How to Replace Auger in GE Ice Maker [Quick Guide]

In this guide, you will learn how to replace the auger in a GE ice maker. If you are looking for steps to do this, you are welcome.

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How to Replace the Auger in a GE Ice Maker

To replace the auger in a GE ice maker, start by turning the ice maker over so that it lies face down. Then, unmount the 2 screws at the bottom part of it with a Philips screwdriver. These screws are responsible for securing the cover.

Next, turn it face up. You will see another screw at the middle top part. This holds the shield in place. Remove it.

When you remove the screw, gently push the shield out to free it from the assembly.

Now, unmount the screw that holds the actuator rod in place by the side. Next, using a flat head screwdriver, loosen the retaining tabs that hold the housing of the auger assembly in place.

Remove the e-clip at the bottom of the assembly and take the washer out. After this, you are free to lift the housing out of the way.

With an adjustable wrench, turn the retainer of the bearing clockwise to loosen it. Unthread it and take it out of the way.

Remove the auger components – spacers and blades – one by one. Once all the blades are out, remove the cover plate.

Installing the New Auger

Now is the time to install the new auger. Take the new one and slide the cover plate in first. Then, slide the first blade spacers in before the first blade. Continue doing this until all the spacers and blades are in.

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Put the retainer of the bearing back in place and tighten it. Use the adjustable wrench to ensure it is tight. Now, align the blades of the auger into the housing of the auger assembly. Also, put the washer and e-clip back into their place.

When putting the auger assembly back into the machine, be sure that the cover plate is set properly in place and aligned. Push the assembly in and make sure it snaps into position.

Replace the actuator rod, its screw, the shield and the screw, as well as the two screws that hold the cover in place.

You can now put the ice bucket back in place and test the auger assembly.

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This video is a step-by-step demonstration of how to replace the auger…

Important Note

It is important to know when to switch the refrigerator off during repairs. So don’t work with the refrigerator on. Unplug it from power or trip the circuit breaker.

In this guide on how to replace the auger in a GE ice maker, you will encounter parts with sharp edges. Therefore, use a good pair of work gloves if you have one. Otherwise, tread carefully around those edges to avoid injury.

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