Maytag Refrigerator Light [Problems, Solutions & Guides]

Every refrigerator has lights in different parts. If a Maytag refrigerator light has problems, this article helps you fix them.

Maytag refrigerator light
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Maytag Refrigerator Light Not Working – Fixed

If the light in your Maytag refrigerator is not working, the first thing to check is the light bulb. The bulb does not easily burn out, but when it has been in use for a long time or has electrical faults, it may stop working. Replace the bulb before touching any other part of the light assembly. It may fix the problem.

Check the light socket if replacing the bulb does not the get light working again. The socket is the part to which the light bulb connects. Get a multimeter and check whether or not the socket is receiving power. If it is not, replace it. But if it is, yet the bulb is not working, replace the socket.

After fixing the socket, check to see if the refrigerator light is working. If the problem continues, the door switch may be faulty. The switch controls the light; when you close the refrigerator door, it pushes in the switch and turns the internal light off. Test the switch using a multimeter. If there is no continuity, replace the door switch.

If the door switch is working fine, it is crucial to check the light assembly. It may be faulty and if that is the case, you must purchase the entire light assembly. But before doing that, contact Maytag to determine whether or not it sells individual light assembly parts or has authorized dealers who do. That way, you will not have to purchase the entire assembly.

Another part to check is the light board. It should be receiving power to keep the refrigerator light up and running. The board does not normally fail, so it should not be the first stop. However, if other parts are in good working condition, yet the light does not work, replace the board. You may contact the Maytag Center for assistance in securing the correct replacement part.

Maytag Refrigerator Lights On But Not Cooling – Quick Fix

If you find that a Maytag refrigerator is not cooling but the lights are on, it indicates it is not a power issue. There may be faulty internal components causing the unit to stop cooling. The most probable causes are a faulty thermostat and dirty condenser coils. Other causes include a faulty start relay, defective fan motors, and a bad thermistor. This article on a Maytag refrigerator not cooling or freezing contains details if you want to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

Maytag Refrigerator Light Blinking – What to Do

If the light in your Maytag refrigerator is blinking, the problem may have to do with electrical faults or a loose connection. Another possibility is that the main control board is malfunctioning. This article is a detailed explanation of why the light may be blinking.

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Sometimes, when moisture finds its way into the light panel, it interferes with the light fixture. Look inside the refrigerator, at the top part, and just inside the door. The bulbs may need replacements since they are blinking. So, remove the panel using a flat-head screwdriver and replace the LED bulbs.

Maytag Refrigerator Light Dim – Solution

The problem may stem from a bad LED module or light board. Some models have a separate voltage supply and the source is next to the main control board at the bottom back of the unit. If you have an older Maytag model, the power supply source may need a replacement. 

But if the refrigerator is a newer model, the module may the problem, and you need a replacement for it. Ensure you use your refrigerator’s model number to purchase the necessary part when you determine what is causing the problem. Doing that helps you purchase the correct replacement part.

Maytag Refrigerator Dispenser Light Stays On – Fixed

If the dispenser light in your Maytag refrigerator stays on, check the light switch behind the dispenser cover. It may be stuck or faulty and in need of a replacement. If you have the DIY skills, you can try fixing the light issue yourself, as this article explains. Otherwise, hire a qualified technician to check and fix the problem.

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Maytag Refrigerator Reset Filter Light

Some Maytag refrigerator models have the filter light automatically reset after you replace the water filter. However, they are few, and most models need the filter light to be manually reset. If the reset filter light in your Maytag refrigerator is on after replacing the water filter, you need to turn it off. 

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Locate the water filter button on the control panel and press it. Hold it for about three seconds, and the icon marked Water Filter will turn blue from orange or red. If the display had Replace Filter, it will disappear.

The method for resetting the filter light varies by model. So, if your model does not have the water filter button, locate the Max Ice and Max Cool buttons on the control panel. Press and hold them simultaneously for about three seconds. You will see a countdown on the display before the icon flashes, and the unit plays a tone.

Another method is to use the Filter Reset button on the panel. If your model has this button, press it until the status light turns off, indicating that the reset is successful. But if none of the above applies, find the Options button on the panel and press it. Press the Filter Reset and Measured Fill buttons one after the other. The unit resets as the status light goes off.

Maytag Refrigerator: No Lights on the Control Panel

Check to see if the display has PO on it. If it does, it means there was a power outage, and until you confirm your awareness of the outage, the control panel will not work. Press the button to confirm it, and the panel should start working.

But if there is no power outage issue, try resetting the refrigerator. Turn off the circuit breaker or disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet. After about five to ten minutes, reconnect the power cord or turn on the circuit breaker. Check the cooling function to be sure it is on before testing the control panel.

If that does not work, then the refrigerator may be in Sabbath mode or in demo mode. If it is in demo mode, check the unit’s user manual to find the specific instructions for exiting the mode for your model. The same applies if the unit is in Sabbath mode.

Maytag Refrigerator Door Open Light Stays On – Solved

Check the door seal to ensure it is not dirty, loose, or weak. While doing so, check the contents of the refrigerator; something may be sticking out far enough to keep the door open. And if the door does not seal properly, the door ajar light stays on.

If the refrigerator is not level or you tend to leave the door open for too long, the door open light does not go off. It is an indication that the temperature may be rising and you need to close the door. Sometimes, the light is accompanied by a beeping sound. Read this article on the Maytag refrigerator light staying on and find out how to correct these problems.

How to Replace a Maytag Refrigerator Light

There is a simple replacement method for a Maytag refrigerator light that is not working. Disconnect the refrigerator from electric power and remove the light cover. Not all models have this cover, so it may not apply to you. However, if there is a cover, find out if there is a screw, and use a screwdriver to unthread it. 

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But if not, pry the locking tabs loose using a flat-head screwdriver. Once you reveal the bulb, unscrew it from the light socket. By now, you should have a suitable replacement, so screw it in the place of the old and faulty one. Put the light cover back in place, reconnect the refrigerator to electric power, and test the light bulb.

Note: This replacement guide also explains how to remove a Maytag refrigerator light bulb cover.

How to Replace the Light Switch in a Maytag Refrigerator

To replace the light switch in a Maytag refrigerator, disconnect the unit from electric power or turn off the circuit breaker. Find the switch; it should be on the inside frame because it activates when you close the refrigerator door.

In some cases, you may find that the switch is secured with a single screw to the housing. If so, use a small screwdriver to remove the screw and pull the switch out. But if there is no screw, wrap the tip of the screwdriver with a tiny piece of tape and use it to pry the switch loose. The tape prevents the screwdriver’s tip from scratching the refrigerator’s body.

Next, remove the attached wires. If the switch controls the light alone, you will find two wires, but if it controls the fan and light, you will find four wires. Do not pull the wires themselves; disconnect the harness. You may need a pair of needle-nosed pliers to do the job.

Now, connect the wires to the new light switch and secure the wire harness. Put the switch into the housing and either secure it with the single screw or snap it into place. Finally, reconnect the refrigerator to electric power and test the light switch.


Issues with your Maytag refrigerator light should be fixed as quickly as possible. Sometimes, the light may not have an issue, but some other controlling part may be faulty. The module, light board, or main control board are some parts that can affect how well a refrigerator’s lights work. If you are unsure how to fix the light, contact Maytag, report the issue, and request service. Alternatively, hire an experienced appliance technician to do the job.

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