Maytag Refrigerator Dispenser Problems [Solutions]

With this comprehensive article, the Maytag refrigerator dispenser problems you have been battling will be a thing of the past. Frigidaire FFHB2750TS 36 Inch French Door Refrigerator with 26.8 cu. ft. Total Capacity, in Stainless Steel

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Maytag Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working – What to Do

If your Maytag refrigerator is not working, troubleshoot the following components and fix the defective ones:

1. Water Tube

Your Maytag refrigerator water dispenser will stop working if the water supply tube is frozen. To know if the water tube is frozen, blow air through it, and if the air does not circulate, it means the tube is frozen. You need to melt the ice and ensure that your freezer temperature is kept at a range of 0 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. If the freezer temperature is set above or below this range, the freezer will become too cold or too warm.

2. Water Inlet Valve

The 20 psi valve pressure opens the water inlet valve so that water can flow into the dispenser. If the water inlet valve breaks or has a low-pressure level, the valve will remain closed, and so water will not get to the dispenser. To know if the water inlet valve is responsible for the dispenser problems, conduct a continuity test using a multimeter. You have to replace the water inlet valve if the multimeter reading indicates it lacks continuity.

3. Dispenser Switch

The dispenser switches allow the transmission of voltage to the dispenser. Your dispenser will stop working if one switch cuts or gets burnt. To know the working condition of your dispenser switches, carry out a continuity test. Replace the switches if the test result shows they do not have continuity.

4. Door Switch

Your water and ice dispenser are supposed to turn off once the refrigerator door is opened. The door switch facilitates this action. So, if the door switch is faulty, the dispenser will start malfunctioning. A continuity test will help you to determine whether you need to replace the door switch or not.

5. Water Filter

Another component of your Maytag refrigerator that may be responsible for its breakdown is the water filter. As you continue to use the water dispenser, the water filter will get clogged and stop water from flowing to the dispenser. For this reason, you are advised to change your refrigerator dispenser water filter two or three times a year. This will ensure that your water is always safe and the water flow rate is optimal.

6. Dispenser Control Board

This dispenser control board is the heart of the dispenser, and so most components of your refrigerator dispenser will fail if it fails. Conduct a continuity test to know the status of the control board and if it needs replacement.

Maytag Refrigerator Ice Dispenser Not Working – How to Fix

Once you realize that your Maytag refrigerator ice dispenser is no longer working, troubleshoot the following components and fix anyone found to be faulty:

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1. Dispenser Switch

The dispenser switches transfer voltage to the dispenser, and if any is faulty, the dispenser will stop functioning. Apart from physical inspection, you can also conduct a continuity test to know if the dispenser switches need replacement.

2. Auger Motor

As the auger motor rotates the auger blade, ice is pushed through the dispenser chute into your glass. There will be nothing to send the ice through the chute if the auger motor is defective.

You can know the state of the auger motor by pulling out the ice bucket and turning the bucket auger with your hands. If the auger rotates without any friction, test it for continuity. If the multimeter shows there is no continuity, get a new auger motor.

3. Dispenser Actuator

The dispenser actuator is another component that may be responsible for the ice dispenser not working. It works with the dispenser switches to provide power for the auger motor.

The dispenser switches will not be activated if the dispenser actuator is broken. Check if the dispenser actuator is broken and replace it if needed.

4. Dispenser Door Motor

The dispenser door motor triggers the ice dispenser door to open and close in such a way that cold air does not escape. The dispenser door will stay closed if the dispenser door motor breaks down.

To know if the dispenser door motor is working, check if it is receiving adequate power to function. If the door motor is getting sufficient power but refuses to run, get a new one. You can also conduct a continuity test to be doubly sure the door motor needs replacement.

5. Dispenser Solenoid

The door flap opens to release ice and closes immediately after the ice is released by the action of the dispenser solenoid. The ice dispenser door will remain shut if the dispenser solenoid is faulty. The best way to know if the dispenser solenoid is working is to conduct a continuity test.

The multimeter reading of the solenoid will inform your decision whether or not to buy a new dispenser solenoid. That said, you can rotate the actuator pin to know whether it is still functioning correctly. If the actuator pin rotates freely, do not worry about replacing it.

6. Dispenser Control Board

This dispenser control board rarely breaks down. But if it does, other components of the dispenser will be affected. Test the control board for continuity and replace it if the test reveals it does not have continuity.

