Electrolux Refrigerator Filter [Problems & Solutions]

Your refrigerator’s filter is vital to how well it functions. If the filter is old, clogged, or damaged, it may affect other functions. Learn how to fix Electrolux refrigerator filter problems in this guide.

How to Change the Water Filter in an Electrolux Refrigerator

If the water filter in your Electrolux refrigerator is old and in need of a replacement, the first thing to do is to find the most suitable replacement water filter. Each Electrolux refrigerator model has a specific filter type that fits it. In other words, there is no one-size-fits-all type of filter for these refrigerators.

Go to the brand’s official website or look for a trusted vendor and use your refrigerator’s model number to search for the right filter type. Ensure it is not damaged or broken in any way before using it; return it to the vendor if damaged.

1. Switch the Ice Maker Off and Turn Off the Water

Next, turn off the ice maker if your refrigerator has one. Do the same to the water supply valve to cut off the flow of water into the refrigerator. This helps to prevent the discharge of water when you remove the old filter unless the refrigerator has a built-in bypass plug. In that case, the water will not flow out when you remove the filter.

Some ice makers may have a power control button that is visible on the body. Use the button to turn the machine off before changing the filter. Others may have a power button on the control panel, while a few may have none. If there is a button on the control panel, follow the instructions in the user manual to turn off the machine. Otherwise, push the shut-off arm to the Up position to stop the ice maker from working.

2. Remove the Old Filter

After turning off the ice maker and main water source to the refrigerator, the next thing to do is to find the filter housing to remove the old filter. The location of the housing will depend on the Electrolux refrigerator model. If unsure, use the manual for the appliance to locate the filter housing. 

Some models, like the top-freezer or side-by-side models, have the filter housing at the upper right-hand corner inside the refrigerator. But the filter is likely to be in the lower left corner if the refrigerator is a three-door model.

To remove the filter from a three-door model, you will find a button above the filter housing. Press the button to eject the filter. But for other models, push the filter in to release a holding clamp before you can remove it from the refrigerator. 

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3. Install a New Water Filter

Once you remove the old water filter, remove the replacement filter from its packaging and ready it for installation. Ensure the filter head is not dirty, there is no damage to the body, and none of the packaging obstructs the filter head. Align the filter to the grooves for a proper fitting before carefully installing it. The manual usually has instructions for installing a new filter for that specific model. Otherwise, follow the instructions on the packaging.

4. Switch on the Ice Maker and Turn On the Water

After successfully installing the water filter, you can turn on the ice maker and water supply. First, turn the valve controlling the main water source and check to see that water flows to the refrigerator. Next, turn on the ice maker and wait for the machine to begin ice production. You should the ice mold fill with water if everything works well.

5. Reset the Filter Light and Flush the System

Now, reset the filter light on the control panel if applicable. For most models, the filter light indicates when the water filter is old and in need of a replacement. It starts by turning yellow as a warning before changing to red due to urgency. There may be a dedicated filter reset button on the control panel for this purpose. Press it for about three seconds to turn off the indicator.

Once done, you need to flush the water system to remove trapped air. Typically, you must clear the system of air whenever you replace the filter to ensure the water flows well with enough pressure. Otherwise, the water may come out in trickles or not at all. Also, you may find the water dispenser dripping from the pressure built up within the system.

To do this, dispense a few gallons of water from the dispenser or straight from the water line. If you cannot measure the dispensed water, simply run the water out of the dispenser for about two minutes non-stop. That should clear any trapped air and impurities from the system.

Electrolux Refrigerator Filter Stuck – What to Do

If you find that the filter in your Electrolux refrigerator is stuck, the problem may stem from incorrect installation or forcing the filter to enter the housing without proper alignment. This can happen to any type of filter, whether it fits into the housing inside the refrigerator or goes into the base grille.

Filter Stuck Inside the Refrigerator

If the filter is stuck inside the refrigerator, see if you can open the filter housing door or cover. Once open, disconnect the refrigerator from the electric power by unplugging it. Next, reduce or empty the water that is left over in the water line through the dispenser or straight from the line after detaching it. Doing this should reduce the pressure that has built within the water line and loosen the filter if that is the problem.

However, if that does not resolve the problem, keep the filter housing door all the way open and pull out the shelf under the housing. This should create more room to maneuver as you try to remove the filter. Now, turn the filter to the left or counterclockwise and gently tug it to pull it out as you do. Doing this should help you remove the stuck filter, especially without a water pressure buildup.

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Filter Stuck in the Base Grille

It is not common to find the filter stuck in the base grille because it is typically easy to remove. However, if you find it stuck, do not try to force it out. Get a small cloth and place it over the filter cap. The cloth should protect the cap from damage when you try to pull it out. Next, disconnect the refrigerator from the electric power and turn off the water supply. 

