastic Shelf Edge and Glass

The most probable cause for a rotten smell between the glass and plastic shelf trim is that it is stuck there. If food stays between the shelf trim and glass for too long, it gets rotten and smells. The smell may remain fresh for a long time because of the cold temperature, which makes it difficult to get rid of unless you do a thorough cleaning.

So, you will need to separate the shelf trim from the glass to clean it thoroughly. How you do this depends on the Samsung refrigerator model you own. Some are easier to remove than others; they slide off the frame, and you can reach in and clean them. If you have difficulty separating the shelf from the trim, hire a technician to avoid damaging the shelf.

Regular maintenance prevents the refrigerator from smelling. That means cleaning it at least once every two months. Also, clean up food and drink spills immediately after they happen so they do not accumulate and cause rotten smells in the long run.


If a Samsung refrigerator smells bad, it will affect the quality of food, water and ice coming from the unit. Therefore, it is important to find the cause of the smell as quickly as possible and fix it.

In the event you cannot find the origin of the smell, contact Samsung to request service. Alternatively, chat with any of our refrigerator technicians who are always available to offer assistance.

Remember to unplug the refrigerator before cleaning it. This is the first step for safety when handling electrical appliances.

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