Maytag Refrigerator Door [How to, Problems & Solutions]

A refrigerator door needs to be in good working condition for the unit to function. The same applies to a Maytag refrigerator door. Learn possible problems and solutions for a Maytag refrigerator door.

Maytag refrigerator door

Maytag Refrigerator Door Adjustment – Quick Guide

Newly installed refrigerator doors and drawers may not be properly aligned and need an adjustment. It does not matter whether the unit is a new installation or a replacement. The refrigerator usually comes with a hex key, which you will need for adjusting the refrigerator door.

Disconnect the refrigerator from electric power and if it is a 3-door or 4-door unit, keep the doors closed. Next, open the drawer on the right side and find the bottom hinge pin on the door on that side. The screw to adjust is inside that pin.

Take the hex pin and insert it into the hinge pin until it fully engages in the screw for alignment. If you want to adjust the door to lower it, turn the hex key to the left or counterclockwise. And if you want to adjust it to raise the door, turn it to the right or clockwise. Keep turning the adjustment screw in the right direction until the door properly aligns.

The same steps apply to a side-by-side refrigerator, but you do not have to open any drawer. You need to remove any toe grille or kickplate to reach the adjustment screw on the side of the door that needs adjustment.

This video shows how to adjust the door on a Maytag side-by-side refrigerator…

Maytag Refrigerator Door Ajar Light Stays On – Quick Fix

Several things can cause the door ajar light to never go off. The door may not be fully closed, and a dirty or loose door seal can cause it to happen. Also, if the refrigerator has too many things in it or something is sticking out, the door will have an appearance of being shut while it is still slightly open.

You may want to rearrange things in the refrigerator, including those in the door bins. Ensure the door is not overloaded, and no shelf, rack, or bin is sticking out. If the unit has too many items inside it, unload some of them. Furthermore, ensure the door seal is not too dirty; clean it with warm water and mild soap if it is. Also, sanitize it with vinegar or a small amount of bleach if necessary.

However, if the seal is broken or weak, it is time to replace it. Get a replacement part from Maytag or any trusted store online or offline. Ensure you use the refrigerator’s model number to get the replacement to be sure you have the right one.

Another possible cause of the door ajar light staying on is if you leave the door open for too long. Even when you close it, the door alarm may stop beeping, but the light usually takes some time before it goes off. Give the refrigerator’s internal temperature some time to drop and it should fix the light problem.

Additionally, the refrigerator may not be level. Improper leveling can affect the unit’s functionality in different ways, including the door ajar light. In this case, the door may not make proper contact with the door switch, triggering the refrigerator to sense that the door is open. Check the user manual for instructions on how to fix the leveling issue. You may also contact the Maytag Service Center for further assistance.

Maytag Refrigerator Door Broken – How to Fix

If you have a Maytag refrigerator with a broken door, the only repair is to replace it. Typically, a qualified technician or the installation team should remove and replace the door, but you may want to do it yourself. Therefore, take the following steps to fix the broken door:

For a side-by-side model, ensure you empty the unit and disconnect the refrigerator from electric power before anything else. The unit must not have electricity flowing to it while you work for safety purposes. Next, check the top of the door you want to replace for the cover of the hinge. If there is one, remove it and unthread the mounting screws holding the top hinge in place.

You may need someone to help you support the door at this point as you remove the hinge. Now, carefully lift the door to slide it off the hinge at the bottom and place the door away from the work area.

If the door you want to replace has a dispenser, whether water, ice, or both, you will take slightly different steps. Remove the kickplate or grille at the bottom front of the appliance to reach the waterline. A clip usually holds the line to its coupler; locate the clip if available and remove it. Next, use a small wrench to remove the retaining ring on the coupler so that you can fully slide the water line out. Water may leak from the line, so have a towel to catch it.

Go to the top of the door and disconnect the wire harness on the hinge. Once the harness is out, use a screwdriver or nut driver to unthread the bolts or screws on the hinge to remove it. Have someone help you secure the door as you remove the hinge. Then, you can both carry the up to slide off the bottom hinge and take it out.

