Why Does My Electrolux Fridge Keep Freezing Food [Solution]

A fridge freezing up foods is a common problem that most fridges develop. It is such a common occurrence that almost everyone at some point has experienced it. “So why does my Electrolux fridge keep freezing food” you may ask. That’s why we are here; in this article, we will explain why your Electrolux fridge is freezing food.

And because it won’t do to just know why we will also tell you how to solve the issue. We believe after reading this article, you will be armed with enough knowledge to keep your fridge from freezing up your foods.

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Why Does Your Electrolux Fridge Keep Freezing Food

The following are possible reasons why your Electrolux fridge keeps freezing your food…

1. The temperature of your fridge is too low

Okay, this is pretty obvious but can be easily overlooked. Especially if you haven’t lowered the temperature in a while and the issue just started

2. The placement of the food

A lot of fridges come with cooling vents through which cold air comes into the fridge. You may be placing your food directly at the vent. Also, most fridges do not have a uniform temperature. Some parts may be meant to house foods that require a lower temperature.

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This possible cause is only applicable if only some part of the fridge freezes up.

3. You do not have enough food in your fridge

No, we are not kidding you, this could be the issue. The fridge needs to be properly filled to absorb the cold air that is pumped into the fridge. If this isn’t the case, the cool air will go towards the bottom and then begin to freeze your food.

4. Technical issue

It could be that some component of your Electrolux fridge is bad and has resulted in the fridge’s system running for longer than it should. Below we have listed the components that when bad can cause your fridge to freeze…

i. Temperature control thermostat

This component has the duty of directing voltage to the evaporator fan and compressor.

ii. Thermistor

The thermistor reads the fridge’s air temperature for the control board. The reading is then used to regulate the workings of the compressor and evaporator fan.

iii. Damper

The fridge needs cool air to run properly and the work of the damper is to supply this cold air. The damper opens and closes to allow the right amount of cold air in the fridge. If broken or stuck open, cold air will pour into the fridge unregulated and begin to freeze things up.

Check out this video for more information on the probable reasons your fridge is freezing food

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How to Stop an Electrolux Fridge from Freezing Food

To stop your fridge from freezing your food, you have to solve the potential causes we have discussed. We advise that you do the quick fixes first and if the problem persists then it might need mechanical solutions…

1. Turn up the temperature of the fridge

Check the temperature of the fridge. Do not rely on the fridge’s thermometer if your fridge is old or has been acting up. Get an external thermometer to check the temp. If it is below 38 to 42°F then that may be the problem.

Simply turn up the temperature to the ideal temperature which is 38 to 42°F. Be sure not exceed this as it may make your fridge warm enough for bacteria to grow on your food.

2. Check the placement of the food

Like we have mentioned, most fridges do not have a uniform temperature. So, check your manual to be sure where to store particular foods, like meat, vegetables, dairy, etc. Also, be sure your food isn’t placed directly at a vent.

3. Stock up more food

We are still not kidding you. Trust us and give it a trial. Stock up more food and check for any changes.

4. Technical issue

If after you try all these quick fixes the problem does not go away then it’s most likely a mechanical issue. If the problem is because of a faulty component, then it most likely needs replacement. Most of the parts are better off replaced when faulty but this can be complex.

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We, therefore, advise you to get the help of a professional. However, we will show you how to check each component to know which is faulty…

i. Temperature control thermostat

Rotate the thermostat; go from the highest setting to the lowest or vice versa. While doing this, listen for a click. If you hear a click then the thermostat is working fine. And if there is no click sound, the thermostat is faulty and has to be replaced.

ii. Thermistor

Get a multimeter, and check the thermistor’s resistance, do this while changing the fridge’s temperature. The thermistor’s resistance should change in conjunction with the fridge’s temperature. If it does not, then the thermistor is bad.

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iii. Damper

The damper is often located right above the drawers or the wall behind the drawers. Open it to check if the damper is broken or cracked open.

iv. Temperature control board and Main control board

The temperature control board is often misdiagnosed and the main control board is rarely the problem. We advise you to check the other components first to find out which is faulty. If at the end of your inspection, you do not find the problem, then it may be time to call a repair technician.

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