YouTube Not Working on Samsung Fridge [How to Fix]

With the advancement of technology, it is possible to mirror and play videos from sites such as YouTube on your Samsung Smart fridge straight from your smartphone. But if YouTube is not working on the Samsung fridge any longer, this article explains why and shows you what to do to get it going again.

YouTube not working on Samsung fridge
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YouTube Not Working on Samsung Fridge – Solution

Try the following if YouTube is not working on your Samsung fridge:

Step 1

Go to the Apps section in the Family Hub display and tap the Internet app to open it.

Step 2

When the internet opens, go to YouTube. At the top right corner of the display, you will see the user icon. Tap it.

Step 3

When the user option opens, tap Desktop.

Taking these steps switches the version of YouTube that is displayed on the fridge from Mobile to Desktop. YouTube should start working when used in the Desktop version.

It is important to note here that this version tends to be slower than the Mobile version but it works better than the Mobile version.

The Family Hub does not have the YouTube app preinstalled and it cannot be downloaded to the Hub. The only way to use YouTube on the Hub is by mirroring from your smartphone to the fridge.

The cause of the issue is likely to be outdated technology. The Hub seems not to work well with browsers that support HTML5 such as Chrome. And since another browser cannot be downloaded to the Hub, it is difficult to make things work.

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An Alternative…

Another method to try in order to get YouTube to work on the fridge is:

Step 1

Go to the browser and tap Settings at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Step 2

When Settings open, tap Content Settings. You will see options on JavaScript and an option to enable it. Tap Enable.

Step 3

Go back to YouTube and try playing music or videos again. It should run smoothly this time.

Quick Note

Contact Samsung Support center to file a complaint concerning the inability of the Hub to play YouTube videos and music. It is the brand’s duty to fix the technical issue for all its Family Hub fridge users.

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