Frigidaire Refrigerator Is Loud [How to Fix]

A Frigidaire refrigerator that is loud is an indication that one or more components are loose or faulty. Fortunately, this article shows you how to fix the problem.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Is Loud – Solutions

The following are possible causes of loud noises from a Frigidaire refrigerator and solutions to them:

Fan Blades

Go to the freezer section, remove the inside back wall, take a look at the evaporator fan. If there is ice close to the blades, defrost the freezer by unplugging the unit from electric power. And if there is any debris caught in the blades, clean them.

Next, turn them to see how well they turn. If they don’t turn well, the problem may be with the motor. A faulty motor can also cause the blades to run noisily. Therefore, consider replacing the motor.

However, if the evaporator fan checks out, go to the condenser fan. You will find it beside the compressor, at the lower back part of the refrigerator.

Clean the blades if there is any obstruction. The obstruction may be causing the noise. When the blades are thoroughly clean, spin them to ensure they move freely. Otherwise, consider testing the motor with a multimeter and replacing it if it is defective.

There are two fans that help the smooth running of a refrigerator: a condenser fan and an evaporator fan. The former cools the compressor and condenser coils while the latter circulates cold air in the refrigerator.

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If something gets stuck in the blades of either fan or they rub against an object, you would hear a loud noise. This is one of the commonest causes of a loud refrigerator.

Fan Motors

Check the motors of the evaporator fan and condenser fan. When they become defective or faulty, they tend to make a loud noise.

For the evaporator fan, opening the door of the freezer will let you know whether or not it is faulty. The noise will get louder with the door open. Check the motor for continuity and replace it if it has none.

And for the condenser fan, check the bottom back of the unit. If the noise is loudest there and the compressor is working fine, run a continuity test on the bearings of the motor. If you find none, replace the motor.

Water Inlet Valve

If the loud noise is coming from the back of the refrigerator and is particularly loud when water is filling the ice maker, check the inlet valve.

The solenoid may be faulty or there may be deposits of debris around the mouth, causing the noise. Try cleaning it and if the noise reduces afterward, you save yourself some repair bills.

Otherwise, consider having an appliance technician look at it or replacing it since it cannot be repaired.

The valve opens and closes to allow water into the ice maker. It controls the amount of water the ice maker receives. Since it is controlled electrically, it is subject to failure or malfunction.

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Moreover, with constant use, deposits from the water accumulate in it and reduce its effectiveness.


A failing compressor can make a loud noise. But before concluding that it is failing, check the springs it rests on. Loose springs make a lot of noise as they make the compressor vibrate noisily whenever the refrigerator shuts off.

Tighten or replace the springs if necessary. However, if they are in good condition, test the compressor. A licensed technician is in the best position to do this job.

Note: These steps also apply to loud Frigidaire freezers.

This video shows how to test the compressor in your refrigerator in easy steps…

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Frigidaire Refrigerator Is Making a Loud Humming Noise – Quick Fix

A loud humming noise from your Frigidaire refrigerator indicates a problem with the compressor. Usually, the compressor hums quietly as the refrigerator runs normally and smoothly.

But if the sound increases, hire a licensed appliance technician to check the compressor and other components of the refrigerator.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Making a Loud Buzz – Solved

Clean the condenser coils so they can efficiently dissipate the refrigerant heat. Once the heat increases, the internal temperature of the refrigerator starts to rise. And the compressor works harder to lower the temperature.

Over time, you may begin to hear a loud buzz or hum coming from the overworked compressor. If the trend continues, the compress would fail.

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You can also check the ice maker. There may be loose connections or completely disconnected wires. These are likely to cause the ice maker to make a loud buzz.

However, if you cannot find the origin of the noise, contact Frigidaire and request assistance.

Important Note

Unplug the refrigerator from the wall outlet before checking or fixing any part of it. If you have trouble doing the job yourself, get assistance from our appliance technicians.

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