How to Replace a Frigidaire Ice Maker [Quick Guide]

If you are looking for a guide on how to replace a Frigidaire ice maker, this article discusses the process in quick and simple steps.

How to Remove a Frigidaire Ice Maker

Here is a detailed guide on how to remove a Frigidaire ice maker:

Step One

Unplug the appliance or switch off the circuit breaker to avoid the risk of electrocution.

Step Two

Shut off the water supply to the ice maker. The water supply valve is usually behind the appliance. You may have to move the unit far off the wall to do this. Otherwise, trace the ice maker water line until you locate the valve. Then, shut it off.

Additionally, remove the water line from the valve and secure it with tape.

Step Three

Empty the unit, and turn off the ice maker. Raise the wire arm or turn the flip switch OFF, whichever applies to your appliance.

Also, ensure to remove any shelving that may obstruct your dismantling of the ice maker.

Step Four

Take out the ice bin to gain access to the ice maker assembly.

Step Five

Use a quarter-inch nut driver to loosen the nuts securing the brackets of the ice maker to the wall of the appliance. Depending on the model of your refrigerator, the ice maker is mounted on the rear wall or the sidewall.

Note that you are not supposed to completely remove the nuts securing the brackets to the wall of the refrigerator.

Step Six

Carefully raise and lift the ice maker off the nuts.

Step Seven

Reach to the back of the ice maker to disengage the wiring connectors. Press the clips on the sides of the wiring connector to disconnect them.

Afterward, remove the ice maker from the appliance. Then, secure the wire connector to the rear of the unit using duct tape. However, this will apply if you do not plan to replace the ice maker immediately.

Note: For some models, there are no screws securing the ice maker to the appliance. And in this case, you just have to snap the ice maker off its retaining tabs.

How to Replace a Frigidaire Ice Maker

If you are looking to replace your Frigidaire ice maker, we guess that you already have the part. Now, follow the steps below to install it:

Step One

Disconnect your appliance from the power source and turn off the water supply valve behind the refrigerator.

Step Two

Remove the food and shelves inside the unit to avoid obstructions.

Step Three

Shut off the ice maker using its power switch or the shut-off arm. If you are using the shut-off arm, raise it to the off position.

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Step Four

Take out the ice bin to access the ice maker.

Step Five

Loosen, but not remove, the screws holding the brackets of the ice maker to the wall of the appliance. Then, lift the ice maker off the nuts.

Step Six

Disconnect the wiring harness connecting the ice maker to the appliance and remove the ice maker.

Step Seven

Take the new ice maker and reconnect the wire connectors. Next, hang the ice maker back to its mounting screws. Ensure the water fill tube aligns to the fill cup at the back of the ice maker. Also, ensure to level the new ice maker to avoid leaks.

Afterward, tighten the mounting screws of the ice maker, and return the ice bin, shelves, and food to their place. Then, connect the appliance back to the power source and turn on the water supply valve.

Bear in mind that the new ice maker will be warm at first. It will take a little while to cool down and start making ice.

If you would rather use a visual guide to replace your Frigidaire ice maker, see the video below…

How to Remove Drain Plug from Frigidaire Ice Maker – Quick Guide

Here is a quick guide to removing the drain plug from a Frigidaire ice maker:

Unplug the ice maker, and pull it out from the counter to access the underneath of the unit. Reach for the white plug there. You do not have to unscrew it. Pinch and pull it out.

After draining the ice maker, push the drain plug back into its hole.

But for a visual guide, see the video below…

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How to Turn Off Ice Maker on Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator

Use either of the methods below to shut off your ice maker on the Frigidaire gallery refrigerator:

1. Use Flip Switch

On the front left-hand side of the ice maker, you will see a flip switch. Flip the switch to its off position. The ice maker will shut off.

On the switch, you will see the I/O. While the off position is the O sign, the on position is the I sign.

If your appliance does not have the flip the switch, check for the shut-off arm.

2. Use Shut-Off Arm

Raise the shut-off arm to turn off the ice maker.

The shut-off arm is the metal bar attached to the ice maker’s side. You can also call it the wire feeler arm or the fill bar.

However, if you can locate neither the flip switch nor the shut-off arm, check your user manual. Your refrigerator model may be one of those that will have you push some buttons in a particular order to shut the ice maker on/off.

3. Use Touchpad

To turn your ice maker off using the touchpad, check your user manual. You will find the particular buttons you need to press and in what order you will do so.

Note that the buttons and the sequence differ according to the model. So, if your manual is not handy, check the manufacturer’s website for more details.

How to Remove Frigidaire Ice Maker Fill Tube – Quick Guide

Follow the guide below to remove the fill tube on your Frigidaire ice maker:

  1. Unplug the appliance from the power outlet and move it farther away from the wall.
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2. Now, turn off the water supply valve to reduce the risk of water spillage.

3. Next, check the upper right corner of the appliance., You find the fill tube water line. Remove any tape attaching it to the appliance and turn the fill tube counterclockwise to uninstall it.

4. With your hand, unthread the plastic nut holding the fill tube and the waterline. That will disengage the two parts.

5. Then, transfer the insulator on the old tube to the new one. Insert the water supply line into the new fill tube and thread the nut to secure it.

6. Proceed to insert the fill tube into its housing and keep rotating until it fully sets. Finally, secure the waterline with tape.

Also, ensure the fill tube aligns well with the fill cup inside the unit. Otherwise, make the necessary adjustments.

