Zanussi Fridge Freezing Food [Solution]

Is your Zanussi fridge freezing food? There are a lot of reasons why this is happening. To solve this issue, you have to understand each possible reason and how to solve them.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the possible reasons your Zanussi fridge is freezing food and the solutions to them.

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Zanussi Fridge Freezing Food – Solutions

The following are solutions to your Zanussi fridge freezing food

1. Store Foods Away From the Air Vents

Where your food is placed is important. You need to avoid placing your food close to the rear wall of the fridge. This is because this part is cooler than the rest of the fridge.

Also, the air vents are mostly located at the rear end of the fridge. The vents supply the fridge with cold air from the freezer that helps the fridge to stay cool.

When foods are placed in the path of the air vents, the cold air will settle on the food and probably cause it to freeze. Hence, try to keep your food away from the vents.

2. Adjust the temperature

The temperature of the fridge may have been set too low. To know the ideal temperature of your fridge check your manual as it should be stated in it.

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However, if it isn’t stated, we recommend that the minimum temperature for the fridge should be 38°F. If your fridge does not display the temperature then get a fridge thermometer to check it.

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Adjust the temperature of the fridge with the temperature regulator or through the control panel. You may also check your manual for further information on temperature adjustment.

Also, if your model has the shopping mode, you may have to turn it off.

3. Replace Control Thermostat

The control thermostat regulates the temperature of the fridge by turning the refrigerant system off and on from time to time.

If the control thermostat is malfunctioning, the refrigerant system will work overtime. Subsequently, the fridge may begin to freeze food.

To diagnose the thermostat, ensure the compressor is working and then turn the temperature dial from the lowest to the highest level. Listen for a click sound while you do this, the click sound is an indication that the refrigerant system has gone off. If there is no click then the thermostat most likely is bad.

Or you may use a multimeter to check for continuity. If there is no continuity then the thermostat is bad and should be replaced.

For how to replace the thermostat on your Zanussi fridge, watch this video.

4. Remove Blockage from Vents

The air vents supply cold air to the fridge to maintain its temperature. When the vents are blocked, there will be a shortage in the flow of air. The fridge will try to make up for the air shortage by working longer than it should.

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Eventually, the fridge will become too cold. The vents can get blocked by either food or frost.

As already discussed, avoid storing your food close to the vents.

Frost is formed when warm air enters the fridge and gets frozen. The frost can also build on the vents and block them.

If this happens then you have to remove the frost to allow better airflow. You can use a plastic scraper to do this.

However, if the frost is heavy, you may have to defrost the fridge.

After you get the frost off the vents, you need to avoid it happening again. To avoid frost gathering on the vents, do the following:

i. Do not open the fridge too often. And when you do, ensure you do not leave the fridge open for longer than a minute.

ii. Do not put warm items in the fridge.

iii. Replace leaking or worn out gasket. The fridge gasket helps to keep the door of the fridge properly closed.

How to Replace Door Gasket of a Zanussi Fridge

The following easy to follow steps will help you replace your fridge’s gasket in minutes.

Step one: Switch off the appliance.

Step two: Open the fridge. Use a flat head screwdriver to pry off the gasket from any of its corners.

Step three: From the corner, you have pried off, pull the rest of the gasket off the track.

Step four: Bring the new gasket over, make sure you have the correct one for your model.

Step five: On each corner of the gasket, you will find a little plastic dot. Attach each dot to each corner of the fridge.

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Step six: Next, clip the rest of the gasket firmly to the track and make sure there are no bumps.

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5. Clean the Coils

If the coils of the fridge are dirty, it may cause the compressor to work continuously. If this happens, then the fridge may begin to freeze food. In this case, you have to clean the coils to solve the problem.

Before you begin cleaning the coils, ensure you turn off the fridge and disconnect it from the power source. Also, turn the fridge away from the wall to make it accessible.

If there is grime on the coils, you may consider using a slightly damp cloth to clean it off. Otherwise, simply use a brush or a canister vacuum to clean the coils.


6. Call a Repair Technician

We hope it won’t get to this and you will be able to fix the fridge yourself. However, if the above solutions do not solve the problem then it may be time to call a repair technician.

The problem may be a faulty temperature control or a malfunctioning main control board. Replacing these parts may not be so easy, so it’s best to get a professional.


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