Kenmore Refrigerator Keeps Making Ice [How to Fix]

If a Kenmore refrigerator keeps making ice, it is usually a pointer to a problem with the ice maker or some other part of the refrigerator. We are here to proffer solutions.

Kenmore Refrigerator Keeps Making Ice

Kenmore Refrigerator Keeps Making Ice – What to Do

There are a few parts that contribute to the ice maker in a Kenmore refrigerator making ice non-stop. But before checking the parts, try resetting the ice machine.

To reset the ice maker in your Kenmore refrigerator, remove the machine’s front plate; it acts as a cover. Once you remove the cover, you will see a power switch that turns the machine off and on.

Turn off the ice maker and disconnect the refrigerator from electric power. Wait about five minutes before you reconnect the refrigerator to electric power. Next, press the power switch to turn on the ice maker and replace the cover.

Give the refrigerator time to run and cool the ice maker enough for it to make ice. This cycle will tell you whether or not the reset fixed the machine.

If the reset does not work, you may have to remove the ice maker and clean it. The reason is that ice may clog the feeler arm and keep it from moving up and down as it should. If the arm remains in the on position, the ice maker will keep making ice. But cleaning the machine means defrosting it and thawing the arm.

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Simply remove the ice maker and allow its temperature to rise to room temperature. Clean it afterward with warm water and mild soap; don’t immerse it in water. Just use a clean towel to wipe the sides and visible components.

Replace the ice maker and run an icemaking cycle. Cleaning it tends to fix this problem but if it continues, check the following parts:

1. Feeler Arm

Remove the ice maker again and check the arm. Ice alone may not be the reason why the arm seems not to be working. While it is true that the arm has to be damaged somehow before it can cause the ice machine to malfunction, it should be the first part to check if the machine does malfunction.

Turn the arm up to turn it off and see if the ice maker continues to make ice. If the machine goes on making ice, replace the arm. It is a simple procedure; pop the arm out and fix a new one in its place.

2. Plastic Paddle

If your Kenmore refrigerator keeps making ice and you are able to verify that the feeler arm is not the origin of the problem, then check the plastic paddle situated under the ice maker. The paddle stops ice from flowing into the ice bucket as soon as it fills up. But if it is broken, the ice maker will keep making and dumping ice out.

The problem may be a simple case of friction or freezing. Use a drop of oil to lubricate the paddle or allow the ice machine to thaw so the paddle loosens from its place if it is frozen. Otherwise, loosen the single bolt that holds it to the ice maker and fix a new plastic paddle in its stead.

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3. Water Inlet Valve

If there is ice around the ice maker constantly, it means water keeps overflowing around it, and the likely culprit is the inlet valve. The water pressure may be too low to close it properly, or the valve is malfunctioning since it is controlled electrically.

Check the water pressure to ensure it is high enough for the valve to open and close properly, at least 20psi. Hire a plumber to adjust the pressure and recheck the valve.

If the water problem continues, the water pressure may not be the cause of the malfunctioning valve. Check to see whether or not it is receiving power. If the valve is receiving power but does not close fully, replace the valve.

It is important to note here that mineral deposits can damage the water inlet valve. If the primary water source in your area has many deposits, they will pile on the inlet valve over time and reduce its efficiency.

Cleaning the valve helps, but sometimes, the deposits remain, and the damage may be too far gone. In such a case, replacing the inlet valve is the best fix.

Here is how to replace the water inlet valve in your Kenmore refrigerator…

Using this troubleshooting guide will help you if your Kenmore refrigerator keeps making ice. However, if the problem persists and there is no other obvious solution, contact Kenmore and report the issue before requesting service.

While waiting for the service agent, you may want to turn the water supply to the refrigerator off to stop ice production.

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