How to Defrost a Hotpoint Refrigerator [Quick Guide]

This article explains how to defrost a Hotpoint refrigerator, along with details on different defrost components.

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How Does a Hotpoint Refrigerator Auto Defrost?

A Hotpoint refrigerator defrost system will automatically activate the defrost heater which is in the section where the evaporator coils are, behind the panel in the freezer section. The heater melts ice off the coils so they can effectively send cold air into the freezer and fridge sections.

The refrigerator defrosts for 25 minutes to 45 minutes in each cycle, once or two times every day. It does this using a defrost timer or an adaptive defrost control, depending on the Hotpoint model.

How to Defrost a Hotpoint Refrigerator

Here is how to defrost a Hotpoint refrigerator:

Reduce the Temperature

First, you have to reduce the temperature inside the refrigerator so that food items will freeze. This will help keep them frozen for long, necessary if you don’t put them in another unit during the defrost process.

Turn the Refrigerator Off

Turn off the unit by unplugging from the wall socket, shutting off the circuit breaker or switching it off through the on/off switch if your model has one. Always do this before you start defrosting.

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Remove Contents

This is when you remove every item in the refrigerator, food and otherwise. Store the perishables in a cooler or another freezer. If you are going store in a cooler, wrap them up first in newspapers to protect the coolness.

Defrost the Unit

Once you turn the refrigerator off, it has started defrosting. So, open the door of the refrigerator and place a tray or pan close to the opening. This is to collect water that will form from the melting ice. Also, spread thick rags or towels around the unit to mop up excess water.

Keep an eye on the tray or pan where the water is collecting. Depending on the level of ice buildup, it could get full quick. So, you should empty it to avoid spillages.

Leave the refrigerator unplugged for some hours. You can even leave it overnight to give it ample time to defrost completely.

When the process is done, clean up the unit with a dry cloth to remove any remaining moisture and leave the unit completely dry. Remove the tray of water and the towels and dry any water on the ground.

Turn the Refrigerator On

Turn on the refrigerator by plugging it back into the wall socket or switching it on. Set the temperature to the coldest so that the unit will cool fast. But you will have to give it some hours to reach the coldest temperature. When it does, put the items you removed earlier back into the refrigerator and shut the door completely.

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It is important to manually defrost the freezer of your refrigerator or a stand-alone freezer whenever the ice or frost reaches ½ or ¼ inch in thickness. That way, the section will function optimally.

Some models don’t need a manual defrost because they are frost-free. They don’t allow the build-up of frost.

But for other models, here is a guide to know when to manually defrost them:

Iced Diamond Fridge Freezer – defrost the freezer section once every 6 months

Iced Diamond Stand-alone Freezer – defrost it once every 6 months

Fridge with a Freezer Box – defrost the freezer section once every 2 weeks

Other Types or Models – defrost it when the ice builds up to ½ or ¼ in thickness

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How to Reset the Defrost Timer on a Hotpoint Refrigerator

To reset the defrost timer on a Hotpoint refrigerator, find the round notch on it. Turn it anti-clockwise using a screwdriver with a flathead. Turn it until you hear the fan stop turning. When the fan kicks up again, you know the reset was successful.

How to Defrost a Hotpoint Refrigerator – Related FAQs

Where Is the Defrost Drain on a Hotpoint Refrigerator?

The defrost drain on this unit is beneath the evaporator coils, behind the rear panel of the freezer. You will have to remove that rear panel before you can reach it.

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Where Is the Defrost Timer on a Hotpoint Refrigerator?

The defrost timer on a Hotpoint refrigerator is located in the control panel that houses the temperature controls. This is found on the roof part, inside the refrigerator.

How Long Is the Defrost Cycle of a Hotpoint Refrigerator?

The defrost cycle of a Hotpoint refrigerator is between 25 minutes to 45 minutes.


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