Frigidaire Ice Maker Stuck [How to Fix]

Is your Frigidaire ice maker stuck? A few problems lead to this problem and in this article, we are going to discuss what they are and how to fix them.

Frigidaire Ice Maker Arm Stuck – Solved

The following are different troubleshooting steps to determine why the arm of your Frigidaire ice maker is stuck:

1. Check for Ice Pieces

It is possible there are pieces of ice or even debris keeping the arm stuck. This may happen if you don’t use the ice in the bucket often or water splashes around the ice maker.

Therefore, check around the arm to see if there is anything keeping it stuck in one position. Turn off the ice maker and allow about an hour to pass. This is enough time for any ice around the machine to melt. You can also use a blow dryer around the arm, being careful not to run it too hot so it does not damage the ice maker.

Then, try moving the arm. If it moves, you know pieces of ice were the problem. Otherwise, see if there is any external object obstructing the movement. You need to take the ice bucket out to be able to do this.

2. Clear Ice Bucket

Leaving ice in the ice bucket for prolonged periods causes it to melt and freeze again. This process may cause some of the ice to spill and freeze around some parts of the ice maker such as the arm.

Turn off the ice maker and remove the ice bucket to check its content. Pour it out and run hot water into it to melt any frozen ice chunk.

Next, clean the bucket with warm water and soap. Then, dry it completely. Also, dry the ice maker thoroughly to remove ice pieces before you replace the ice bucket. Make sure there is no leftover moisture so it does not freeze around the machine.

You may take this time to move the arm to check it. This way, you will know if there is more to the problem. Afterward, turn on the ice maker.

3. Rearrange Items

Putting too many things in the freezer and close to the ice maker can jam the arm so it cannot move. Try to rearrange the items in the freezer, moving them so that they don’t lie so close to the ice maker.

Be sure to turn off the ice maker before rearranging. And if moving the items does not fix the arm, pour some warm water over it to see if it loosens ice pieces around it.

4. Check the Power Switch

You may accidentally turn off the switch that powers the ice maker. And if this is the case, the ice maker arm would stick in one position.

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Take a look at the back or side of the ice maker to find the switch, depending on the refrigerator model. Then, check to see whether or not the switch is off or on. Turn it on if it is off and observe the arm. However, if it is already on, the arm needs to be fixed.

If none of these works, you may want to check the gear mechanism if you are handy with appliances. Otherwise, contact Frigidaire to request service or find an independent technician for the job.

Note: The same rule applies if you are dealing with a stuck ice maker plastic arm.

Frigidaire Ice Maker Bin Stuck – Quick Fix

If the ice bin of your ice maker is stuck, the gasket around the door might be broken. If it is, it would let in humid air that forms condensation. The moisture freezes around the bucket and causes it to stick.

Try turning off the refrigerator and allowing it to sit with the door open for a few hours. That should thaw the bucket.

Inserting the bucket wrongly may also cause it to get stuck. If you cannot remove it and you are sure it is not frozen in place, contact Frigidaire to report the issue and request service.

Frigidaire Ice Maker Stuck in Crush Mode – Solution

The ice discharge area of the ice bucket may not be opening and closing as it should. The actuator rod may also be broken.

In addition, the solenoid that controls ice dispensing in the freezer may no longer work.

Steps to troubleshoot and fix the problem are detailed in this article on an ice maker stuck in crushed ice mode.

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Frigidaire Ice Maker Stuck – What to Do

If you find that your Frigidaire ice maker is stuck or keeps getting stuck, do the following:

1. Check the Ice Bucket

There may be too much ice in the bucket, especially if you don’t use the ice often. When the ice melts and freezes again, it causes the bucket to stick. The constant melting and refreezing stumps the ice maker and reduces its functionality.

To fix this, try pulling out the bucket. If you cannot, defrost the freezer by unplugging it and leaving it for a few hours. Then, slide the bucket out, empty it, and wash it with warm water. Make sure to clean every piece of ice caked to the sides.

Clean the bucket thoroughly to remove moisture. Leave it out to air-dry. Next, clean the sides of the ice maker to ensure no piece of ice is sticking to it.

Give both the bucket and ice maker some time to dry before replacing the bucket.

Tip: If you make ice, use it once it dumps into the ice bucket. However, if you are not sure about using ice often, turn off the ice maker until you need to use it.

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2. Check the Raker

Ice may have jammed in the raker inside the ice maker. If this is the case, the raker won’t be able to disperse ice properly and the ice in the machine may not dump into the ice bucket.

Check the raker for ice jams and free any piece of ice that may be stuck in it. Empty the ice bucket if it is almost full and try the ice maker again. You create space for more ice by doing this so the ice maker does not get stuck again.

