How to Remove a Samsung Freezer Drawer [Quick Guide]

Are you wondering how to remove a Samsung freezer drawer? Read this article to learn quick steps to remove the drawers safely and easily.

how to remove a Samsung freezer drawer
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How to Remove a Samsung Freezer Drawer

To remove a Samsung freezer drawer, take the following steps:

Step 1

Open the drawer of the freezer and remove the upper tray assembly. Do this by pushing the tray back inside, lifting its wheels out of the wheel slots and lifting it slightly at the front to remove it from the drawer.

Step 2

Remove the box tray. Tilt the rear of the tray, push it back slightly, tilt it forward and remove it from its slot.

Step 3

Next, unmount the 10 millimeter bolts holding the drawer in place. There are 4 of them, 2 on each side of the drawer. Remove them with a 10 millimeter socket. After this, grab the door on both sides, lift it and remove its brackets from the slide rails.

Step 4

To remove the slide rails, remove the retaining pin that is holding the gear shaft in place. Slide the gear shaft to the right, lift it up to the left and slide it out. Next, fully extend the slide rails, find the locking tab, depress it and slide the rails out.

Note: These steps apply to all types of Samsung freezer drawers, including FlexZone drawers on 4-door french door refrigerators and 3-door french door refrigerators.

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However, for the FlexZone drawers, you need to lift the FlexZone basket out of the way before removing the drawer. To do this, start by opening the FlexZone basket fully. Now, lift it up and pull it out using your two hands.

Note: These steps work for all freezer drawer types on every Samsung refrigerator model. However, if your freezer drawer works differently from the method explained above, check the refrigerator manual for specific steps applicable to your refrigerator model.

How to Put Drawer Back in a Samsung Freezer

To put the drawer back into a Samsung freezer, do the following:

Step 1

Slide the gear end of the slide rails first. Push it in until it locks into position. Next, extend the rails fully, insert the gear shaft with the hole into the rails and make sure they align. Reinsert the retaining pin to hold the shaft in place.

Step 2

Next, place the door of the drawer in position, ensuring that the tabs align with the brackets of the door and the slots are on the glides. Now, remount the 10-millimeter bolts, 2 on each side of the drawer.

Step 3

Insert the box tray now. Put the back into the drawer first before lowering the front and setting it in place. Next, put the upper tray into the drawer. Insert the back of the tray into the drawer first before setting the wheels into its slots. Move it back and forth to ensure it is locked in place.

Note: These steps apply to all types of Samsung refrigerators with freezer drawers, including the FlexZone drawers. If unsure, follow the instructions in the refrigerator’s user manual to put the drawer back into place.

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Watch this video for a visual representation of removing and replacing a Samsung freezer drawer…

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Samsung Freezer Drawer Will Not Open – What to Do

If your Samsung freezer drawer won’t open, do the following:

1. Unplug the unit and give the freezer time to fully defrost. Usually, this takes up to 24 hours or even 48 hours, depending on the buildup of ice.

2. When it is fully defrosted, try opening the drawer. If it opens, then you know it was frozen shut. Wipe any moisture in the freezer off, especially that on rails and drawer frames. This is to prevent it from refreezing.

3. Give the freezer time to completely air dry at least 24 hours before plugging the unit in again.

However, if fully defrosting the freezer does not help open the drawer, then something could be wrong with the drawer slides. A refrigerator technician can help you determine this and fix it. You can also call Samsung Support center for assistance.

To prevent this type of freezing from happening again, use pure paraffin wax on the drawer slides. An alternative is petroleum jelly that has no medication. These are good lubricants for such slides, refrigerator door seals, roller axles and door hinges.

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Other Things to Do

You may also want to rearrange the freezer drawer content. Overstocking the freezer not only restricts the flow of cold air but is also likely to cause a problem with opening and closing the drawer. If you constantly have difficulty using the freezer drawer, check how full it is and reduce the contents if applicable.

Additionally, check the door gasket. Food crumbs and spills usually settle on the door gasket and other freezer and refrigerator parts. Over time, the spills become stubborn stains and get sticky, which may cause the door to stick. Eventually, you will have trouble opening the door at will.

Therefore, clean the gasket with warm soapy water and a clean cloth. Sometimes, the cloth does not work because the stains are too stubborn. If that happens, use a soft-bristled brush to remove the stains. The drawer opening issue should resolve if the gasket is the problem. Otherwise, consider replacing the drawer gasket.

Important Note

If removing or fixing a Samsung freezer drawer is proving difficult, stop and find professional help. Contact Samsung Support Center and request service. You can also chat with any of our qualified appliance technicians. They are always ready to offer professional help and advice.

Remember to unplug the freezer or refrigerator any time you want to troubleshoot or repair it. Don’t touch it if it has electric power supplied to it. This is to prevent electric shock.

Additionally, if you have a good pair of work gloves, wear them as they are added protection from injury.

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