How to Defrost a Galanz Mini Fridge [Quick Guide]

This is a quick guide on how to manually defrost a Galanz mini fridge.

Galanz GLR10TRDEFR Retro Refrigerator, 10.0 Cu Ft, Red

How to Defrost a Galanz Mini Fridge

To defrost a Galanz mini fridge, do the following:

1. Empty the Mini Fridge

Take out every food item in the fridge. It is important to reduce the temperature of the fridge to the coldest, prior to defrosting. This is to make the food items very cold or frozen. Consequently, the food will not thaw easily.

2. Turn the Fridge Off

Turn off the fridge by unplugging it from the wall socket it is plugged to or shutting the circuit breaker off. It is important you do this any time you want to defrost your fridge or perform any other repair.

3. Open the Doors

Leave the doors of the fridge open for some hours. Better still, leave them open overnight. Leaving them open overnight will guarantee that all the ice thoroughly defrosts.

4. Clean the Moisture

In the morning, be sure to clean the fridge to remove any leftover moisture. Use only mild soap and water. Doing this will remove any stain from the wall, racks and shelves. Then, leave the fridge to get dry completely.

5. Turn the Fridge On

Plug the fridge back in again or turn on the circuit breaker. Set the temperature to cold so that the fridge can cool fast. Allow it to get cold before you return all the food items you removed earlier.

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Most mini fridges require a manual defrosting process. So you will need to do this once every 6 months to avoid a serious frost buildup.

If you want to see a quicker way to defrost your mini fridge, watch this video…

Important Note

If you are going to be out of your home for a long time, it is important to unplug the mini fridge and any other appliance you have at home. This will keep them safe in case there is a power outage or a power surge. It will also keep the fridge from having a serious frost buildup.

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