Kenmore Ice Maker Filter [Problems & Solutions]

A Kenmore refrigerator uses a water filter which helps the ice maker and dispenser function optimally. But if you discover a Kenmore ice maker filter is not working, it is crucial to replace it.

Kenmore Ice Maker Not Working After Filter Change – What to Do

The type of water filter you use will determine whether or not the ice maker will work. If the ice maker stops making ice after replacing the water filter, it is best to check the type.

Kenmore refrigerators use brand water filters, especially the high-end refrigerator models. So if you use a cheap alternative or a non-brand type, the ice maker and dispenser may not function properly.

But if you are using the right type and the ice maker is still not working, remove the filter and inspect the filter head. The nipple that fits into the housing may not be pushed out, so water is not flowing to the ice maker. If this is the case, you may have to replace the filter head.

Next, check for damage or gunk on the head of the filter. Even if it is new, come water filters may come with dirt or be damaged. If it is dirty, you can clean it carefully to get it working. But if there is any damage, the only fix is to replace the filter.

It may help if you soak the new filter in water for several minutes before installing it because some water filters have a hard time soaking before allowing water to flow. Soaking it may fix the problem if nothing else seems to be working.

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Additionally, examine the water filter housing. The ring that holds the filter to the housing may have moved out of position, thereby making it hard for the filter to function. It is possible to adjust the ring if it is out of position.

Whenever you replace the water filter, it is important to flush air out. However, if the above troubleshooting steps don’t fix the problem, dispense two or three gallons of water from the dispenser in order to flush the system. Doing this eliminates bubbles and pressure, which can cause leakages or stop the filter from working.

How to Change a Kenmore Ice Maker Filter – Quick Guide

To replace the water filter that serves the ice maker in a Kenmore refrigerator, take the following steps:

Step 1

Look to the left of the grille at the bottom of the refrigerator, and you will see a button close to the horizontally-fitted water filter. Press the button to pop the water filter out a little.

Step 2

Turn the water filter counterclockwise so you can remove it from the grille at the bottom of the unit. When you remove it, you will see a black cap fitted to the head of the filter. Unscrew the cap.

Step 3

Take the new water filter and remove the small red caps fitted to each end of it. Next, set the black cap on top of the filter and screw it into place. Then, insert it into its space at the bottom of the refrigerator. Just turn it clockwise, one-quarter of the way, and it will click and lock.

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Step 4

Flush the refrigerator; dispense a few glasses of water from the unit to eliminate any trapped air in the water lines and prevent leakage.

Ensure you change the water filter once every six months and more often if you live in an area with a lot of ongoing construction or that does not have quality drinking water.

Kenmore Elite Ice Maker Filter Location

The location of the Kenmore Elite ice maker water filter is at the bottom grille of the refrigerator. You will see a button for releasing the filter from the grille to the left of the filter.

What Filter Do I Need for Kenmore Refrigerator?

The filter you need for a Kenmore refrigerator depends on the type of refrigerator you own.

Bottom Freezer Model

If you own a bottom freezer Kenmore refrigerator with the filter located at the bottom grille and pushes to eject, use the EDR3RXD1 water filter from Whirlpool. If the filter is the twist to remove type, use a ClearChoice filter.

If the filter is located inside the refrigerator, at the top right corner, drops down, and twists to remove, then use a ClearChoice UKF8001 filter. For a short-collared twist to remove type, use EcoAqua Clean ‘n Clear filter.

For a filter that fits into the back of the refrigerator, use a ClearChoice Universal Inline water filter.

Top Freezer Model

Use EcoAqua Whirlpool 4396701 water filter for a bottom grille filter. For a model that holds the filter in the upper right corner of the refrigerator, the ClearChoice UKF8001 water filter works for a filter that drops down and twists to remove. EcoAqua Clean ‘n Clear filter works for a short-collared twist to remove the filter. And ClearChoice Whirlpool 8171413 works for a short-stemmed filter that twists to remove.

For a refrigerator model that takes the filter in the back, use ClearChoice Universal Inline filter replacement.

Side-by-Side Model

Use Whirlpool EDR3RXD1 for a filter that slides straight back. And if it has a large oval opening, use Whirlpool EDR2RXD1. But if it twists out and has a single connector, use ClearChoice Whirlpool 4396508.

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If the filter is the pull to remove type once you open the filter housing door, use Whirlpool EDR1RXD1. And if you have to push a button to eject it, use Whirlpool EDR3RXD1.

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Kenmore Ice Maker Filter Stuck – Solved

Turn the water supply off and try to pull the filter out. Water pressure may cause the filter to stick. So, after turning the water off, dispense some water before removing the filter.

If that does not work, wiggle the filter a little to loosen it in the event of deposits holding it in place. And if the filter is the type that pulls down and swings out, try extending the water filter head fully when removing the water filter.

Using the original or recommended type of water filter for your Kenmore refrigerator model eliminates this problem. Also, flushing the system after replacing the filter to remove trapped air from the water lines.

Will a Kenmore Ice Maker Work without Filter?

A Kenmore ice maker will work without a filter but will need a bypass plug. Check with Kenmore to determine whether or not your refrigerator comes with a bypass plug, and consult the user manual to find out how to use it.


A Kenmore ice maker filter can develop problems, but the problems are easy to fix more often than not. Replace the filter every six months if you don’t have a filtration system or the water in your area is not clean. However, the filter can last longer if the water from the primary source is clean.

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