GE Refrigerator Control Panel Not Working [How to Fix]

Is your GE refrigerator control panel not working anymore? Not to worry; this article will explain why and how to fix it quickly and without stress.

GE control panel not working
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GE Refrigerator Control Panel Not Working – Solutions

Try the following if your GE refrigerator control panel is not working:

1. Check the Power Cord

To check the power cord of your GE refrigerator, locate the power cord and hold it, Now, trace it gradually to the switch to ensure that there is no interruption, burn, wear, or tear on it. If there is any, it implies that the power cord is malfunctioning and requires a repair or replacement.

Repairing the Cord

To repair the power cord of a GE refrigerator, start by disconnecting the refrigerator from the power source. Then, turn it to reveal the back, find the cord and trace it gently to the back panel with your hands.

Undo the screws on the back panel and locate any burnt area or disconnected part on the power cord. When you do, reattach the disconnected wires, taking note of the colors. Then, use a black mending sellotape to cover up the patched area.

Replacing the Cord

To replace it, get a new power cord that suits your GE refrigerator model. Unplug the refrigerator, turn it and use your hand to trace the old cord to the back panel.

Loosen the screws and clips on the back panel and wire, respectively. Detach the old one from the refrigerator and attach the new one to the port. Then, plug it into a power source to check if the refrigerator will come on.

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However, repairing the power cord is dependent on which part needs repair. If the plug of the cord has a broken prong, a quick replacement of the plug will do. A new power cord will only be needed if the entire cord is damaged.

General Electric WR23X10300 Refrigerator Power Cord






2. Check the Voltage Supply

To determine if the voltage supply to the GE refrigerator is enough, unplug the refrigerator. Next, loosen the screws at the back panel covering the control board.

Now, use a flat screwdriver to pull out the frame gently. Locate the black and red wire on the board, get a multimeter and set it to the lowest range.

Clamp the probes on each other, then connect the red and black wire to the multimeter. If the result shows less than 5 ohms, it means the voltage supply to the refrigerator is not enough to power the control panel.

Replacing the Control Board

To fix this, purchase a suitable control board. Loosen the screws on the back panel to remove the frame covering the control board and detach the wires on the old one gently. Use a soldering iron to fix the wires to the nodes of the new one.

Next, check the voltage supply again with a multimeter. If the result shows around 13-14 ohms, it implies that the voltage supply is sufficient to power the panel.

You can refer to the user’s manual for the correct range of voltage your refrigerator needs because the range varies for different GE refrigerator models.

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3. Inspect the Door Wiring or Installation

To inspect the door wiring of your GE refrigerator, unplug it, open the lower grill, and check the waterline underneath it. Adjust the waterline to the right position and ensure that it is properly connected to the refrigerator.

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After doing this, check the top of the refrigerator and undo the screws on the hinge cover. Draw out the water dispenser wires and check if there is any burnt or disconnected wire. If there is any, it means that the door wiring needs a repair or re-installation.


To repair it, unplug the refrigerator and loosen the screws on the hinge frame. Now, support the door with your legs and pull out the dispenser wires. Locate any disconnected strand and join it to the other part gently, then connect the wires back to the wire connector.

Place it in the right position, fix the hinge, drive in the screws, and plug in the refrigerator to test-run if the control panel will start working. If it does not you will need a replacement.


To install new door wires for your refrigerator, unplug the refrigerator, open the grill under it, and disconnect the waterline. Use a suitable screwdriver to loosen the screws on the hinge cover, pull out the dispenser wires and the hinge respectively, and carefully detach the wires from the refrigerator.

Next, fix the new wires on the refrigerator door and align them properly. Pass the wires through the hinge and plug them into the wire connector of the refrigerator. Place the connector in the right position, put the hinge cover on it, and drive in the screws.

GE refrigerator doors are usually connected electrically to the refrigerator. This is because the control panel is located on it. Sometimes, when the control panel is defective, it may be that the door is not properly shut. A simple push of the door could make the control panel come on without any stress or delay.

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Understand How the Control Panel Works

To understand how the control panel of your GE refrigerator works, set the temperature. To do this, plug the refrigerator in and shut the door firmly. This gives you access to the digital display.

Press any of the “Warmer” and “Colder” buttons on any side of the panel to show you the actual temperature of the refrigerator. Then, press any of the same buttons again to set the temperature at the desired range. Pressing warmer or colder increases or decreases the temperature by one range.

However, when the refrigerator is working normally, the control panel does not display the temperature range on the screen. This may give you the impression that the control panel is not working or is defective, but it is working well.

Depending on the type of GE refrigerator model you have, control panels work at intervals and in different ways.

Important to Note

A GE refrigerator control panel may not be working because a basic reset has not been done. After checking the control board, inspecting the power cord, and the voltage supply, try to do a basic reset.

To reset your GE refrigerator, unplug the refrigerator for about 1 minute and allow it to rest. Then, plug it back into the wall outlet. This process automatically reboots and restores the refrigerator to the factory or default setting.

However, if you have an active warranty with GE, you can call them to seek expert advice, repairs, replacement, and inquiries on how to fix your control panel.

You can also engage the services of a professional refrigerator repairer or agent. We have some expert technicians here to fix any refrigerator problem you may have. Chat with any of them.

Do not forget to always stick to the instructions stated in the user’s manual to give you more helpful suggestions on how to fix the issue.


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