Pull out the base grille to create more room to maneuver. If unsure, follow the instructions in the refrigerator’s user manual to remove the grille. Now, get a pair of pliers and lock them onto the filter cap. By now, you must have covered the cap with a cloth; the cloth is to protect it from damage from the pliers. Turn the filter a quarter way using the pliers since you cannot do it with your bare hands. 

However, you must be careful about the amount of force you apply. Be gentle with your maneuver to avoid breaking the filter. The pliers should help you remove the stuck filter. Ensure you correctly install it this time, taking care to align the grooves and turn it in the correct direction. If installing it without help seems daunting, follow the instructions in the user manual for easy steps.

Where Is the Air Filter on an Electrolux Bar Fridge?

An Electrolux bar fridge does not have an air filter. Only select models have an air filter. You can check the bar fridge’s user guide or check online manuals to determine if there is an air filter in your model and the exact location.

How to Replace an Electrolux Refrigerator Air Filter

The location of the air filter on an Electrolux refrigerator for models with this feature will depend on the specific model. For French-door refrigerator models, the air filter should be under the utility bin. You may also find it inside the left door, just above the ice maker chute. If you have a side-by-side Electrolux refrigerator model, locate the air filter close to the water filter at the top of the fresh food section.

Once you locate the filter location, the next step is to open the compartment and remove the old filter. You can simply lift the cover and slide the filter out of the compartment. Next, remove the new filter from its packaging and count the months until you must replace it. Some air filter brands provide the months of the year on the body of the filter for easy marking. If you use such a filter, mark the exact replacement month on it before inserting it into the compartment.

Push the cover or door down and press the left and right ends to lock it. After that, go to the refrigerator’s control panel and locate the air filter reset button. Press and hold it for about three seconds to reset the indicator. The status should change from ‘replace’ to ‘good’ if the reset is successful.

Electrolux Refrigerator Water Filter Problems – Solutions

A refrigerator water filter can have several problems that affect the entire water system in the appliance. But before determining that the filter has a problem in your Electrolux refrigerator, do one or more of the following:

  • Ensure you use the correct filter replacement for your Electrolux refrigerator model. It is tempting to go for cheaper alternatives, but they may cause the refrigerator to malfunction or negatively affect the water system. Check for the recommended filter replacements on the brand’s official website or ask authorized dealers for recommendations.
  • Check the O-rings on the filter head to ensure they are intact after removing the protective cap. These should help prevent leaks and ensure water flows properly through the filter.
  • Flush the system after replacing the water filter to remove trapped air and carbon particles. Water filter brands typically use carbon media to protect the water in the refrigerator from pollutants. But particles of carbon may come loose when moving the filter, contaminating the water. Flushing the water line and filter after installing it should fix this problem.
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If all the above is in place and the filter still has problems, there are other things to check. The following are common Electrolux refrigerator water filter problems and how to solve them:

Water Filter Dripping

The first thing to check is the installation process. You may have incorrectly fixed the filter, leaving a gap for water to leak. It may also be a problem with the O-rings not being present on the filter head. Remove the filter and check the filter head; if the rings are not there, replace the filter. But if they are there, follow the correct instructions to re-install the filter, doing it correctly this time.

Water Tasting Bad

A water filter problem may cause the water from your refrigerator to taste bad. If the carbon media loosens, the particles change the taste of the water. Typically, the particles should not cause any health problems, but the taste of the water is off-putting.

If you suspect an issue with the water filter, the best solution is to replace it. But you must be sure that the problem is not with the main water supply or the water line. Sometimes, the water becomes polluted and must be fixed from the source. Other times, the water line is too dirty and is affecting the quality of water and ice.

Water Trickling

When trying to dispense water, you may notice that it has no strong or steady flow. Instead, it trickles or does not dispense at all. If that is the case, the filter may be clogged. Replace the filter to fix the problem. 

But if the problem persists after replacing the filter using the correct replacement, ensure you flush the system. Do this by holding down the dispenser to dispense water for about two minutes non-stop. It should remove the trapped air, releasing the built-up pressure that keeps the water from flowing well.

Damaged Filter

If the filter head is dirty or cracked, it will not function well. The same is true if the water filter is too small for the refrigerator or is the wrong type for that model. Therefore, always inspect every new water filter whenever you purchase one and ask for a replacement if there is any damage.

Contact the Electrolux Service Center if you have issues with your water or air filter. The brand can provide the correct replacements and assist you if there is a problem. Alternatively, hire an independent technician for further assistance.

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