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Maytag Refrigerator Water Dispenser Drip Tray Removal – Quick Method

If the drip tray of your Maytag refrigerator dispenser is broken, you may need to remove it and install a new one. To remove the water dispenser drip tray, slide your fingers under it and gently pull it out towards you.

You can then replace it with a new one by sliding it back in. Ensure the drip tray snaps into place, so it does not fall off later.

Maytag Refrigerator Water Dispenser Leaking – Solutions

Having a leaking refrigerator water dispenser can be frustrating and hazardous at the same time. Here are the components to troubleshoot if your Maytag refrigerator water dispenser starts leaking:

1. Water Filter

If the water filter housing and the water filter are not connected properly, water may start dripping from the filter. Connect both components properly if they are the cause of the leak.

That said, the water filter head may have cracks or a torn seal. Take your time to check the water filter head and replace it if you notice any cracks.

2. Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve will start leaking if there is a crack or the valve is not closed correctly. Ensure that you tighten the valve if the problem is loose-fitting. But then, if the leak is because of a crack, get a new valve.

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3. Water Tank Assembly

Another common cause of a refrigerator dispenser leak is a cracked water tank. The cracks on a water tank are usually small, so take your time in inspecting the tank. Once you notice any cracks, replace the water tank.

Maytag Refrigerator Water Dispenser Pressure Too High – How to Fix

While the usual complaint is about having a low dispenser pressure, the pressure can sometimes be too high. It will almost feel as though you are taking a shower instead of just filling up a glass with water.

The water pressure entering a home should be in the range of 30 and 120 psi, depending on the location. But then, if the pressure is above that range, you may need a water pressure regulator or a pressure relief valve. To know the water pressure level of your home, attach a water pressure gauge to the outside faucet closest to your water meter.

Maytag Refrigerator Ice Dispenser Won’t Stop – Fast Fix

If your ice dispenser keeps dispensing, even when you do not want it to, the problem is with the dispenser microswitch. The plunger of the dispenser switch is broken or stuck. You have to remove the old dispenser micro switch and install a new one.

To install a new micro switch, detach the drip tray and remove the cover of the dispenser using a flathead screwdriver. After that, you will have access to the dispenser switch. Pull out the damaged switch and install the new one.

Maytag Refrigerator Ice Dispenser Freezing Up – Solutions

Your Maytag refrigerator ice dispenser is freezing up for the following reasons:

1. Extremely High Freezer Temperature

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States, your freezer temperature is supposed to be 0 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius).

If your freezer temperature is below that, the freezer will get extremely cold. Once you notice that your ice dispenser is freezing up, check to see if the freezer temperature is at the recommended level. If it is not, set it correctly.

2. Clogged Water Filter

Another reason why your ice maker is freezing up is that the water filter is clogged with dirt. Once you notice that your water filter is clogged, change it.

3. High Water Pressure

Use a water pressure gauge to know the water pressure of your refrigerator. Your ice maker may start freezing up if the water pressure is above 120 psi. Ensure you regulate the high water pressure with a pressure relief valve to stop the freezing.

4. Water Line Positioned Incorrectly

The water line may have been pushed far back into the water inlet valve, causing a splashback effect, which leads to freezing. Although this rarely happens, it may be the cause of your ice dispenser freezing problems.

Ensure that you do not slide your refrigerator against the wall to prevent the water line from going further back into the valve. If the water line is already far back, reposition it.

5. Frozen Water Line

Apart from incorrect positioning, the water line, which sends water to the ice dispenser, can freeze up if the freezer temperature is too low. A preventive measure you can take is to add an insulating pipe to insulate the water line.

You can also increase the freezer temperature to prevent the water line from getting too cold. If the water line is frozen, defrost the refrigerator or use a hairdryer to defrost the water line.

6. Frozen Chute

The chute or ice fill tube is different from the water line and sends water to the ice dispenser. The ice fill tube is usually behind the ice maker for most models of Maytag refrigerators.

Check if the chute is frozen or not. Melt the ice if the chute is frozen with a bowl of hot water.

7. Defective Water Inlet Valve

Water goes into the ice dispenser from the water inlet valve. Having a faulty water inlet valve will overfill the ice cube area of the dispenser and cause it to freeze up. Replace the water inlet valve if a continuity test shows it is defective.