Now is the time to mount the new door. Consider using some grease, the silicone-based type, on the bottom hinge bushing for a better fit. Thread the waterline through the hinge pin at the bottom and into the door before positioning it for installation. It is best to check the user manual for the correct angle and position of the door to ensure proper installation.

The refrigerator door does not need too many steps; simply fit it onto the bottom hinge, making sure the door closing cam is properly set beforehand. Set the door, check to ensure it is well aligned, and put the hinge at the top in place. Thread the screws and tighten them on the hinge. Next, reconnect the wire harness if it is the door with a dispenser and put the hinge cover in place.

Put the water line for the dispenser back into its coupler and secure it with the clip. Once the top hinge is in place and covered, and the water line protruding from the bottom of the door is in the coupler and secure, replace the bottom kickplate or toe grille. Then, reconnect the refrigerator to electric power and test the door, especially if it has a dispenser.

For Other Models

If the Maytag refrigerator is the top-freezer model, remove the door of the freezer before that of the refrigerator. The top hinge must go before the freezer door can be lifted up and out, detaching it from the center hinge on top of the refrigerator door. Then, unmount the screws on the middle hinge, remove the hinge, and lift the refrigerator door from the hinge at the bottom.

Check the washers on the hinge pins to ensure they are workable and in place before installing the new doors. Before tightening the screws on the hinges, ensure the doors are balanced and level. The reason is that improper door leveling can affect the door and may affect cooling and energy consumption over time.

A french-door refrigerator may follow the same procedure as the side-by-side model, but there will be a middle hinge set on the drawer. You will also need to remove the water line carefully from the door if there is a dispenser.

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Maytag Refrigerator Door Making a Clicking Noise – Solved

If the door of your Maytag refrigerator is making a clicking noise, the door closing cam may be damaged. You can call a repair technician to check and verify it is the door cam or something else. And if it is the door cam, they can replace it.

However, you can replace the part yourself. The following is a guide to replacing your Maytag refrigerator door cam if it is broken:

Pull the refrigerator’s power cord from the wall outlet to disconnect it from electric power. If you cannot reach the outlet because of the design of the house, turn off the circuit breaker. Never work on any appliance while it is still connected to electricity.

If you have items stored in the refrigerator or freezer door, remove them and keep them in a safe place, such as another refrigerator or a well-insulated cooler with ice in it. The steps to replace the door cam for the freezer are almost the same as those for the refrigerator, with some differences.

If it is for the refrigerator door, open the door and locate the bottom grille. Usually, you can simply pull it off the refrigerator cabinet, but check to see if there are clips holding it in place. Set the grille aside and get a towel to catch water as you loosen the water line underneath the unit.

The difference between the freezer and the refrigerator lies in whether or not the refrigerator has a dispenser. If it does, you will need to disconnect the water line coming from the freezer door and that under the unit before proceeding.

Next, close the door and go to the top to find the hinge. Remove the cover; you may need to unmount screws, although some may need you to just pull the cover off. If there is a visible wire harness, hold both sides and pull them apart to disconnect the harness. Now, you can unmount the screws on the hinge using a nut driver.

After that, lift the door up and off the hinge at the bottom and lay it on a flat surface. Find the door closing cam underneath it and pull it off. The method will depend on how the cam adheres to the door. Next, put a new door cam in the place of the old one and secure it. Take a step further to coat it with grease, the silicon-based type. Retrace your steps to fix the door back in place, whether it is the refrigerator door or the freezer door.

Maytag Refrigerator Door Not Closing – Solution

If you find that your Maytag refrigerator door is not closing, there are a few things to check. Start with simple things such as checking the shelves and racks, and ensuring the content of the refrigerator is not sticking out.

