How to Defrost a Magic Chef Freezer [Detailed Guide]

Sometimes, defrosting a freezer can prove difficult, especially if there is a problem with the defrost system. Therefore, let us discuss how to defrost a Magic Chef freezer in detail.

Magic Chef

How to Defrost a Magic Chef Freezer

Here are the easy-to-follow steps to defrost a Magic Chef freezer:

Step 1

Switch the freezer off by unplugging it from the wall socket. Empty it off all food items. Store the food in another freezer, if you have access to one, or in a cooler. But place ice packs in the cooler to keep the food cold.

Step 2

There is a drain valve at the back of the freezer, close to the bottom, on the left side. Open the valve and place thick towels to absorb water dripping from the valve.

Step 3

Open the door of the freezer and leave it open. If you can, remove loose ice chunks from the freezer. As more chunks loosen, remove them. You can even speed the process up by putting pans of hot water inside the freezer so that the ice can melt faster.

Step 4

As soon as all the ice melts, clean the inside of the freezer using a mixture of mild soap and warm water with a soft cloth. Dry any extra moisture with a dry towel.

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Step 5

Close the drain valve and switch the freezer on by plugging it back into the wall socket. Give it time to cool before putting food in it again.

Here is a video showing how to defrost a chest freezer…

How to Defrost a Magic Mini Fridge

To defrost a Magic Chef mini fridge, do the following:

Step 1

Remove every food item in the fridge and freezer sections. If you have access to another fridge or freezer, put the food in it to preserve it. Alternatively, you can use a well-insulated cooler to store the food.

But if you don’t have access to either a fridge, freezer or cooler, consume those you can and discard those that won’t last.

Step 2

Disconnect the fridge from the wall outlet. If the temperature setting of the fridge is at the correct point, don’t touch it. And if the floor under the fridge can be damaged by water, move the unit to another area with a floor that cannot be damaged.

Step 3

Place towels inside the fridge, at the bottom, in order to soak up water from the melting ice. Place additional towels around the unit to catch excess water, if any.

Step 4

Leaving the door open, give the fridge time to fully defrost, preferably overnight. You leave the door open so that the unit can defrost faster.

Step 5

Clean the fridge inside and outside, with all the racks and shelves, using mild soap and warm water with a soft rag. Wipe off all moisture and leave the fridge completely dry. Leave the door open so that the unit can air-dry.

Step 6

Reconnect the fridge to the wall socket. Allow it some time to cool considerably before restocking it with drinks and food. Don’t touch the temperature setting if it was at the right point before the defrost process began. Otherwise, adjust it to be able to cool the food in the fridge.

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These steps to defrost a Magic Chef mini fridge also work for a Magic Chef refrigerator.

Note: To keep your Magic Chef mini fridge working optimally, don’t plug it into an extension cord. Plug it directly into a dedicated wall socket. Using an extension cord could reduce the output of voltage, causing the fridge not to cool as it should. Additionally, it could damage the power cord of the fridge.

Consult the user’s guide or manual for your fridge to find out how to locate any part of the fridge and to know the right defrost component to buy if need be.

However, if the manual does not specify what you need, chat with any of our experienced refrigerator technicians and engineers. They are always available to offer expert advice and service.

Alternatively, you can contact the Magic Chef customer service center to request service, especially if your fridge still has an active warranty.


The first thing to do before defrosting a fridge manually or even locating any defrost component is to unplug it. If you cannot unplug it from the wall socket, shut off the circuit breaker. Just be sure there is no electric power supply to the unit. It is a priority safety measure, both for you and for the unit.

In addition to the above, wear work gloves if you have a good pair. Wearing them is additional protection for your hands.

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How to Defrost a Magic Chef Freezer – Related FAQs

Where Is the Defrost Drain in a Magic Chef Fridge?

The defrost drain in a Magic Chef fridge is found behind the bottom basket in the freezer. You need to raise the basket up before you can gain access to the drain.

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Where Is the Defrost Timer Located in a Magic Chef Fridge?

The location of the defrost timer in a Magic Chef fridge depends on the model of the fridge. For some models, the timer is found behind the kickplate grille, at the bottom front of the fridge.

For other models, the timer is found at the back of the fridge, right beside the compressor. A few models could have their timer inside the console that houses the temperature control, on the roof inside the fridge.

Where Is the Defrost Heater Found in a Magic Chef Fridge?

The defrost heater is typically located close to the evaporator or cooling coils because of its duty of heating the coils. Therefore, the defrost heater could be behind the inside rear wall of the freezer section or underneath the floor of the freezer section. It depends on the location of the evaporator coils in your freezer.

Where Is the Defrost Button on a Magic Chef Mini Fridge?

You will find the defrost button on a Magic Chef mini fridge close to the temperature control inside the fridge. It is a red button that stands out. Pressing it starts the defrost cycle which can last for some hours. However, once the defrost cycle runs its course, the red button pops out automatically as the cycle stops.


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