Amana Refrigerator Dispenser Problems [Solved]

If you are looking for easy ways to fix your Amana refrigerator dispenser problems, this post is for you.

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Amana Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working – What to Do

If your Amana refrigerator water dispenser is not working, check out the following components and fix any defective one:

1. Water Tube

The water tube allows the circulation of air to the dispenser. If the water tube freezes up, air circulation will not be possible.

To know if the water tube is frozen and needs to be thawed, detach it from the bottom of the refrigerator door and circulate air through it with a leaf blower or hairdryer.

Thaw out the frozen water tube and ensure the freezer temperature is between 0 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent the water line from freezing or becoming too warm.

2. Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve aids the supply of water to the dispenser. If the water inlet valve is broken, the dispenser will not work. Also, if the water pressure is not up to 20 psi, the valve will remain closed.

Use a water pressure regulator to check if the water pressure is up to the recommended level. If it is, conduct a continuity test to know if the water inlet valve is due for replacement.

3. Dispenser Control Board

This part of the refrigerator dispenser is perhaps the most important because it regulates all other components. If the dispenser control board is defective, most components of the dispenser will be defective as well.

If you notice most of the refrigerator dispenser components are not functioning, the dispenser control board is most likely responsible.

Troubleshooting the dispenser control board is quite tricky, so you might want to hire a professional if you do not understand how electrical circuits work.

4. Dispenser Switch

This component of the refrigerator dispenser is responsible for the transmission of voltage. If the dispenser switch is faulty, the dispenser will stop functioning.

You can know if the dispenser switch is responsible for the Amana refrigerator dispenser problems by conducting a continuity test. If the test results show that the dispenser switch is broken, replace it.

5. Door Switch

The component is installed to turn off the dispenser when you open the door of your refrigerator. Your refrigerator dispenser will not work if the door switch is broken.

Just like the dispenser switch, you can carry out a continuity test to know if the door switch is faulty and needs to be replaced.

6. Water Filter

The water filter helps to sieve out dirt from the water in the dispenser. If the water filter is clogged with dirt, it will not allow water to pass through its pores.

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You can open the refrigerator dispenser and pull out the water filter to see if it is clogged with dirt. If that is the case, replace it.

That said, for your refrigerator dispenser to be in good shape and to be sure of the quality of your drinking water, refrigerator manufacturers recommend that you replace the water filter twice a year.

Note: Do not forget to disconnect the power supply to your refrigerator to prevent electrocution.

Amana Refrigerator Ice Dispenser Not Working – Solutions

To fix an Amana refrigerator ice dispenser that is not working, check the following components and replace the ones found to be defective:

1. Dispenser Control Board

The dispenser control board controls most components of the refrigerator dispenser. So, if the dispenser control board is faulty, the components it controls will be faulty as well.

If you realize most components of the ice dispenser are not working, the dispenser control board is most likely the culprit. Test the control board to see if it needs to be replaced.

2. Dispenser Switch

The dispenser switch facilitates the transmission of voltage to the dispenser. If the dispenser switch is faulty, the dispenser will stop working.

You can carry out a continuity test to know if the dispenser switch needs to be replaced.

3. Auger Motor

This component of your refrigerator dispenser is designed to rotate the auger blade and push the ice down to the dispenser chute. The auger motor cannot perform this function if it is faulty, and so ice will not get to the dispenser.

You can pull out the auger motor from the ice bucket and spin the bucket auger by hand to know if the auger motor is faulty. If the auger motor spins without resistance, test it for continuity. If the auger motor is not receiving enough power or does not have continuity, consider replacing it.

4. Dispenser Actuator

The interaction of the dispenser actuator with the dispenser switch helps to power most components of the dispenser including the auger motor. A broken dispenser actuator means that the dispenser switch will not be activated.

Test the dispenser actuator for continuity and replace it if it does not have.

5. Dispenser Door Motor

This is another component that may be responsible for the Amana refrigerator dispenser problems. If the dispenser door motor is broken, not only will the dispenser door remain shut, but it will also allow cold air to escape and ice will not be dispensed.

You need to first check if the dispenser door motor is receiving enough power before you can know if it is defective. If the door motor is getting adequate power and still does not work, replace it.

6. Dispenser Solenoid

The dispenser solenoid is responsible for controlling the door flap that allows ice to be sent to the dispenser. If the dispenser solenoid is broken, the door flap will not open.

You need to test the dispenser solenoid for continuity using a multimeter to know if it is broken. Also, inspect the rotary motion of the dispenser actuator pin. If the dispenser actuator pin does not rotate freely, or if the dispenser solenoid lacks continuity, replace it.

But before you attempt to replace any defective component, ensure the power cord is unplugged from your power outlet to prevent electric shock.

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Amana Refrigerator Leaking Water Dispenser – How to Fix

If your Amana refrigerator dispenser is leaking, examine the following parts and fix any defective one:

1. Waterline

A common refrigerator dispenser problem is trapped air in the waterline. When this happens, fluid accumulates occurs and water will flow out through the dispenser opening.

