Samsung Refrigerator Water Under Drawer [Quick Fix]

If your Samsung refrigerator has water under drawer, this article deals with how to fix the problem quickly and easily.

Samsung refrigerator water under drawer
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Samsung Refrigerator Leaking Water Under Drawer – How to Fix

Clean the defrost drain if there is water is leaking under the drawer of your Samsung refrigerator. To clean the drain, get a bowl containing hot water and a funnel, syringe or a turkey baster. Pour the hot water down the tube in order to melt the ice or flush out dirt and keep pouring until the water flows freely.

If there is dirt and the hot water does not flush it all out, get a stiff wire and push it down the hole. Doing this will get the dirt out but you will still need the hot water to clean it thoroughly after this.

A dirty or frozen defrost drain will cause water to back up into the refrigerator and pool on the floor, under the drawers or even inside the drawers. This is the most common cause of water leaking into the refrigerator and pooling on the floor or under the drawers.

Note: You can buy a clip and attach it to the evaporator, right under the defrost heater. What the clip does is to help keep the defrost drain from getting clogged with ice. As the heater gets hot, the clip gets warm and melts ice in the drain.

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Some models already have this clip so check if yours has it. If it does, it should help defrost the ice. But if it does not, replace the clip with a functioning one.

DA61-06796A Refrigerator Drain Tube Clip Evaporator Replacement Part by Sikawai for Samsung-Replaces AP5579885, 2683162, PS4145120







This video shows how to remove and replace this clip right atop the defrost drain in a Samsung refrigerator…

Other possible reasons why water is leaking under the drawer of your Samsung refrigerator are:

Faulty Water Filter

Remove the filter and check the head for any damage. Replace the filter if it is damaged. Also, check to see it is properly installed. Consult your owner’s manual if you are not sure of how to install the filter correctly.

Additionally, be sure to change the water filter once every 6 months. If it is overdue for a change, it can affect how well it performs and can even lead to a leak.

If the water filter head is damaged or it is not properly installed, it can cause water to leak into the refrigerator and pool under the drawers. Also, if the water filter does not fit a Samsung refrigerator exactly, it won’t work properly.

Broken Water Line

Inspect the water line at the back of your refrigerator if you have the ice and water dispensing model. If it is damaged, you will have to install a new line for easy and proper water flow into the refrigerator. Have a refrigerator technician check the issue and fix the new line for you if you cannot do it yourself.

A broken water line could cause water to flow back into the unit and form a puddle on the floor, under the drawers.

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Messy Drain Pan

Check the drain pan under the refrigerator to see if dirt and debris are choking it. This is another plausible reason for water leaking under the drawers of your Samsung refrigerator.

Empty and clean the pan thoroughly if it is messy so that water coming down the defrost drain can flow out freely and evaporate.

A dirty or messy drain pan won’t be able to hold water from the drain. Instead, it will cause the water to flow back up the drain hole and with time, pool on the floor of the refrigerator.

Ensure you check the pan from time to time to clean it in order to avoid having a pool of water on the floor of the unit.

Additional Information

Sometimes, none of the fixes detailed above solves the problem of water leaking under the drawers of your Samsung refrigerator. If you check all the parts and all are in good working order yet water is leaking on the floor of the unit, contact Samsung Support center to request service.

Alternatively, you can use an independent refrigerator repair agent. So chat with any of our experienced technicians who can offer expert advice to solve the problem permanently.

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Important Note

This fix does not require the refrigerator to have power supply. So if you want to check why your Samsung refrigerator has water under the drawer, unplug the unit. This is to avoid electrocution; water and electricity don’t go well together.

In addition to the above, wear work gloves as an extra layer of protection. This is special protection against sharp or pointy refrigerator parts.


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