Kenmore Refrigerator Inlet Valve [Issues & Solutions]

A Kenmore refrigerator inlet valve supplies water to the unit from the primary water source. If the valve develops a problem, it is crucial to fix it immediately.

Where Is the Water Inlet Valve on My Kenmore Refrigerator?

The water inlet valve on your Kenmore refrigerator is at the bottom back of the unit, close to the condenser fan and compressor. Typically blue, the valve connects to the main water supply and sends water into the refrigerator.

How to Check Water Inlet Valve on Kenmore Refrigerator

There are two ways to check the water inlet valve on a Kenmore refrigerator: the mechanical and the electrical.

Mechanical Check of the Inlet Valve

Disconnect the refrigerator from electric power and pull out the water supply line from the inlet valve. Next, set a bowl or bucket directly under the line and turn the water on to flow through the line.

If the water flow is strong and steady, the problem is from the inlet valve. But if the flow is weak, the water pressure from the primary source is the problem. Adjusting the pressure to increase it will fix the issue.

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Electrical Valve Check

Pull out the water line fixed to the inlet valve and loosen the wire connections from the electrical terminals on the valve’s solenoid. The connections are usually to the coils of the solenoid, and the coils’ number will depend on the model. However, the terminals are typically two.

Next, take a multimeter and set it to Ohms, to the lowest resistance setting. Set one of the meter’s probes on one terminal of the valve and set the second probe on the second terminal.

If the reading on the meter remains the same or changes just a little, it means there is infinite resistance. The inlet valve needs a replacement because it is defective.

Kenmore Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve Leaking – Quick Fix

If you find that the water inlet valve in your Kenmore refrigerator is leaking, the best fox for it is to replace the valve. You cannot repair the component, and it will cause the ice maker or even the water dispenser to leak water, too.

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How to Replace a Kenmore Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve

To replace the water inlet valve in a Kenmore refrigerator, take the following steps:

Step 1

Disconnect the refrigerator from electric power or trip the circuit breaker. You may have to store perishable food items in another refrigerator.

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Also, turn off the water to the refrigerator and ice maker. You may find the shut-off valve in three places: under the sink, behind the unit, or in the house’s basement.

Step 2

Move the unit away from any surrounding surface to create enough workspace. Go to the bottom back of the unit, where the inlet valve is, and disconnect the waterline. Set a towel on the floor under the valve and remove the nut that holds the line secure to the valve.

Step 3

With a Phillips screwdriver, unmount the screws holding the lower back panel in place and remove the panel. Next, unmount the single screw holding the bracket of the inlet valve to the body of the unit.

Step 4

Find the locking tab connected to the wire connector and press its back to release it. Then, disconnect the connector from the inlet valve.

You will see a black plastic locking clip that looks like a C on the collar of the connection. Remove the clip by pushing it in and pulling the line from the valve at the same time.

Step 5

Set the new inlet valve assembly in position and insert the waterline into its fitting. Now, reinsert the black plastic clip to the fitting’s collar.

Next, fix the wire connector back on the inlet valve and ensure the tabs are set in and lock in place. Fix the new inlet valve to the body of the refrigerator so that the screw hole on the mounting bracket aligns with the hole on the refrigerator frame. Mount the single screw and tighten the screw securely.

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Take the waterline and reconnect it to the inlet valve, and reconnect the refrigerator to electric power. If you turned the circuit breaker off before the repair, turn it back on. Then, test the new inlet valve to check whether or not it is working properly.

This video demonstrates how to remove and replace the water inlet valve in a Kenmore refrigerator…


A Kenmore refrigerator inlet valve is an important part of the unit. If the ice maker is to function optimally, the water inlet valve must work properly.

Therefore, it is important to find a solution if the valve becomes defective. Usually, it is not difficult to fix but if you find it too tedious, connect with one of our appliance technicians or contact Kenmore for further assistance.

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