When you overload the refrigerator, it may have a hard time closing. Not only that, but the items may push the shelves out of position and cause them to stick out. And if you store too many things in the door, it may weigh it down and prevent it from fully closing. Therefore, reduce the content of the unit if it is too much, and ensure the door does not hold too many heavy bottles and jars.

Arrange the bins, racks, and shelves if they are out of place. Also, check the ice bucket. Using ice from your refrigerator means removing the ice bucket from time to time. You may also accidentally push it a little out while arranging the freezer. Ensure it sits fully under the ice maker so that the door closes. Apart from the door, an improperly inserted ice bucket triggers the ice maker to malfunction.

Other Parts to Check

If fixing these things does not correct the door issue, you may have a door gasket problem. Inspect the gasket for signs of dirt, looseness, or weakness. Over time, the gasket gets dirty from food and drink spillage and other factors. Therefore, clean it with soap and warm water, ensuring to dry it thoroughly afterward to prevent the moisture from freezing.

If the gasket is loose, you can try fixing it. Get a small screwdriver and correct it, as this article explains. You can also check whether or not the door is properly leveled, and make necessary adjustments. A recent installation may still have packaging keeping the door from closing. Thoroughly inspect the refrigerator and remove any leftover packaging.

Maytag french-door refrigerator models usually have a seal on the left door. The seal is hinged and folds inward automatically when you open that door so that it does not form an obstruction. When you close both doors, this seal moves to form a seal between both of them. But if it folds out instead of in, the doors may not fully close. Manually fold it inward before closing the door.

Maytag Refrigerator Ice Maker Door Opening and Closing – Quick Fix

A problem with the high voltage board usually causes the door of the ice maker in your Maytag refrigerator to open and close continuously. It is best to replace the board to stop the constant flapping. Contact Maytag for the replacement using the refrigerator’s model number or purchase it from a trusted replacement parts dealer.

Maytag Refrigerator Door Handle Loose – What to Do

If the door handle on a Maytag refrigerator is loose, the best solution is to tighten it. But before doing that, ensure the handle is not broken. If it is the type secured with screws, ensure all the screws are intact. Losing them may mean getting another door handle.

To tighten the handle, get the ⅛ hex key that comes with the refrigerator. Follow the instructions in the user manual and tighten the set screws on the handle. Ensure they are tight, and when this is done, tighten them further by giving the hex key a quarter turn. This extra step ensures you properly secure the door handle.

If the refrigerator is a new installation, you may want to use the services of the installation team to correct the mistake. That is unless you have the skills to tighten the handle yourself by following the provided instructions. The user manual has specific instructions for fixing different refrigerator door handles.

Maytag Refrigerator Door Hard to Open – Solved

The door may have just been shut and you are trying to open it. Typically, when you open a refrigerator door, the cold air within the unit flows, and warm air from outside replaces it. When you close the door, the warm air introduced into the unit mixes with the cold air to create a vacuum. 

This vacuum increases the pressure, which causes the door to stick, making it difficult to open. The pressure has to equalize before you can open the door again. This process usually does not take too long, so if this is the case, you may want to wait about a minute before trying the door again.

If the vacuum issue is not the cause of the problem, check the door gasket. It may be sticky due to dirt. Clean it with warm water and mild soap, ensuring you reach every part of the gasket. Afterward, clean the soap residue off and dry the gasket to prevent freezing. A thin layer of petroleum jelly or paraffin wax keeps the gasket from becoming sticky.

Another factor to check is the refrigerator’s leveling. Poor leveling can keep the door from closing or keep it shut too tight, among other issues. Consult the user manual for steps to correct the leveling if it applies.

Maytag Refrigerator Door Light Flashing – Fixed

Reset the refrigerator; doing so also resets the control panel. If there is a dedicated reset button, press and hold it for a minimum of three seconds. The control panel should beep and resume normal functions. But if not, disconnect the refrigerator from power for at least a minute and reconnect it. Also, check the unit’s main control board for faults, as this article explains.

