GE Ice Maker Freezing Up [How to Fix]

A GE ice maker could start freezing up for no apparent reason. If your ice maker has this problem, this article will help you to identify the possible causes and how to fix them.

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GE Refrigerator Ice Maker Keeps Freezing Up – Solutions

The following are possible reasons why your GE refrigerator ice maker keeps freezing up and ways to fix them:

1. Low Freezer Temperature

If the temperature in the freezer is lower than the recommended setting, increase it to the right point. Usually, the recommended setting is 0 degrees Fahrenheit for freezers and 37 degrees Fahrenheit for refrigerators.

The low temperature will cause anything in the freezer to freeze too quickly and easily. This includes the ice maker. And this is usually the primary culprit when the ice maker starts freezing up.

Turn the control knob to a midway point if your temperature control is analog. Typically, C and 5 or 5 and 5. Set it to the appropriate point, according to your manual. Otherwise, press the (-) button on the Freezer side to increase the temperature.

2. Low Water Pressure

The water pressure that goes into the refrigerator could cause the ice maker to freeze. If it is low, it means there will be little or no water entering the ice maker.

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As a result, it will keep working to make ice if the temperature in the freezer section is right. Over time, it will start freezing up due to an insufficient amount of water.

In the same vein, water pressure that is too high may cause some freezing problems. It is possible for it not to freeze enough or over freeze.

The least sufficient pressure is 20psi and the maximum is 120psi. Therefore, check to see if the pressure of the water supply from your house is right. If you are not sure about how to do this, have a qualified plumber check it and fix it if necessary.

3. Defective Water Inlet Valve

If the valve is defective, it can cause too much water to flow into the ice maker. And if this happens, the excess water will freeze up around the ice maker.

Therefore, check the inlet valve to see if it is defective. Test it using a multimeter to see if the valve’s solenoid is working well. If there is no power or continuity, replace the valve.

The water inlet valve is responsible for allowing water to fill the ice mold inside the ice maker. It opens for a number of seconds until the mold fills up. Then it closes so the freezing process can begin.

If it malfunctions, it can cause little or too much water to fill the ice maker. Whichever is the case, it affects how well the ice maker works.

4. Damaged Water Filter

Replace the water filter in the unit if it is old or you have never changed it. Be sure to do this every 6 months if the water from your refrigerator will be pure and there will be no dispensing or ice-making issues.

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A damaged or clogged water filter can cause problems in the ice maker and even the refrigerator.

5. Improperly-Positioned Water Line

Check the water line to be sure its position is correct. If it is mistakenly pushed far into the inlet valve, there could be a splashback as water flows through. The water from the splashback will pour around the ice maker and with time, will freeze around it.

One way the line can get too far into the valve is if you push the refrigerator too close to the wall behind it.

You can also use the opportunity to check the water supply line. A frozen supply line won’t let water through to the ice machine. And this can cause freezing problems.

You can thaw the ice in the line using a hair dryer. But tread cautiously; the heat from the dryer could warp the plastic line and destroy it.

The best way to do this is to disconnect the refrigerator from power for a little while. Allow the ice to melt before reconnecting it.

If the line continues to get frozen, you can insulate it with a piping material. Also, increasing the temperature in the freezer will help keep the line from constantly freezing.

6. Malfunctioning Ice Maker

One or more parts of the ice maker could be malfunctioning or just damaged. If this is the case, it means the ice maker could display all sorts of issues, including the freezing problem.

You can test different parts of the ice maker. But if you are in doubt of doing the test correctly, chat with our technicians. They will take you through a step-by-step process to check the ice maker.

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In the end, if it is confirmed that the ice maker is bad, replace it. Be sure to buy a new one using the model number of your refrigerator or the parts number of the old ice maker.


A GE ice maker freezing up is not an issue to take lightly. It means something is wrong with one or more parts of the refrigerator. Therefore, it is important to find the cause quickly and fix it.

Therefore, contact the GE support center to report the issue if it persists after following the steps above. As an alternative, chat with any of our refrigerator technicians here. They have the experience and expertise to assist you with fixing the problem.

We would like to point out here that regularly running a maintenance check on your refrigerator ice maker eliminates this type of issues over time. Because of this, maintain the ice maker regularly to make sure all the parts are in good working condition.

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