3. Check the Ice Maker Compartment

This step is for when the ice maker does not budge if you try to move it. Cracks inside the ice maker compartment let warm air into it. The moisture in the air condenses and freezes around the ice maker. If this trend continues, the ice maker will stick due to the ice.

To fix this, remove the ice bucket and the ice maker. Remove the auger motor assembly, too. Inspect the ice compartment for cracks around the sides and bottom. Use a flashlight under it to determine this.

If light shines into the compartment, get a good sealant and run it along the sides and back of the compartment in an L-shape. Allow it to dry before replacing the motor, ice maker, and ice bucket.

It also helps to check the ice bucket for cracks. Any crack in the bucket increases the chances of the ice maker freezing and getting stuck, much like the ice compartment. While you are at it, check the gasket on the ice door for looseness or weakness.

4. Check the Ice Chute and Flap

Debris or ice can keep the flap over the ice chute from resting fully against the housing of the flap. And when this happens, air enters and causes condensation which freezes around the ice maker. This is much like leaving the door of a refrigerator open.

Check the flap over the dispenser ice chute. Clear debris and ice if there is any. Then, pour warm water into the chute so that any leftover ice can melt. Afterward, make sure the flap rests flush against the housing.

If there is no piece of ice or debris and you have flushed the chute, you may need to service the refrigerator and ice maker.

Frigidaire Ice Maker Gear Stuck – Quick Fix

If the gear on your Frigidaire ice maker is stuck, it means it is stripped or worn out. It cannot be fixed. The only solution here is to replace the ice maker.

Frigidaire Ice Stuck in Ice Maker – Solved

There are a number of reasons why ice is stuck in your Frigidaire ice maker and you cannot dispense it:

1. Clogged Ice Dispenser

Look into the dispenser to check for ice jams in it. If you find any, try to break it free with a wooden or plastic spatula. Do not use ice picks or any other sharp object.

If you cannot get the ice loose, give it some time to melt on its own. This may take some hours, depending on the size of ice in the dispenser. However, this method is safer and more reliable.

If you press the dispenser lever and there is no ice, you may assume that something is wrong with the ice maker. But more times than not, the dispenser has ice clogging it. Ice may even have gone wrongly into it.

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2. Clumped Ice

If it seems ice is stuck in the ice maker, check the ice bucket first. There may be ice in it, clumped together, and preventing the ice in the ice maker from dumping.

Pull the bucket out and inspect the ice in it. If it is clumped, try breaking it into tinier and useable pieces. If you cannot do this, dump the clumps into the sink. Clean out pieces of ice from the bucket and replace the bucket under the ice maker. Then, run another ice production cycle.

Use the ice in the bucket more often. Infrequent usage of ice causes clumping in the ice bucket. The ice melts over a period of time if you don’t use it and freezes again. So even if the ice maker makes more ice, it cannot dump it because the bucket is full.

You may hear the auger trying to break the ice up. Sometimes, it works but if the ice has formed big chunks, the auger may find it difficult to break them.

3. Frozen Auger Motor

Depress the ice maker lever to get the motor turning. As it turns, it gets warm and begins to thaw itself from the ice on it.

This is quite an easy and fast fix but it may take its toll on the auger motor. The work it has to do to thaw out may be too much and wear it out.

Therefore, find out why it froze in the first place so the auger does not have to keep thawing itself. Usually, not using the ice maker for prolonged periods can cause the auger to freeze. If it does not move, it cannot generate the warmth it needs to keep from freezing. This is especially true if the freezer temperature is low.

Additionally, moisture can cause freezing. If there is a crack through which humid air enters the ice maker compartment, then the moisture in the air will freeze around the ice maker and auger motor assembly over time.

Check for cracks and openings in the ice door seal or ice chute flap. These are the likeliest routes through which moisture-laden air enters.

4. Jammed Raker

If there is a raker inside your ice maker, check to see if ice pieces are stuck in it. That would explain why it is jammed and unable to distribute ice evenly for dispensing.

Turn off the ice maker and remove ice from the raker with your hands, being careful not to hurt yourself. But if you notice there are too many ice cubes, reduce them to give the raker a chance to work.

5. No Ice

The ice maker may be unable to produce ice. And while you think there is ice in it, only stuck, there is none.

No supply of water or a frozen fill tube are some of the possible causes of this problem. Check the saddle valve and the water inlet valve. Then, melt the ice in the fill tube if it applies.

Another one is a faulty ice maker. Replacing the entire assembly is the only fix here.

We know you are looking for an easy fix to this problem so here is a video showing how to get the job done…


Follow the steps and guides in this article to fix a Frigidaire ice maker stuck on the wrong mode or with any part stuck.

However, if you are having a hard time fixing the problem, contact Frigidaire to report the issue and request service.

You can opt to use any of our technicians. Chat with them for quick assistance.

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