Electrolux Freezer Not Freezing [Quick Fix]

In this article, we take a look at the problem of an Electrolux freezer not freezing and proffer solutions to it.

Electrolux not freezing
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Electrolux Freezer Not Freezing – Solutions

If you find that your Electrolux freezer is not freezing, the following are possible causes and solutions:

1. Defective Evaporator Fan Motor

To check the evaporator fan motor, you need to activate the door switch manually. This is because the motor won’t run at all if the door of the freezer is open and you need to open the door to access the fan. After activating the switch, check the motor to see if it is running. If it is not running, replace the evaporator fan motor.

The evaporator fan circulates air in the freezer after drawing it over the evaporator coils. So if it is unable to do this, there will be no cold air to cool the freezer, let alone freeze it.

2. Frosted Evaporator Coils

Remove the inside rear panel of the freezer to see the coils. Thaw the frost on them, if there is any, by manually defrosting the freezer.

To do this, replace the rear panel of the freezer and unplug the unit. Remove everything in it and store the perishable ones in another cool place. Set a pan or tray at the base of the freezer and spread rags or towels, too. These are meant to catch the water that forms from the melting ice.

Leave the door of the freezer open for the period of defrosting. Give the freezer at least 24 hours to fully defrost. However, this is dependent on the amount of frost buildup in the freezer.

When the frost or ice has defrosted, the frost on the evaporator coils would have defrosted, too. But this means you have to check the components of the defrost system to see which of them is defective. This applies, however, if your Electrolux freezer has an automatic defrost system. If you don’t check the defrost components, the frost will accumulate on the evaporator coils again.

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If the evaporator coils have frost on them, they will not be able to make cold air for the evaporator coils to spread in the freezer.

3. Dirty Condenser Coils

Check the condenser coils behind or under the freezer for dirt. If they are dirty, clean them with the brush head of your vacuum cleaner and remove any extra dust with a cloth rag. This will enable the coils to dissipate the heat of the refrigerant so that it doesn’t carry it to the freezer and reduce its cooling.

4. Start Relay

If you have the problem of your Electrolux freezer not freezing, check the start relay. Detach the start relay from the compressor, after you have unplugged the freezer. Check for any burnt smell. If there is any, the relay is probably bad. But if there isn’t any burnt smell, make doubly sure the relay is still working by testing it between the start and run terminal sockets using a multimeter. If there is no continuity, replace the relay.

The compressor is likely not to run if the start relay is bad. This is because the relay supplies a power boost so that the compressor can run. And if the compressor doesn’t run, the freezer won’t cool.

5. Faulty Temperature Control Thermostat

Listen for a click from the thermostat when you turn it from lowest to highest. If you hear the click, the thermostat is fine. But if you don’t hear the click from the thermostat, then test it for continuity. If you don’t find continuity, replace the thermostat.

The refrigerant system, which cools the freezer, won’t run if the compressor and fan motors don’t have voltage supplied to them. And they won’t get the needed voltage if the temperature control thermostat is defective.

5. Defective Condenser Fan Motor

Turn the blades of the condenser fan to see if they spin freely. If they do, the motor of the fan is probably not bad. But if they don’t spin freely, test the motor with a multimeter to see if there is continuity. If there is no continuity, replace the fan motor.

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The condenser fan is responsible for cooling the condenser coils by drawing air over them. If the motor is faulty, the fan won’t be able to cool the coils and this will cause the unit not to get cold.

In the event none of the parts above is faulty or defective, you can check the user control and display board, the compressor, the main control board or the sealed system. One or more of these components could be the cause of the lack of freezing in the freezer.

However, they are hardly the cause of the problem and a lot of times, they are misdiagnosed. Checking and replacing them doesn’t come cheap and if you misdiagnose, it could cost you much more. So, it is important to be sure they are defective before you change them.

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Electrolux Ice Maker Not Freezing – How to Fix

Take a look at the following if the ice maker in your Electrolux refrigerator is not freezing water:

1. Temperature in the Freezer

This is the likeliest cause of the ice maker not freezing. Be sure that the temperature in the freezer is below 100F or -120C. Any temperature setting higher than this will affect the freezing capacity of the ice maker.

In fact, the right temperature setting of the freezer is 00F or -180C. Adjust the temperature of the freezer if it is higher than the recommended setting.

2. Pressure of Water

Check the pressure of the water that is supplied from your house straight to the ice maker. If the pressure is lower than 20psi, the water inlet valve will not be able to allow the flow of water through it. Consequently, the ice maker will have no water to freeze.

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3. Water Inlet Valve

Test the pressure of water to the valve. If it is not up to 20psi, the valve will be unable to support the flow of water to the ice maker. If the pressure is right, test the power supplied to the valve with a multimeter. Again, if the power supply is right, then the inlet valve is defective. Replace it. Otherwise, there will be no water for the ice maker to freeze.

4. Ice Maker Assembly

The ice maker itself could be the reason why it is not freezing. If it is defective or has a defective part, it won’t be able to freeze water to form ice. Contact a qualified refrigerator technician to take a look at all the parts of the ice maker to see if there is any faulty one.

However, most times, the different parts of an ice maker cannot be bought separately. So you may have to buy the entire assembly.

KITCHEN BASICS 101: 241798224 Ice Maker Replacement for Electrolux & Frigidaire Refrigerators 241642511 241798201







5. Water Filter

If the water filter is clogged, the water flowing to the dispenser will be restricted, making the ice maker not to work as it should. Replace the water filter if it is up to 6 months and change it every 6 months.

Additionally, if you live in an area where construction goes on regularly, replace the water filter more often. This is because it will have much more sediments than water filters used in areas where there are no constructions.

Quick Note

To check and troubleshoot the issue of an Electrolux freezer not freezing, be sure to unplug the refrigerator from the wall socket. Doing this will prevent accidental electric shock and also prevent damage to the unit. If you cannot reach the plug of the unit, shut off the circuit breaker for that part of the house.

In addition to the above, contact the customer service of Electrolux to request service, especially if the warranty is still active. It is usually best to let the manufacturing company fix faults.

However, you can get a professional refrigerator technician to fix the faults if you would rather do that. That is if you cannot fix the faults yourself.


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