GE Refrigerator Alarm Keeps Going Off [How to Fix]

Something is wrong if a GE refrigerator alarm keeps going off. Luckily, it is usually nothing serious and you can fix it easily.

GE Refrigerator alarm keeps going off

GE Refrigerator Alarm Keeps Going Off – Quick Fix

There are different alarms in a GE refrigerator. So if a GE refrigerator alarm keeps going off, check the temperature inside the unit or the door.

Temperature Alarm

Check the temperature inside the refrigerator using a refrigerator thermometer. Why? You may set the temperature to the correct point but for some reason, it just isn’t cooling.

So to find out what the temperature is, use a thermometer.

If you find it is high, it would explain the alarm going off. And to correct this, you need to do a number of things:

1. Replace the Temperature Control Thermostat

If this component fails, the compressor and the motor of the evaporator fan won’t run. This is because they won’t get the right amount of voltage they need to operate properly. As a result, the refrigerant won’t cool the refrigerator.

Take the knob of the control to the highest point and listen for an audible click. If the click comes, the thermostat is not the problem.

However, if it doesn’t come, run a continuity test on the component using a multimeter. And if there is no continuity, replace it.

2. Check the Door Seal

Push the seal back in place with a small screwdriver if it is sticking out. But do this gently.

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However, if the seal is in place yet it is not working, it means it is weak. Replace it with a suitable part.

A poorly sealing door will compromise the temperature in the refrigerator. And this will trigger the temperature alarm.

Doing any or all of these will fix the temperature alarm. However, it will keep going off if the temperature remains high.

Door Alarm

If you recently removed the door for any reason, be sure the wire harness is in place. Be sure it is properly plugged in and that the door’s connection to the inside of the unit is correct.

Also, don’t put too much in the refrigerator. Otherwise, you risk having some of the items stick out and keep the door from closing fully.

Check all the shelves, bins, and drawers to be sure you pushed them all into place. If one or more stick out, the door won’t close fully. And if it remains even slightly ajar, the alarm will go off.

However, if you fix all of these and you are sure the door seals tightly yet the alarm keeps going off, something may be wrong with the control board. The alarm will keep going off until it is fixed.

Opt to Reset the Unit…

You can choose to reset the refrigerator before checking or replacing the control board. To do this, disconnect it from power, wait 30 seconds and reconnect it.

Doing this resets the control panel and may get the alarm to stop beeping and not keep going off.

If you have the Profile refrigerator, there is a reset button on the unit’s control panel. Press it for the same purpose.

GE Freezer Alarm Going Off – Quick Fix

For chest freezers, the temperature is higher than 10 degrees Fahrenheit if you hear the alarm going off.

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There is a switch with 3 settings close to the control dial at the back of the freezer. Find it and move the switch to Off so the alarm stops beeping.

Then, find out why the temperature is high. Check the lid seal and the items in the freezer. Replace the seal if it is weak. And rearrange or reduce the content of the freezer so the lid can close fully.

Avoid storing too much hot or warm food items in the unit. Doing this triggers the alarm.

However, if the freezer is a newer model, fix the cause of the high temperature and reset the alarm by pressing the Alarm Reset button.

Note: If the temperature in the freezer is colder than recommended, the alarm may go off.

For Upright Freezers…

If the alarm of your GE freezer keeps going off and it is an upright freezer, press the button for alarm reset. You will find it on the unit’s control panel if it has one.

Doing this should stop the beeping of the alarm. But it does not fix the reason why the alarm is going off.

So, on the control panel, you will still see High Temp displayed. And it will remain so until you fix the high temperature in the freezer. If you don’t, the alarm will go off again in 6 hours.

However, if the problem is that the door has been open for up to 2 minutes, the alarm will go off. But this time, Door Open will appear on the display.

Pressing the Door Open button and closing the door fully will stop the alarm. But it will go off every 10 minutes if the door remains even slightly ajar.

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For Older Models…

If the freezer does not have a control panel, there is a switch that allows you to turn the alarm off. You will find it behind the freezer’s front grille.

To turn it off, push the blunt end of a pencil or any other such item into the hole. Move the hole to the position marked Off.

If you do all these yet the alarm continues going off, check the door. Make sure it seals tightly.

Next, unplug the freezer from the wall outlet, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in. This should reset it.

If all else fails, contact GE to report the issue and request service.


Refrigerator Alarms are designed for the safety of the unit. They alert you when something is wrong and can potentially save you money.

So if a GE refrigerator alarm keeps going off, it is important to find out why and fix it. It is usually the door or temperature alarm that goes off and keeps beeping until it gets your attention.

If you ignore it, you may find spoilt food or a damaged refrigerator. However, if you fix everything and the alarm keeps going off or you don’t know what to do, contact GE Cares for support and service.

We also have appliance technicians who can help you without booking an appointment or having an expensive in-house call.

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