If you discover that air is trapped in the waterline, the water tank has to be purged. You can purge the water tank by placing a glass beneath the water dispenser and pulling the trigger to the dispenser can release the water from the tank.

Allow the water dispenser run for about four minutes until it is empty. As the water flows out, the trapped air flows out as well.

2. Water Inlet Valve

Your refrigerator water dispenser will leak if the water inlet valve is broken. If you notice water dribbling from the dispenser even when it is not in use, the water inlet valve might be responsible. If you discover that the water inlet valve is broken, replace it to resolve the leaking problem.

It could also be that the water pressure is too high. You can use a water pressure regulator to adjust the water pressure to about 20 psi.

3. Drip Tray

The drip tray is installed to catch the water that will spill when you use the dispenser. If the drip tray gets filled, water will overflow to the floor.

This problem is pretty easy to resolve. You just have to empty the drip tray and reinstall it in its original position. Depending on how careful you are and how often you use your dispenser, you may have to empty the drip tray every day or once in a while.

4. Water Tank

Leaks from the water tank are pretty hard to detect, so you have to take your time when inspecting it. Ensure you check every corner twice, if possible.

If you notice the water tank is broken, do not attempt to repair it, as that will be a waste of resources. Glue does not adhere to the water tank because it is made of plastic. You have to pull out the water tank and replace it with a new one for a long-term solution.

5. Drain Pan

Water comes from the drain pan to defrost your refrigerator. It collects water from the evaporator coils. When it gets filled, you need to drain it, so it does not drip to the floor.

To drain the drain pan, use the condenser fan to transfer warm air to the drain from the condenser. This will cause the water from the drain pan to evaporate and the leaking will stop.

Your refrigerator dispenser will also leak if the drain pan is cracked. If you discover the cracked drain pan is the cause of the leak, replace it immediately.

6. Water Filter

If the water filter is not properly connected to the filter housing, water will leak from it. If the water filter is the cause of the leak, you have to detach it from the dispenser and connect it properly to the filter housing before reinstalling it.

Ensure you observe safety protocol when fixing your leaking water dispenser by unplugging the appliance before commencing repairs.

How to Clean Amana Refrigerator Water Dispenser

To clean your Amana refrigerator dispenser, start by ensuring you disconnect the appliance from the power source to avoid electric shock. After that, shut down the water supply to the dispenser to allow you to flush the system with distilled white vinegar.

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Not only is distilled white vinegar good for cleaning, but it is also non-toxic, so you do not have to worry if it gets mixed up with your drinking water.

Fit a tiny funnel into the water tube and pour one or two cups of vinegar. Allow the vinegar to settle in the reservoir for 10 to 15 minutes before dispensing water to flush out the system.

After that, use a toothbrush dipped in the vinegar solution to scrub the sprouting area and water tube of the dispenser.

You should also clean the exterior of the dispenser. When cleaning the exterior, ensure you activate the lock mode of the dispenser, so water does not spill all over the floor.

After washing, use a soft sponge or damp cloth to wipe the surface of the dispenser.

Now you can reconnect the water tube and turn on the water inlet valve to allow the passage of water to the dispenser. Check out the video below to learn more about cleaning refrigerator dispensers…

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Amana Refrigerator Water Dispenser Making Noise – What to Do

To begin with, if your Amana refrigerator water dispenser is making noise, the waterline, water inlet valve, or the water filter could be responsible for the problem.

If the noise is coming from the waterline, it means air is trapped in it. You simply have to run about 10 glasses of water from the dispenser. As the water is dispensed, the trapped air escapes.

That said, if the noise is coming from the back of the refrigerator, slide it out from the wall and turn on the water dispenser. If the water inlet valve is making a noise, you have to replace it.

If the noise is not coming from the waterline and water inlet valve, then it is definitely coming from the water filter. The water filter tends to make noise if it is not properly installed.

Pull out the water filter from the filter housing and install a bypass plug in its place. Turn on the water dispenser and listen if the noise persists. If the noise ceases, the water filter installation is the source of the problem.

Check if there is dirt on the water filter head. If the filter head is dirty, clean it and connect the seal to the filter housing. Also, connect the filter housing to the water filter and check if the noise continues. Replace the water filter with a new one if the noise does not stop.

Amana Refrigerator Water Dispenser Slow – How to Fix

If your Amana refrigerator water dispenser takes more than 8 seconds to fill an ounce glass, it is considered slow.

Go to the back of the refrigerator and check if the waterline is twisted or cracked. Also, check if the water supply to the refrigerator is properly installed. If the water supply is properly connected, the water filter might be clogged, making the water dispenser dispense slowly.

To know if the water filter is clogged, pull it out from the dispenser and install a bypass plug in its place. If the dispenser starts working properly, that is a sign that the water filter is due for replacement.

If you have more questions concerning your Amana refrigerator dispenser, contact our certified appliance technicians to help you out.

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