How to Set Up a Kenmore Refrigerator [Quick Guide]

If you are wondering how to set up a Kenmore refrigerator, you have come to the right place. This article is a guide on how to set up the unit properly.

How to Set Up a Kenmore Refrigerator

How to Set Up a Kenmore Refrigerator

To set up a Kenmore refrigerator, do the following:

Step 1

Measure the refrigerator to find a space in your home big enough to accommodate it and that has a dedicated wall outlet for it. Ensure the measurement leaves extra space by the sides, top, and back of the unit for good airflow.

Using a dolly, move the unit to the reserved space. You may need the help of someone, especially if you have to take it up a flight of stairs or if the unit is particularly large.

Step 2

Move the refrigerator around the space until it sits properly and the power cord is free. Remember to leave some space behind it, by the sides, and on top. Open the doors of the unit to check whether or not anything object is in the way so you can further adjust it. Now, plug it into the wall outlet but don’t turn it on just yet.

Step 3

Fix the shelves, racks, bins, and drawers into the compartments of the refrigerator. When everything is set, close the doors and allow the unit to sit for an hour or more, depending on how you transported it.

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If it was upright, you don’t need more than an hour for the refrigerant to settle. But if the refrigerator lay on its side, you may need to wait about four hours for the gas to settle before you can turn it on.

And when you turn it on, set the temperature to the recommended points and give it about 24 hours to cool properly. Your user manual directs you on how to set the temperature.

How to Hook Up a Kenmore Refrigerator Ice Maker

The following are steps to follow to hook up a Kenmore refrigerator ice maker:

Step 1

Turn off the water supply to the refrigerator. You will find the valve behind the unit or under the kitchen sink. In some homes, the valve is in the basement of the house. Afterward, disconnect the refrigerator from electric power.

Step 2

Open the door of the freezer and move food items around; remove some if you have to so you can reach the ice maker cover plate. Remove the cover by inserting a screwdriver into the provided notch on the cover’s bottom.

Step 3

Some ice makers have a plug attached to the end of the wire harness of the ice maker. So, find the socket on the rear wall inside the freezer and fix the plug into it. Once done, fix the harness right into the provided space around the socket.

Step 4

You will find notches on the wall of the freezer where the ice maker tabs go. Sit the ice maker properly and move it downwards so it fits in place. Secure the machine to the freezer wall using the two screws that came with it. Rotate the water tube until it aligns and fits into the fill cup for the ice maker.

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Step 5

Get an adhesive tape and wrap it around the threads of the nozzle at the back of the unit. Make sure the tape goes into the threads on every side.

Next, push the coupler on the water line’s end over the nozzle and twist it clockwise until you cannot turn it anymore with your hand. Take a pair of pliers and twist it a bit to secure it tightly.

Step 6

Turn on the water supply to the refrigerator and check for leaks. If it is necessary, make the coupler tighter with the pair of pliers.

Afterward, reconnect the refrigerator to electric power; make sure your hands are dry before touching the plug. Turn on the ice maker, store any food you took out back into the freezer, and wait for the machine to produce ice.

How to Hook Up Water to Kenmore Refrigerator

To hook up water to a Kenmore refrigerator, you have to fix the water supply line from the main source to the refrigerator. Then, fix the water line from the inlet valve to the refrigerator.

For the water supply tubing, it is a bit complex for DIY but if you have the skills, this article guides you on installing the tubing yourself.

The plastic water line from the water inlet valve to the interior of the refrigerator is a lot simpler to fix, as this article explains.

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What Is Kenmore Connect Refrigerator?

A Kenmore Connect is digital technology that allows customer care representatives to provide you with real-time help for your refrigerator issues. However, Kenmore Connect does not appear to work for refrigerators at this moment. Only dryers and washers have this technology.

Important Note

If you need more information on Kenmore Connect, contact Kenmore Customer Service to make inquiries.

Unplug the refrigerator before fixing any part of it to prevent accidental electrocution.

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