Samsung Fridge Water Tastes… [How to Fix]

When a Samsung fridge water tastes different, it means there is something that needs to be fixed. Find out how to fix this issue quickly and easily.

Samsung fridge water tastes
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Samsung Fridge Water Tastes Like Plastic – Quick Fix

If the water from a Samsung fridge tastes like plastic, flush the water line and ice maker. Do this by dispensing between 5 and 7 litres of water. Afterwards, the water won’t taste like plastic again.

However, if the taste continues even after flushing the system, though this is unlikely, report the issue to the Samsung Service centre and request service.

When a Samsung fridge is set up for the first time, it is normal for the water from the dispenser to taste like plastic. This is because of the newly-installed plastic water line and hose. But flushing the system takes care of the taste for good.

Therefore, do not drink the water from the fridge immediately after installation. Dispense about 7 litres first and dispose of it. After this, the water will become consumable.

Samsung Refrigerator Water Tastes Like Mildew – What to Do

If water from your Samsung refrigerator tastes like mildew, it means the dispenser needs to be cleaned.

To do this, unplug the refrigerator, turn off the water supply to the unit and disconnect the water supply line. Next, place a funnel in the chute and pour about 3 cups of distilled vinegar down the chute. The vinegar will flow down to the water reservoir to clean it.

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If it is a water and ice dispenser, turn the ice dispensing function on so that the vinegar can clean the chute, too. Then, pour water down the chute so that it can flush the vinegar out. Keep pouring the water until the water and ice chute or pipe is thoroughly clean.

Next, clean the exterior of the dispenser. With a damp and clean piece of cloth, clean every part of the dispenser. You can take this opportunity to clean the refrigerator exterior, too.

Ensure you don’t use any harsh cleaning agent. This is because it can damage the exterior or even cause a fire.

The most probable cause of water from a Samsung refrigerator tasting like mildew is badly-contaminated water. When the water supplied to the unit has too many impurities, they settle in the dispenser. With time, the dispenser becomes dirty and builds mildew.

Another probable reason is that the dispenser is dirty and needs to be washed. There is also a chance that the dispenser is not used regularly so there is mildew in it.

Samsung Fridge Water Tastes Bad – Solutions

Do the following if the water from your Samsung fridge tastes bad or funny:

1. Check the Fridge

Disconnect the water line from the back of the fridge and pour water straight from the tap into a glass. Then, taste it. If the water tastes bad, you know the problem is from the main water supply.

Report the issue to the authorities and request it to be fixed. That is if you are sure your house reservoir is clean and uncontaminated.

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However, if the water tastes fine, the problem is from the fridge. Unplug the fridge and empty it of all contents. Dispose of those that have stayed too long in it and clean the interior of the fridge.

Then, clean the water dispenser thoroughly by pouring distilled vinegar down it. If it is possible, squirt hot water down tubes and pipes to remove any impurity clinging to it.

2. Check the Water Filter

If the water filter in the fridge has stayed longer than 6 months without being changed, replace it as soon as possible. And if you replaced it recently, make sure the head is not damaged and that it is the right type for a Samsung fridge.

An old or damaged water filter will not be able to filter the water but will let impurities through. Consequently, the water will taste bad especially if it has a lot of contaminants.

3. Check the Water Inlet Valve

A damaged or significantly dirty water inlet valve can affect the taste of the water supplied to the fridge. Replace the valve if it is dirty because it cannot be washed. This is because dirt can accumulate on it over time as it opens to allow water to pass through to the fridge.

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Samsung Fridge Water Tastes Salty – Quick Fix

Here are possible reasons why a Samsung fridge water tastes salty:

1. Contaminated Water Supply

Run water straight from the tap into a glass and taste it. If the water tastes fine, you know the problem is from the fridge. But if the water tastes salty, you know the water is contaminated, affecting the taste.

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If the water is contaminated, check the reservoir. You can clean it using distilled vinegar by pouring it down the dispensing and allowing it to flow into the reservoir. Be sure no dirt is clogging the water line or any other tube that conveys water.

However, if the water still tastes salty after cleaning the pipes, tubes and reservoir, report the water issue to the appropriate authorities so it can be fixed.

2. Dirty Fridge

Clean the fridge thoroughly, removing every food item that has stayed too long in it and disposing of it. Run hot water through the tubes and pipes and flush the dispensing system with water or distilled vinegar.

Something in the fridge could be contaminating the water and changing its taste. But after cleaning it, check the water to see if the salty taste is gone.

3. Old Water Filter

Replace the water filter if it is older than 6 months. Do not use a water filter for longer than 6 months for health reasons. The filter won’t be able to filter impurities any longer, making the water unfit for consumption.

Besides, an old or damaged water filter can cause other mechanical problems in the refrigerator.

Other factors that can cause food to taste salty are food and water softeners. Therefore, check the food in the fridge and wrap up any of the items you suspect is causing the salty taste in the water.


Avoid drinking Samsung fridge water that tastes bad. It could be detrimental to your health. Find the cause of the bad taste as soon as possible and fix it.

Some of the troubleshooting steps need the fridge to be unplugged for safety reasons. So unplug the unit to avoid getting electrocuted or causing damage to the fridge.


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