Maytag Fridge Door Not Sealing – How to Fix

If the door of a Maytag fridge does not seal, it means the door gasket is either dirty, loose, or weak. Check out this article for steps to take if the gasket is the problem and how to fix it permanently.

Maytag Refrigerator Door Swings Too Far – What to Do

The refrigerator may not be properly leveled. This causes the door to open farther than it should because the refrigerator is tilting forward instead of backward. Use a level and check how balanced the unit is. If it is tilting even slightly forward, turn the adjustment screws under the unit to raise it.

You may also want to check the door hinge. Any damage to the hinge may affect how far the door swings. You may also notice a misalignment if the hinge is damaged. Replace the hinge or use a professional for the job.

Consider using a doorstop or any other object to keep the door from swinging too far, especially if it hits the wall or other surfaces when it does. A traditional doorstop may work, but you can also contact Maytag to request one that suits a refrigerator if applicable.

Maytag Refrigerator Door Pops Open – How to Fix

If a refrigerator door pops open, especially when you close a second door on the same refrigerator, it may be normal. Closing one door may forcefully push air from one point to another, forcing another refrigerator to open. This is even truer if you slam the door. It is usually nothing to worry about or fix.

However, if this process does not apply and the door just pops open, the refrigerator may not be level. The door cannot stay closed even if the door seal is working. Ensure you check it with a level and make necessary adjustments if it applies. But if the leveling is not the issue, check the gasket. A weak gasket cannot keep the door sealed. So, you will find it popping open after you close it. In such a case, replace the gasket.

Maytag Refrigerator Door Reversal – Guiding Steps

The method of reversing the door of a Maytag refrigerator depends on the type. But you can usually move the door from one side to another to make access to the refrigerator easier. Start by removing the door. You will find steps to do so in the section on the Maytag refrigerator door broken.

Next, unmount the screws on top of the door you removed and move them to the opposite side of the refrigerator cabinet. If there is a mullion between doors, move it to the correct position. Now, check for a doorstop if applicable and move it to the other side of the cabinet if applicable. A Phillips screwdriver does this job for you. And if there is a handle to move, use a hex key to loosen the screw and move it to the other side of the door.

Position the door and place the hinge; tighten the screws on the hinge after placing it on the door. Ensure you have fixed the bottom hinge so that you can slide the door onto it, if applicable. Before securing the screws, make sure the door is properly aligned to prevent having to make adjustments later. Follow the instructions in the manual to install the door and check for leveling.

Here is a video demonstrating how to reverse the doors on a top-freezer refrigerator…

Maytag Refrigerator Door Sagging – Quick Fix

The first thing to check when a Maytag refrigerator begins to sag is the hinge. It may be old or may hold too much weight. Sometimes, you store heavy jars or too many items in the door bins. Over time, the weight affects the door hinge, weakens it, and causes the door to sag. Reduce the load in the door and fix the hinge if it applies.

But if the door does not hold too much, the hinge may simply be loose or weak. It may also be that the refrigerator is not leveled. Put a level on the refrigerator’s top and check the balance. If the bubble is not at the center, go to the bottom of the unit and find the adjustment screws.

If the refrigerator needs adjustments, turn the screws under it to the left or counterclockwise. Use a Phillips-head screwdriver and keep turning the screws until you achieve the balance required. However, if adjusting the screws is not necessary, check the top hinge.

Using a nut driver, loosen those screws securing the hinge to the refrigerator cabinet but do not remove them. While they are loose, grab the handle of the door and lift it a little to create the needed balance. You may need someone to help you make this adjustment. When the door is level, tighten the screws again and replace the hinge cover.

How to Replace a Maytag Refrigerator Door Gasket

To replace the door gasket on a Maytag refrigerator, first, ensure you have the correct replacement part. Order one from Maytag or any authorized dealer using the refrigerator’s model number. Do not remove the old gasket without having the replacement ready.

Open the refrigerator door and peel the faulty gasket back to reveal the screws securing it. Take a Phillips screwdriver and unthread the screws and once you are done, the retainer loosens and you can easily remove the gasket.

