Kenmore Refrigerator Water Line [Problems & Solutions]

A Kenmore refrigerator water line works with the water valve to supply water to the unit. If it becomes clogged or frozen, the refrigerator won’t function optimally.

How to Disconnect a Kenmore Refrigerator Water Line

To disconnect a Kenmore refrigerator water line, take the following steps:

Step 1

Unplug the refrigerator from electric power or turn off the circuit breaker that controls the refrigerator. Also, turn off the water valve that supplies water from the primary source.

Step 2

Open the door of the refrigerator and remove the water filter. Unthread the screw holding the water filter housing to the roof of the refrigerator. Once you remove the screw, pull the filter housing toward you to release it from its locking tab, and allow it to drop.

Step 3

Go to the back of the unit and loosen the fitting that holds the water line to the water inlet valve at the bottom of the refrigerator. Set the line out of the way and remove the cover over the water inlet valve and other components.

With a screwdriver, unthread the screw holding the bracket of the inlet valve to the frame of the refrigerator. Pull the valve out from underneath the unit and find the locking tab connecting the water line to the valve.

Step 4

Press the tabs on the sides to push the lock out. Now, take a wrench and press the collar of the valve to hold it in place while you pull the water line out of the valve.

Step 5

Loosen the clamps that hold the waterline up the back of the refrigerator. And once the clamps are out up to the top, use the wrench again to press the collar of the blue line so you can pull it out.

Next, use your screwdriver to remove the cover on top of the line at the back of the unit. Lift the cover off, go to the front of the unit, and pull the filter housing toward you. When it is close enough, remove the locking tab and keep it aside.

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Press in the collar as before and pull the water line out of the filter housing. Now, you can remove it from the refrigerator.

How to Connect a Kenmore Refrigerator Water Line

To connect a Kenmore refrigerator water line, take the following steps:

Step 1

Check for the spring that holds the line when you insert it. The old water line should have it if the new one does not. Take the spring and slide it onto the new water line, and secure it with a piece of tape.

Step 2

Slide the line into the refrigerator through the back, ensuring it goes in through the bigger hole. Push enough of it into the refrigerator so you can connect it easily to the filter housing.

Next, push the line into its dedicated slot in the housing and secure it using the tab you removed earlier. Push the filter housing into position and ensure the blue line fits into its hole beside the main water line.

Set the housing on the locking tab and push it until it locks. Then, thread the single screw into the housing to secure it. Reinstall the water filter.

Step 3

Now, close the door and go to the back of the unit. Put the blue line into the connector and replace the cover. Fix the clamps on the waterline as you thread it down the back of the unit.

Insert the line into the inlet valve when you get to the bottom of the refrigerator. Make sure to push it in fully before securing it with the locking tab. Line the valve properly and ensure the water line is set in place with the spring protecting it from kinks. Then, secure the bracket to the frame of the unit.

Replace the cover over the water inlet valve with its screws and insert the water supply line into the inlet valve. Plug the refrigerator back into electric power or turn on the circuit breaker. Finally, turn the water supply back on to check the waterline.

Watch this video to see how to disconnect and connect the water line in a Kenmore refrigerator…

Kenmore Refrigerator Water Line Clogged – Quick Fix

If the water line in a Kenmore refrigerator is clogged, flush the line to clean it. To flush the line, disconnect the refrigerator from electric power and turn the water supply off at its primary source. Remove the ice maker but leave the line to the dispenser connected.

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Next, mix vinegar in water and flush the water line several times to remove any debris clogging it. The solution also works to remove ice fragments that may have gotten stuck in the line. Flushing the line means flushing the water dispenser reservoir. Run the vinegar through the reservoir a few times to eliminate any bacterial growth.

Afterward, rinse the line and dispenser reservoir with clean water a few times. Dispense the water normally before replacing the ice maker. Reconnect the refrigerator to electric power and turn the water supply on.

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Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Water Line Leaking – Solved

If you find that the water line in your Kenmore refrigerator is leaking, replace it. You cannot repair the line and patching it will only cause it to spring more leaks.

It is essential to find out why the line sprung a leak. Twists and kinks, which happen often due to the positioning of refrigerators, tend to cause this problem.

Therefore, when you replace the waterline, ensure it is straight and the refrigerator is not too close to the wall. Doing this creates space for the line to rest. Additionally, ensure nothing rests on the waterline.

Kenmore Refrigerator Water Line Frozen – Quick Fix

Channel the heat of a dryer or steamer on the water line to thaw it if you find that it is frozen. While doing this, move the dryer or steamer up and down the length of the line so the heat does not damage the plastic material. And use a medium heat setting.

Another option is to use a warm cloth on the line. Rub the cloth on the line until the ice melts. While this method is time-consuming, it is safer for the waterline.

To prevent a future occurrence, avoid setting the freezer temperature too low. If the compartment is too cold, you will find the water line freezing all the time.

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Water Line Hookup – Quick Guide

To hook up the water line to your Kenmore Elite refrigerator, do the following:

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Step 1

Make sure the water pressure is sufficient. Ideally, the pressure should be up to 40psi if the refrigerator has a water filter. Dispense water into a cup and check how long the cup takes to fill. If the time is longer than 10 seconds, you know the pressure is insufficient. Therefore, increase it.

Step 2

If the pressure is high, you can turn a faucet on to reduce it. You can also turn off the water supply from the primary source. Then, disconnect the refrigerator from electric power.

Step 3

Pick a spot where you will install the water valve on the pipe for cold water. The spot should be easy to reach so you can quickly see when it begins to leak. When you choose a pot, drill a hole about a quarter-inch in size and fix the valve to it with a pipe clamp. Make the clamp tight; the washer should swell before you stop tightening it.

Step 4

Take the water copper tubing and set it between the refrigerator and the pipe. Don’t scrimp on the length of the tubing; have enough to be able to move the unit after you install it.

Connect the copper tube to the saddle valve you installed using a ferrule and compression nut. Insert the tube fully and tighten the nut.

Step 5

Turn the water on and allow it to flush the copper tube until the water is clear. Then, turn the valve off and take off the cap on the refrigerator water valve. Take the other ferrule and compression nut, and connect them to the other tube’s end. Push the tube in deeply and tighten the nut securely.

Step 6

Double-check the connections before moving the refrigerator back into position. The line should not be pressed against the wall or refrigerator. Now, run water through the line to check for leaks.


It is important to fix any issues with a Kenmore refrigerator water line. Otherwise, there will be a leakage and a mess in your home. But this guide is a quick way to fix the issue easily and permanently.

If you find the repair difficult, however, contact Kenmore for assistance. You can also contact us using the chatbox to your right. We will connect you to one of our technicians for immediate assistance.

Remember to disconnect the refrigerator from electric power or trip the circuit breaker if you are going to be working with wires and other refrigerator parts. It is the first step to preventing accidental electrocution.

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