Kenmore Refrigerator Keeps Defrosting [How to Fix]

If a Kenmore refrigerator keeps defrosting, it is crucial to find a lasting solution. Fortunately, there is usually an easy solution, which we will discuss in this article.

Kenmore Refrigerator Keeps Defrosting
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Kenmore Refrigerator Keeps Defrosting – Quick Fix

Check the following if your Kenmore refrigerator keeps defrosting:

1. Defrost Timer

You may find the defrost timer inside the refrigerator’s temperature control housing, behind the grille under the door, or near the compressor. The location depends on the model of refrigerator you own. The user manual will help you locate it quickly.

When you find it, rotate the timer clockwise using a flat-head screwdriver. The compressor should turn off so the defrost heater can turn on for the brief defrost cycle. Then, wait for the hissing noise from behind the rear panel inside the freezer. That tells you the heater is working, and water is dropping on it. It also lets you know the component is working, as well as the thermostat.

But if the compressor does not turn off and you don’t hear the tell-tale hissing noise, disconnect the refrigerator from power. Next, remove the two screws holding the defrost timer in place and take it down. Before removing the timer from the refrigerator, take photos of the wire connections or mark them. This way, you will know where each wire goes.

Then, take a multimeter and set its function to R X 1. Take one of the meter’s probes and place it on the defrost timer’s terminal marked 3. Place the second probe on the terminal marked 1 on the timer. Then, check the reading.

If the motor of the timer is in good working condition, you should see 0.000 or a low number. If the multimeter reads O.L, it means the timer is faulty and needs a replacement. But check the other two terminals on the defrost timer and turn the shaft as you check them.

As you turn the shaft 360 degrees, the reading on the meter should go from 0.000 to O.L and back to 0.000 if the contacts of the defrost heater open and close properly. But if the reading remains 0.000 or O.L as you turn the shaft, replace the defrost timer.

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The defrost timer has the job of controlling the defrost system. It acts as the brain, so if it becomes faulty, the defrost system will malfunction. The timer makes sure the thermostat closes its contacts and allows the heater to turn on. Therefore, if your Kenmore refrigerator keeps defrosting, the timer may be faulty.

Watch this video for steps to replace the defrost timer…

2. Defrost Thermostat

Pull the refrigerator out and away from the surface behind it and disconnect it from power. Next, find the thermostat. Your user manual should give you the location, but typically, you will find it behind the inside wall of the freezer compartment, under the roof plate of the freezer, or under the floor plate. More times than not, the thermostat cover stays in place with the help of clips or screws. If you find any, carefully remove them.

Disconnect the retainer clip on the thermostat and the wires connected to its terminals. Take a multimeter and set it to R X 1. Then, insert the red probe into the red-colored jack with VmA on it and the black probe into the black-colored jack with COM. Finally, set the probes to the thermostat’s terminals.

The multimeter should read 0.000 as long as the thermostat is closed, which should be when it is cold. It should read O.L when it is not cold. But make sure it opens at the right temperature, and to do this, put the thermostat in cold water and heat the water slowly. You will find the thermostat’s preset temperature written on it, so as you heat the water, it should open and read O.L.

However, if the component remains at 0.000 when you heat it or reads O.L when it is cold, it means the component is defective and should be replaced.

The contacts of the thermostat close to allow power to flow to the heater during the defrost cycle. If the thermostat remains closed, the heater may keep running and defrosting the refrigerator.

3. Defrost Heater

Find the defrost heater under the evaporator coils, behind the back wall inside the freezer compartment. It means removing the items in the freezer, including the ice maker, shelves, racks, bins, and the wall.

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Take a multimeter and set its function to R X 1. Place the probes on each terminal on the heater and check the reading. The continuity or resistance should be any number between 0 and infinity. If the meter reads infinity or 0, replace the heater because it is defective.

While the timer is the primary component that controls the system, followed by the thermostat, the heater may malfunction and keep heating the coils. As a result, the refrigerator won’t cool.

4. Door Seal

Check the door seal on both the refrigerator door and the freezer door. Make sure the seal is touching the refrigerator’s sides and is fully compressed. Open the doors of both compartments and examine the seals. If there is any wear and tear or damage, replace the seal.

If you are not sure of the condition of the seal just by looking at it, use the dollar trick. Close the door on a dollar bill of your choice and try to pull it out. If you can pull it out without opening the door, replace the deal.

Your Kenmore refrigerator will keep defrosting if the door seal is damaged. Cold air will easily escape and warm air will replace, making it difficult for the unit to cool.

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Kenmore Elite Freezer Keeps Defrosting – Solved

Here are some things to do if you find your Kenmore Elite freezer keeps defrosting:

Avoid opening the door or lid of the freezer too often

Frequent door opening allows the warm air around to enter the freezer and compromise the coolness. The freezer must have to adjust its temperature in order to maintain a cool one and in doing so, will defrost regularly. The same applies if you tend to hold the door of the freezer open for too long.

Do not set the thermostat too low; increase its setting

The freezer will sense the extremely low-temperature setting and the defrost system will try to work more than is needed in order to keep the functionality of the freezer optimal.

Examine the door seal to be sure it is working

Open the door or lid of the freezer and look at it for any sign of damage. If you notice any cracks, or if the seal does not hold a piece of paper when you close the door on it, replace it.

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Check the door hinges

Make sure they are tight and properly aligned. The bolts should be tight and if you recently had to remove the doors, this step is especially necessary. Loose hinges affect the seal and door adversely and could be the reason why the freezer keeps defrosting.

Keep from overstuffing the freezer

Air circulation drops if there are too many things in the freezer or they are poorly arranged. You will find the freezer not cooling and all the items thawing if there is poor air circulation.

Parts to Check

If all the above check out, then take a look at the following parts:

1. Hoses

There are hoses within the walls inside the freezer that could spring leaks. If this is the case, the freezer will keep losing cold air that should circulate within. As a result, it will not freeze but all the ice will melt.

2. Evaporator Fan

Make sure the fan is working and circulating cold air. Otherwise, the freezer will not cool, constantly presenting as if it keeps defrosting.

You can place your hand over the point through which cold air comes into the freezer. If you cannot feel the cold air, listen for the motor of the fan. And if it is not audible, run a continuity test on its windings. Replace the fan if the motor has no continuity.

3. Defrost Drain

The low freezer temperature can cause the defrost drain to freeze quickly and easily. Ensure the temperature setting is correct and inspect the drain regularly. A frozen drain is likely to damage the fan and the drain line, leading to more serious problems.

4. Thermostat

The temperature control thermostat may be faulty, leaving the refrigerator unable to tell whether or not it is cold. You may find the defrost cycle running even when the freezer does not need it. Therefore, test the thermostat and replace it if necessary.

Important Note

Disconnect the refrigerator from electric power if you find that your Kenmore refrigerator keeps defrosting and you want to troubleshoot some parts. It is important to follow this step to avoid accidental electrocution.

In the event of not finding the origin of the constant defrosting, contact Kenmore to report the issue and request service.

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