Take the new gasket and inspect it. Typically, as with many new things, the gasket may be creased or not pliable enough. To fix it, soak it in warm water for some minutes or use a blow dryer set to warm to loosen it. It is easier to fix when it is pliable with no creases. 

Next, line it on the door in the space where the old one was. Ensure it faces the correct direction and fits into the retainer before securing the screws. You may need someone to help hold and line the gasket to get the correct fit. Otherwise, it will cause cooling issues.

Watch this video to see how to replace the door gasket on a Maytag side-by-side refrigerator…

How to Remove Maytag Refrigerator Door Handles

The brand has different refrigerator styles and because of that, the door handle removal methods also vary. You will find that the method to remove the door handles on a side-by-side model is different from that of a bottom-freezer model.

Side-by-Side Model

Open the doors so that you can reach the set screws inside the door handles. You cannot reach them if the doors are closed. The screws should be at the bottom and top parts of the handles, hidden from sight. Use a hex key to remove them; insert the tool into the opening and turn it to the left or counterclockwise to loosen the screws. Remove them and pull the handles off the mounting brackets.

Top-freezer Model

The top-freezer model of Maytag refrigerators may have contour handles or wraparound handles. If they are contour handles, open both doors and check for the securing screws on the refrigerator door’s top edge and the freezer door’s bottom edge.

Get a flat-head screwdriver and unthread the screws. When you remove them, you will see small set screws along the doors’ sides. The set screw for the refrigerator door handle is close to its bottom while that for the freezer door handle is close to its top. Use a hex key to loosen the set screws and remove them. Then, you can remove the door handles.

If the handles are the wraparound type, get a small flat-head screwdriver and cover its tip with masking tape. It is to prevent the sharp tip from peeling the refrigerator’s finish when you pry the cover of the holding screw from the refrigerator handle’s bottom. Next, open the door and find the screws securing the handle to the door edge, remove them, and pull the door handle off.

If you are removing the freezer door handle, open the door to find the screws on the handle. They are at the bottom and top of the handle, so use a flat-head screwdriver to loosen them so you can pull the handle off.

French Door or Bottom Freezer Models

Some of these models have simple plastic handles, while others have plastic contour or metal contour handles. If your model has a simple plastic handle, remove it by locating the screw that secures the handle trim. Remove the single screw to reveal another screw holding the handle’s top to the door.

Take a small piece of masking tape and cover a flat-head screwdriver’s tip. Use the screwdriver to remove the screw cover, and the covered tip will not scratch the refrigerator’s finish. Then, remove the screws so that the handle comes off the door. Removing the handle on the freezer door is simpler; open the door and locate the screws at the top of the handle. Unthread them and the handle comes off.

For a plastic contour handle, whether it is on a french door or bottom freezer model, there are usually no screws to remove. Grab the door handle and firmly push it upward. It slides off the mounting bracket and comes off the door when you do that. If it is the freezer door handle, grab it and slide it to the left so it releases from the mounting brackets. Then, remove it from the door.

For a metal contour handle, whether it is on a french door or bottom freezer model, find the hidden set screws close to the bottom and top of the handle. The freezer door handle has set screws fixed to the left and right bottom sides of the handle.

Get a hex key and insert it into the screw opening. Turn it counterclockwise to loosen the screws and release the handle. Do the same for all the handles with set screws. When they are loose, pull them off the door.


Several things can go wrong with a Maytag refrigerator door and there are a few corrections you may need to make. This article discusses the issues and possible solutions and provides a guide for removing, replacing, or tightening door handles. Take the necessary steps to correct issues with the door lights and alarm, especially if the door gasket is no longer working or the refrigerator is overloaded with food.

If you have difficulty fixing door problems on a Maytag refrigerator, the best step is to use the services of a professional. Contact Maytag to report the issue and request services, especially if you still have an active warranty. Alternatively, hire an independent appliance technician for further assistance.

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