Why Does My Frigidaire Fridge Keep Freezing Food [Solution]

We will answer the question ‘why does my Frigidaire fridge keep freezing food?’ as best we can. We will also show you how to resolve the issue.

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Why Does My Frigidaire Fridge Keep Freezing Food?

Here are some of the reasons why your fridge is freezing food…

1. The fridge’s temperature is too low

This is so obvious that you can easily miss it. If the fridge’s temperature dial is set too low, then the fridge may get too cold and begin to freeze food.

2. The fridge’s coils are dirty

If the fridge’s coil is dirty or dusty, it may cause the compressor to work twice as hard. This can make the cold air produced twice the quantity necessary. This could be the problem if a new Frigidaire fridge is freezing food.

3. A part of the fridge is bad and needs replacement

Sometimes, the problem may be due to a faulty part of the fridge. Some of your fridge’s parts are more likely to cause the issue in question. Following is a list of these parts, their basic functions, and how they can be checked for faults.

i. Damper control assembly

The damper control is the part of the fridge regulating the amount of cold air circulated into the fridge. It does this by opening and closing. If broken, it can stay stuck open, and this will cause the temperature of your fridge to drop.

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ii. Thermostat control

The thermostat has to direct voltage to the condenser, compressor, and evaporator fan. It is also responsible for turning the fridge off and on and monitors the air temperature of the fridge.

The compressor will work more than it’s meant to if the thermostat begins to malfunction. And this will result in the fridge getting colder than usual.

To see if the thermostat is defective, ensure the fridge is on, and the compressor is running. Then rotate the temperature dial from the lowest to the highest. Listen closely for a click as you do this. If you hear the click sound, the thermostat is in good condition, as the click sound indicates that the refrigerant system has shut down.

iii. Thermistor

This monitors and reads the air temperature of the fridge. It then sends this reading to the temperature control board that uses the reading to direct voltage to the refrigerant system. A malfunctioning thermistor will result in an improper voltage supply to the fridge’s refrigerant system.

This could make the compressor, and evaporator fans work continuously. And the fridge’s temperature may become too cold.

You can use a multimeter to check the thermistor’s resistance. Set the fridge to a different temperature with the temperature dial and see if the thermistor resistance changes. If it does not, then it is malfunctioning.

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How to Stop Your Frigidaire Fridge from Freezing Food

To stop your Frigidaire fridge from freezing food, do the following…

1. Increase the temperature of the fridge

As we said, this is the most obvious solution, and sometimes, this makes it overlooked. Turn the temperature dial up a bit and wait for some time to see if the problem is solved.

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Be careful not to make the temperature too hot; the ideal temperature for a fridge is 38 to 42°F. If this does not solve the problem, then try the next solution.

2. Clean the coils

Switch off the fridge and disconnect the cord from the power socket. Then pull the fridge from the wall, and you will have access to the coils of the fridge. Clean the coils as much as possible and return the fridge to its position. Then turn it back on. If dirty coils were the problem, the cleaning should resolve the issue.

3. Replace any faulty component

We have discussed methods to check for faults in the fridge’s parts that can be responsible for making the fridge freeze up. So, take out time to inspect these parts for defects. If you find any, then the part has to be changed.

With Frigidaire fridges, the problem is mostly the control thermostat. So we will give a step-by-step procedure for how to replace the thermostat.

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How to Replace a Frigidaire Fridge’s Temperature Control Thermostat

Step 1: Turn off the fridge from the power supply and unplug the power cord from the socket.

Step 2: Take out the shelving and the screws; this will make it possible to take out the damper covers and conduit.

Step 3: Remove the sensor of the thermostat from the damper then take out the control panel.

Step 4: Disconnect all the wires from the thermostat

Step 5: Take out the old control thermostat from its housing and put in the new one.

Step 6: Fit the insulation of the old control thermostat on the new one.

Step 7: Put back the control panel, reconnect all the wires, and knobs.

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Step 8: Place the damper covers and conduit back in position and fasten the screws back on.

The video below gives further explanation on how to replace your Frigidaire fridge’s control thermostat

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If you find that your Frigidaire freezer temperature reads 0, but it is hissing, and the food is thawing, check the defrost heater. The heater may be stuck in a defrost mode, constantly defrosting the freezer. So, even though the temperature is correct, the food wil keep thawing.

Troubleshoot the components of the defrost system to find the faulty one. Start with the defrost timer; it may have become defective and cannot advance the system out of a defrost cycle.

If that is the case, you need a new defrost timer. Also, check the defrost thermostat, as it closes contacts to allow voltage to flow to the heater during a defrost cycle. Test it with a multimeter to check its continuity and replace it if it has none.

But if these components are in good working condition, test the defrost heater. The hissing sound you hear is the water from the coils dropping on the hot heater. That means it is stuck and does not turn off. Replace the heater if it applies.

Frigidaire French-door Refrigerator Crisper Drawer Freezing Food – Fixed

Cold air from the freezer typically flows into the refrigerator through the damper, which is close to the crisper drawers. If the air is too cold and you do not often use the refrigerator, the crisper drawer will freeze food. You can resolve this problem by using the refrigerator more often to regulate the cold air in it.

Another possibility is the humidity setting. If the settings is too low, freezing may occur too frequently. Adjust the humidity setting to encourage airflow and reduce the freezing issue in the crisper drawer. But if the problem persists, contact Frigidaire for further assistance.

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