7. Return the appliance to its position, and reconnect it back to the power source.

If you prefer to watch a video lesson, here is a short one…

How to Remove Frigidaire Ice and Water Dispenser

If you need to dismantle your Frigidaire ice and water dispenser, here is what you need to do:

The first steps are to remove the water dispenser drip tray and unthread the dispenser cover screws. Then, lift the dispenser cover off the appliance.

Next, disconnect the wire connector by pressing on its locking tabs. Now, uninstall the dispenser control module by unscrewing the screws holding them in place.

Reach to the back of the module and disconnect the waterline. Then, move the module away from the door.

To reinstall the dispenser, reposition the control module and fit the water supply line to its position. Fasten the screws and reconnect the wire connector.

Then, slide the dispenser cover back to position, fasten its screws to secure it, and return the drip tray.

Finally, plug the appliance back into power.

You can also follow the steps in the video below if you are more of a visual learner…

How to Remove Frigidaire Ice and Water Filter – Quick Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to remove a Frigidaire ice and water filter:

Step One: Turn Off the Ice Maker

As it applies, use the flip switch, feeler arm, or touchpad to turn off the ice maker.

Step Two: Locate Water Filter

The water filter is usually on the top right corner inside the appliance. Its housing is a cylindrical plastic tube.

Step Three: Remove Old Water Filter

Push the water filter in and it should pop off. You will hear a click when the water filter pops off. Then, remove the water filter from its housing.

However, for some types of Frigidaire ice and water filter, you will have to twist them counterclockwise to release them.

But if pushing the water filter to pop off does not work, try twisting it counterclockwise. That should release the water filter from its housing.

If you wish to reinstall a new water filter, move on to the next step.

Step Four: Insert New Water Filter

Remove the securing caps from the new filter and align the filter to the water filter housing. Ensure the ridge at the back of the filter fits into the ridge hole on the housing.

Then, push the water filter back in until it snaps.

If you turn the water filter counterclockwise to release it, turn the new one clockwise to lock it in.

After fitting the new water filter, try pulling it out of its housing. If you are unable to pull it out, it means you fitted the water filter perfectly. If not, make adjustments where necessary.

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Step Five: Flush System

Let the dispenser tap run for approximately three minutes to flush the system.

It is pertinent to note that the manufacturer recommends changing the water filter at least every six months. Additionally, reset the water filter light each time you change it since the light does not change automatically.

How to Clean Frigidaire Ice Dispenser

Here are steps to clean your Frigidaire ice dispenser:

Gather Work Tools

Get a soft cloth, lemon juice/vinegar, detergent, and warm water. These are the tools you need.

Descale Ice Dispenser Interior

Dilute your cleaning solution (lemon juice/white vinegar) with warm water. Then, shut off the ice dispenser water line and pour the diluted cleaning solution into the dispenser. Ensure the water does not exceed the water level mark on the ice dispenser.

Allow the ice maker to run its cycle and dispose of the ice that forms during this cycle.

Drain the solution and turn on the water supply valve to supply fresh water to the unit. Run a few more cycles to get rid of the vinegar taste.

Alternatively, use a damp cloth and warm water to wash the ice bin and interior walls of the ice dispenser. Then, drain the water from the drain plug beneath the unit.

Afterward, use the washcloth to dry the inside of the ice dispenser.

Clean Ice Dispenser Exterior Wall

Add a little dish soap to the warm water. Then, get the soft cloth damp with the warm soapy water. Use the washcloth to clean the body of the ice dispenser.

The above method applies to Frigidaire portable ice makers.

If your ice maker is the freezer or built-in type, here is how to clean it:

  1. Shut off your ice maker, and remove its ice bucket. Next, empty the bucket, and use mild detergent and warm water to wash it.

2. Afterward, rinse the ice bucket off with clean warm water. Allow the ice bucket to dry completely before replacing it.

3. With warm water and a soft cloth, clean the ice maker’s body. Ensure it dries completely before reassembling it.

4. Then, turn the ice maker back on. Run two or three cycles and dispose of the cubes that form.

Your ice maker is all clean now.

Note: If you are cleaning the machine to store it, you need to let the interior dry before storage.

Cost to Replace Frigidaire Ice Maker – Answered

The cost of replacing a Frigidaire ice maker depends on whether or not you will do the job yourself. Replacing the ice maker yourself may be less expensive than when you employ a repair technician for it.

Here is a breakdown if you want to get a repair technician:

Diagnostic Fee

The diagnostic fee is between $50 to $100. But the repairman may waive this if you use him for the repair.

Service Charges

Hourly rates cost between $75 to $125 for most independent repair technicians. However, appliance repair companies charge a flat-rate fee of $150.

Bear in mind that you are likely to pay more for service charges if you live in an isolated neighborhood. That is because the repair technician will drive far to get to you.

Cost of Ice Maker

The price for a new ice maker depends on the type of ice maker. See the cost breakdown below for the different ice makers.

A portable ice maker costs between $100 to $750.

A freezer ice maker costs between $350 to $500

A freestanding ice maker costs between $400 to $1500.

Built-in ice makers cost between $500 to $2,500.

Then, you most likely will pay an additional $100 to $250 if the appliance is energy-efficient. While this may seem off the roof price, it will save you cost in the long run. That is because they use less energy.

Important Notes…

This guide on how to replace a Frigidaire ice maker is quite easy to follow. But do not attempt to repair your ice maker if you do not trust your DIY skills. It can cause irreparable damage to your appliance and increase the cost of hiring a service technician.

Furthermore, check to know if your appliance still has an active warranty. You may get a free repair or replacement if it does.

Then, when in doubt, consult your user manual or contact the Frigidaire service center.

Alternatively, chat with any of our service technicians for assistance.

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