Hotpoint Fridge Freezing Food [Solved]

Hotpoint is a reliable fridge brand; however, they may sometimes develop some faults. Like getting too cold and freezing up food. This article discusses the problem of Hotpoint fridge freezing food and how to solve it.

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Hotpoint Fridge Freezing Food – What To Check

To stop your Hotpoint fridge from freezing foods, check the following parts:

1. Temperature Setting

One of the first things to check is the temperature setting. While it looks obvious, many fridge users typically neglect to check it. It is the easiest fault to fix, so check the setting and make the necessary adjustments. If the setting is correct, something may be causing the fridge to get too cold.

So, put a fridge thermometer between two frozen food items and leave it there for about 24 hours. Check the temperature to determine whether or not it is too cold. If it is too cold, check the condenser coils and fan. If the coils are significantly dirty, that explains the freezing issue.

The compressor has to run constantly because of the heat that the coils cannot dissipate. And this produces too much cold air to freeze everything. Clean the coils and ensure the condenser fan works well. If it does not, replace the fan motor or the entire fan assembly.

2. Thermistor

The first thing to consider if your Hotpoint fridge is freezing food is the thermistor.

The thermistor monitors and reads the air temperature and then sends its readings to the control board. The control board regulates the workings of the refrigerant system using this reading.

If the thermistor is malfunctioning, it will read the air temperature wrongly. This will subsequently affect the fridge’s operation and may cause it to get too cold.

To diagnose the thermistor, use a multimeter to test its resistance. If there is no continuity between the fridge’s temperature and the thermistor’s resistance, then it needs to be replaced.

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How to Replace a Hotpoint Fridge’s Thermistor

To replace a malfunctioning thermistor, follow the steps below:

i. For safety, be sure to turn off the fridge and disconnect it from the power socket.

ii. Open the fridge, the thermistor is usually located in the control board. Therefore, to access it, drop down the control board.

iii. Check for and remove the thermistor.

iv. Get the new thermistor and put it in place.

v. Put the control board back and turn on the fridge.

3. Temperature Control Thermostat

Another part to consider if your Hotpoint fridge is freezing food is the temperature control thermostat.

This regulates the air temperature of the fridge by periodically turning the refrigerant systems off and on.

If defective, the control thermostat may cause the refrigerant system to work longer than it should. And eventually, cause your Hotpoint fridge to freeze food.

To check if the control thermostat is working fine, turn it anticlockwise. From the lowest level to the highest level. When it is at its highest, you will hear a click.

If you do not, then test the control thermostat’s resistance with a multimeter. If there is no continuity, then the thermostat has to be replaced.

This video will show you how to replace your Hotpoint fridge control thermostat.

4. Damper

The damper is often located in between the fridge and the freezer. The damper is meant to regulate the amount of cold air flowing from the freezer to the fridge. It does this by periodically opening and closing.

If broken, it may stay open and allow too much cold air into the fridge.

To fix this problem, visually inspect the damper to see if it stuck open. If it is, remove the screws holding it in place. Order a new damper and put it in place of the faulty one.

5. Temperature Control Board/Main Control Board

These are both responsible for the voltage being directed to the refrigerant systems.

The temperature control board directs voltage to the refrigerant systems. And the main control board regulates voltage sent to the entire unit including the refrigerant systems.

A defective control board or main control board may cause the refrigerant system to work overtime. However, this should only be considered if the other possible problems have been ruled out.

However, a repair technician should be contacted for these issues as they are not easy to DIY.

Hotpoint Freezer Not Freezing Food

The freezer compartment of your Hotpoint fridge freezer can also develop some issues. One of these issues is not getting cold enough to freeze food.

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This problem can be due to some common reasons, which will be discussed below.

1. Frost on Coils

When the defroster heater has a problem, it may cause the evaporator coils to gather frost. And could cause the freezer to get too warm and not freeze food.

To diagnose this issue, connect the defroster heater to a multimeter and check the continuity. If there is none, then the defroster heater has to be replaced. Be sure to get one that is compatible with your freezer.

2. Dirty Condenser Coils

Hotpoint freezer has internal and external condenser coils. The internal coil does not require regular cleaning however, the external coil easily collects dirt and dust.

When the coils are dirty, their heat dissolving capacity is lowered and this will result in the fridge getting too warm.

To solve this, clean the coils using a vacuum or cloth. If the coils are greasy, use a decreaser and a damp cloth.

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3. Start Relay Having Problems

The start relay regulates the compressor by switching it off and on. If the start relay is bad, it will fail to supply enough energy to the compressor. The freezer will subsequently become too warm and not freeze food.

Use a multimeter to test for continuity between the two terminals on the start relay. If there is no continuity, you need to replace it.

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How to Replace the Start Relay on a Hotpoint Freezer

To replace the start relay, follow the steps below:

i. For safety, disconnect the freezer from the power supply and put on safety gloves.

ii. Next, you need to remove the cover of the rear compartment. Do this by removing all the screws and then pull out the cover.

iii. Take out the wire retainer that holds the start relay in place on the compressor.

iv. Pull out the start relay and the run capacitor from the compressor.

v. Disconnect the wire harness from the start relay.

vi. Place the run capacitor on the new start relay and reconnect the wire harness.

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vii. Put the new start relay into the compressor terminals and reinstall the wire retainer.

viii. Put the rear compartment back in place and turn the freezer back on.

4. Faulty Temperature Control Thermostat

The temperature control thermostat monitors the temperature of the freezer and supplies voltage to the condenser fan motor, compressor, and evaporator fan motor.

When faulty, the temperature control thermostat may not send enough voltage required to keep the freezer cool.

The temperature control thermostat has already been discussed in the section above, to diagnose and replace it, refer to that.

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5. Evaporator Motor Fans Having Issues

Evaporator motor fans remove excess heat from the freezer by circulating air through the coils.

When the evaporator motor fans have issues, the excess heat in the freezer will not be dispensed out of the freezer. And this will make the freezer too warm.

To diagnose your freezer’s evaporator motor fans do the following:

i. Unplug the appliance from the power socket to ensure safety.

ii. Locate the evaporator fan, it is often located in the freezer compartment and then remove its cover.

iii. Try to turn the motor shaft, there should be minimal resistance.

iv. If it is too difficult to turn, then the evaporator motor fans have issues.

v. To fix this, first check for ice buildup on the motor, if there is, defrost the freezer.

vi. If the problem isn’t resolved, then you need to replace the evaporator motor fan.

6. Malfunctioning Main Control Board

The main control board provides all the voltage required to run the entire unit. If the main control board is malfunctioning, it may cause the freezer to stop freezing food.

This is however rarely the problem so only consider it after ruling out the other possible issues.

If the main control board has to be replaced, we recommend you get the help of a repair technician or contact Hotpoint for further assistance.

You may also want to check your food arrangement inside the freezer and the door gasket. If the food is too much, it restricts the airflow and reduces the freezer’s cooling capacity.

And if the gasket is weak or dirty, the freezer loses cold air and stops cooling. Therefore, rearrange the food to creat abetter airflow and replace the gasket if weak. But you can just clean it with warm soapy water and a soft cloth if dirty.

Read this article for more information about your Hotpoint freezer not freezing food.

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