Frigidaire Ice Maker Auger [Issues & Solutions]

Issues with a Frigidaire ice maker auger constricts the smooth functioning of the ice maker. If you have auger issues, this article helps you deal with them.

Frigidaire Ice Maker Auger Frozen – Quick Fix

Depress the lever of the ice dispenser and keep it depressed. When the motor stirs, it begins to grow warm. The heat it generates thaws it out from the ice over it. And as it keeps turning, all the ice melts.

While the fix is quick, the auger motor may be the worse for wear due to the effort it puts into thawing itself. Plus, moisture may cause damages to the motor over time.

To prevent this in the future, use the ice maker more and keep the freezer temperature at the recommended point. Low temperature affects how the ice maker and auger motor work.

In addition, check for cracks in the ice maker compartment. Humid air could be getting in through cracks and forming condensation which freezes over the auger in the back. You will know this for sure if the ice maker also freezes from time to time.

Seal the compartment from the left side to the back using a sealant. Allow it to dry completely before replacing the auger and ice maker.

When the Ice Bucket Auger Freezes…

Empty the ice bucket of any ice in it. If there are chunks of ice, allow the bucket to sit so the ice melts, or try breaking the chunks into smaller bits.

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When the bucket is empty, check for pieces of ice that may be stuck to the auger in it. Run warm water over the auger so the ice melts completely.

Next, inspect the ice discharge area under the ice bucket. Make sure there is no obstruction and that it opens and closes well.

Now, turn the auger inside the bucket clockwise with your hand. Doing this will let you know whether or not the auger turns well. Otherwise, you may have to replace it.

To prevent freezing in the future, use the ice deposited into the ice bucket often. Infrequent use of the ice maker causes dumped ice to melt from the heat under the ice maker and freeze again. And when it is refreezing, some of it fuses over the auger.

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Frigidaire Refrigerator Ice Maker Auger Not Working – How to Fix

If the auger of the ice maker is not working or turning, listen to the sound of the auger motor in the freezer section to be sure it is working. Typically, the motor generates noise loud enough for you to hear, even if the door of the freezer is closed.

If you cannot hear the motor, unplug the refrigerator from electric power and test the motor for continuity using a multimeter. If you don’t find continuity, replace the auger motor.

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But if there is continuity, see if the motor receives enough power when you select ice to dispense. Sufficient power means the motor is probably frozen and needs to be thawed. Perform a manual defrost on the freezer or press the dispenser lever so that the motor can thaw itself.

However, if there is not enough power in the terminals of the motor, the ice dispenser actuator or microswitch may be faulty. Hire a qualified technician to inspect these parts and replace the defective ones.

Quick Note

Buy replacement parts using the model number of your Frigidaire refrigerator. And if the repair is difficult, do not hesitate to contact Frigidaire or an appliance technician for assistance.

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