Maytag Refrigerator Water Dispenser is Slow – Fast Fix

If your Maytag refrigerator dispenser is dispensing water slowly, hold down the cradle for 2 to 3 minutes so that the water in the water tank will fill up.

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You should check the water filter if your dispenser is not as fast as it used to be. If the water filter is clogged, the dispenser will start dispensing slowly. To maintain an optimal flow rate, refrigerator repair experts advise that you change the water filter every six months.

That said, you can use a bypass plug in place of the water filter if you cannot get the filter immediately. The bypass plug is just as effective as the water filter, but you cannot use it in the long run.

Maytag Refrigerator Dispenser Light Stays On – Quick Fix

To begin with, unplug the refrigerator from the wall outlet to prevent electrocution. The only tool you need for this repair is a 1/4” nut driver. Pull out the drip tray and the dispenser cover to gain access to the dispenser light switch. When fixing the light switch, try not to disconnect the wires connected to the switch.

But then, if you must disconnect the wires, take note of their arrangement because you will have to rewire them. Attach the new light switch to the control box and ensure it is tight enough before screwing back the box.

Reattach the drip tray and cover the dispenser. Plug the power cord back into the wall outlet and observe the dispenser light.

Maytag Refrigerator Water Dispenser Making Noise – What to Do

To begin with, check the water filter if your Maytag refrigerator water dispenser is making a loud noise. This problem usually arises if the water filter and its housing are not properly connected.

Connect the water filter to its housing and remove anything blocking the seal. A reason why your Maytag refrigerator water dispenser makes a loud noise is that air is trapped in the water line. To get rid of the trapped air, flow about 15 glasses of water through the water line.

If the water filter and the water line check out, the noise problem will be from the water inlet valve. If the water inlet valve is broken, you will hear a squeaky sound, which you should take as a hint to replace the valve. Check out the video below to know the right sound a refrigerator dispenser makes…

Maytag Refrigerator Water Dispenser Sticks – Solutions

If your Maytag refrigerator water dispenser sticks, do the following:

1. Turn Off the Refrigerator

Your water dispenser button may stick if the quick reset button is pressed too hard. Press the button several times to release it. If that does not work, disconnect the power cord from the power supply and wait for about 10 minutes before plugging it back in. The dispenser button will be released when there is a temporary power outage.

2. Check the Lock Feature

Maytag refrigerators come with a lock feature that prevents unauthorized use of the appliance. If the lock mode is activated, the dispenser buttons will not respond to your prompts, and you may think they are stuck. The lock feature is usually on the front cover of most Maytag refrigerator models. If the lock mode is activated, press the “Unlock” button to deactivate it, and the other dispenser buttons will start responding.

3. Inspect the Wires Connected to the Dispenser Button

The wires connected to the dispenser button help them to function. If the wires are burnt, worn, or disconnected, most components of the dispenser will not be able to perform their respective functions. Consequently, when you press a button, the dispenser will not respond to the command, and you will think the button is stuck. If the button problem emanates from the wires, you should get a new set of wires and rewire the dispenser button. That said, we recommend that you hire a professional if you do not fully grasp how electrical wires and circuits work.

Maytag Refrigerator Dispenser Problems – Related FAQs

1. How to Remove Ice Dispenser Cover on a Maytag Refrigerator

To begin with, unplug the refrigerator and then place a towel on the floor to prevent water and ice from damaging your floor. Open the freezer section and remove the chiller shelf and ice bucket. Pry the front panel of the ice dispenser from the body of your refrigerator after you have removed the screws securing it. At this point, you can remove the water tube if you want to do some repairs.

2. How to Clean Maytag Refrigerator Water Dispenser

To clean your Maytag refrigerator dispenser, first of all, turn off its power supply. After that, flash the dispenser system with a mixture of distilled vinegar and warm water. Use a small brush to scrub the water dispenser nozzle. Also, clean the exterior part of the dispenser.

You can activate the lock mode when cleaning the exterior surface to prevent water from spilling all over you. After scrubbing the dirty surfaces, discard the dirty water and flush the dispenser system with clean water.

3. How to Unlock Maytag Refrigerator Water Dispenser?

To unlock your Maytag refrigerator, press and hold down the Lock button for about three seconds. The lock settings may vary by model, so check your user manual to get the specific information. Note that the lock feature does not control the refrigerator power or the dispenser light. The lock feature controls only the dispenser control panel buttons.

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