Indesit Fridge Freezing Food [How to Fix]

The issue of food freezing in the fresh food compartment is not so rare. Therefore the solution to this problem is also not farfetched. In this article, we will discuss easy ways to stop the problem of your Indesit fridge freezing food.

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Indesit Fridge Freezing Food – What to Do

If your Indesit fridge is freezing food there a couple of things you can do in minutes to solve this. Hence, we will discuss the common possible reasons for this problem and how to solve them.

1. Temperature is Set Too Low

The first thing to consider is the temperature of the fridge. You may have set it lower than the recommended temperature for fridges and that’s why the fridge is too cold.

Usually, the perfect temperature for fridges is between 38°F-40°F. However, you may check your manual to see what the best temperature is for your fridge model.

If your fridge does not display the temperature then you could get a fridge thermometer. Check the temperature and if it is below the recommended temperature then you need to turn it up.


Look up instructions for temperature adjustments in your manual. And ensure you do not exceed the maximum temperature.

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2. Air Vents are blocked

Air vents are used to supply cold air from the freezer to the fridge compartment to maintain its temperature. However, if the vents are blocked there will be decreased airflow in the fridge.

When the fridge detects the decrease in airflow, it will try to make up for it. And the fridge will do this by operating continuously. As a result, the fridge will get too cold and may freeze food.

The vents can be blocked by:

i. Food Placed Too Close To The Vents

When food is placed too close to a vent it ends up blocking it. Not only does this reduce the airflow but the cold air will settle on the food and cause it to freeze faster.

To stop this you need to locate all the vents in your fridge and keep your food away from them.

ii. Frosts

When warm air enters the fridge, it gets frozen and becomes frost. The frosts can then gather on the vents and block them.

In this case, frosts have to be removed from the vents.

If the frost buildup is light, you may either use a damp cloth or a plastic scraper to get it off. However, for a heavier buildup, you may have to defrost the fridge.

Try to prevent warm air from entering the fridge to stop this problem from happening again. To do this, ensure you do not put warm items in the fridge, do not keep the fridge open for longer than a minute. And make sure the doors are always properly closed.

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3. Leaking or Worn Out Gasket

The gasket or door seal helps to make sure the door is properly closed at all times. This prevents warm air from getting into the fridge.

When the gasket is leaking or worn out, warm air will get into the fridge and cause frost buildup.

Inspect the gasket for cracks and leaks; if there are any then the gasket has to be replaced.

Alternatively, you could place a flashlight that’s switched on in the fridge. Close the door and if you can see the ray of the flashlight, then the door seal is leaking.

How to Replace Indesit Fridge Door Gasket

To replace the door gasket of your Indesit fridge, do the following:

Step one: Switch off the fridge to prevent electrical shocks.

Step two: Open the fridge and using a flat head screwdriver pry off the seal from the top corner.

Step three: Grab the corner of the gasket which you have removed and gently pry the rest of the gasket from the track.

Step four: Get the new seal; ensure you have one compatible with your fridge. You’d find a little plastic dot on each corner of the seal.

Step five: Pin these plastic dots to each corner of the fridge’s track. Once you are down with that, work your way around the track. Ensure you clip the gasket firmly to the track and that there are no bumps.

Check out this video for a visual explanation of how to change your fridge gasket.

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4. Dirty Coils

The coils of your fridge can get dusty and dirty. When this happens, the compressor will be forced to work continuously.

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This will cause the fridge to get too cold and freeze food. So the dirty coils have to be cleaned.

To clean the coils, do the following:

i. Turn off the fridge and unplug it from the power socket.

ii. Adjust the fridge to a position that makes the coils easy to access.

iii. You may either use a little brush or a vacuum to clean the coils.

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5. Technical Problem

If your fridge does not start working properly after you do all of the above then it is a technical problem.

We recommend you get the help of a service technician.


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