Samsung Freezer Stopped Working [How to Fix]

Has your Samsung freezer stopped working? There are a few reasons why this happens. This article discusses them and how to fix them.

Samsung freezer stopped working
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Samsung Freezer Stopped Working – Solutions

If you find that a Samsung freezer has stopped working, inspect the following and fix any defective one:

1. Power Cord

Ensure that the power cord is properly connected to the wall outlet. If it is loose, the freezer will not work. So unplug it and plug it back in, fully and properly this time. Then, check the freezer to see if it is working.

If the cord is plugged in properly yet the freezer is not working, then check the cord for damages or burns. This is especially needed if there has been a recent power surge or outage.

To verify the functionality of the cord, plug another appliance of the same voltage capacity into the outlet. If it works fine, then the cord could be damaged. But if it does not, the wall outlet is not working properly. You may have to change it or relocate the freezer.

Note: If you cannot reach the wall outlet, shut the circuit breaker for that part of the house down. Doing this disconnects power to the freezer.

2. Temperature Setting

The correct setting of the temperature for a Samsung freezer is 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, check the setting to ensure it is at the right point. You or someone else may have mistakenly moved it to a higher point.

If you take it higher than 10 degrees Fahrenheit, the freezer will have a hard time staying cold. Over time, will give the impression of no longer working.

3. Door Gasket

This is perhaps, one of the likeliest reasons a freezer will stop working. If the gasket is weak or loose, the freezer will not stay cold. With time, it will become just a box.

To test the gasket, run your hand along the edge of the freezer door. You should not feel any cold air, no matter how insignificant, escaping from the freezer. So if you do, the gasket is clearly not sealing tightly so should be replaced.

Another way to test it is to close the door of the unit on any dollar bill. Because of the high compression rate, you should not be able to pull the bill out at all if the gasket is working fine. But if you pull the bill out, replace the gasket because it is not sealing well anymore.

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4. Compressor

Listen to the sound of the compressor. If there is a hum, it means the compressor is working fine. But if the humming is labored or too loud, something is wrong with the compressor.

And if there is no sound at all, disconnect the unit from power and plug it back in. Give it a little time for the compressor to start again and run so you see if it is working now.

If there is still no sound, contact the Samsung Service center and report the issue. You can also have a certified and qualified appliance technician fix the problem. We have some here that you can chat with to resolve the issue.

If you are not a certified appliance technician, you cannot remove the compressor to run a test on it. It is against the law because it involves the use of voltage.

5. Main Control Board

This is the brain of the unit and if there is any burn to the solder points, it means it is damaged. Replace it and see if the freezer starts working again.

Have an appliance technician troubleshoot and fix the board for you if you are not sure about doing it yourself.

If the unit is a fridge freezer and the fridge is working fine while the freezer is not, then inspect the following parts:

6. Evaporator Coils

Remove the inside back panel of the freezer section and take a look at the coils. They should be cold but not icy or frozen. If there is ice on them, no matter how little, you will have to thaw it.

To do this, disconnect the fridge freezer from power and open the door of the freezer. Remove every perishable item and store them somewhere else, preferably another freezer. Get towels and pans ready to mop up water dripping during the defrost process.

Give the freezer time to defrost so that the ice accumulated on the coils will melt fully. When this is done, clean the freezer until it is completely dry. Don’t reconnect it to power with moisture still inside the freezer to avoid rapid frost buildup.

However, it is important to run diagnostics on the defrost heater as it is close to the coils. Take a multimeter and test the heater to see if there is any continuity. This will tell you whether or not the heater should be replaced.

If the heater is working fine, then test the defrost timer. Locate it on your Samsung fridge freezer, usually inside the temperature control housing on the inside roof of the fridge section. Turn it until it clicks and the freezer begins to defrost.

This is one indication that the timer is likely malfunctioning and should be replaced. To make doubly sure, allow the defrost to run its full cycle and wait for the timer to go off. If this does not happen after 30 minutes, replace the timer.

You can also check the defrost thermostat and defrost control board as any one of them could be defective. Replace them if they are.

A poorly functioning defrost system is the reason why there is an accumulation of ice on the evaporator coils. And if the coils have ice, they cannot cool the air that the fan passes over them. As a result, there will be no cold air for the freezer, which will make it seem as if it is not working.

7. Evaporator Fan

Test the motor of the evaporator fan. It will automatically stop running once you open the door of the freezer and start again when the door switch is active, even if the door is still open.

But if the motor does not run after the door switch becomes active, open the inside back panel of the freezer and remove the fan. Test the motor for continuity to be sure it is defective. If there is no continuity, replace the motor.

Make sure the blades are spinning properly and freely. If there is ice forming around the fan, thaw it and check the defrost system.

The evaporator fan makes sure there is cold air circulating in the freezer. It takes air over the cooling or evaporator coils. And when the air becomes cold, it passes it around the freezer.

Now, if the motor or even the blades are not working well, there will be no cold air. Consequently, the freezer will not work.

8. Condenser Coils

There is a slight chance the dirty condenser coils is reducing the freezer’s capacity to cool. But this will also affect the fridge. However, to play it safe, inspect the coils and clean them if they are noticeably dirty. Be sure to clean them well once every six months after this.

9. Sealed System

While this is not common, it can still happen. If you find that only one shelf in the freezer is not cooling or there is an accumulation of frost on only one side of the evaporator coils, it is a pointer to a leak in the sealed system.

Only a certified refrigerator technician can run a check successfully and fix this problem. This technician is also in the best position to advise you if you should replace the whole unit or not.

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Samsung Fridge Freezer Just Stopped Working – What to Do

Do the following if your Samsung fridge freezer just stopped working:

1. Check the Power Cord

The fridge freezer cannot work if the power cord is not properly plugged into the attending wall outlet. Therefore, check the cord and make sure it is properly in the outlet.

Disconnect it from the wall outlet and reconnect it again, making sure it is done right this time. If the fridge freezer still does not work, try plugging another appliance with an equal voltage power into the outlet. If the problem continues, reset the circuit breaker for the wall outlet and try again.

Also, ensure the outlet is working well. If the voltage from it cannot carry the appliance, it is important to change it or relocate the unit. Additionally, do not use an extension to plug the fridge freezer.

2. Reduce the Temperature

Lower the setting of the temperature for both compartments. This may help get the unit up and running again. However, this applies only if the unit still has some life in it.

Lowering or reducing the temperature may get it running again. And if this happens, you will have to contact Samsung or have a qualified appliance technician check why it has the cooling problem.

3. Change the Location

Check to see if there is any heat source or sun rays hitting the unit directly. This can make the fridge freezer stop working if it has been happening for a long time. The refrigerating system will overwork itself in trying to maintain a cool temperature and fail eventually.

Move the unit, therefore, to another part of the room or out of the room entirely. This applies if you can move the fridge freezer. If not, try reducing the temperature. But if the unit has stopped working completely, let a technician try fixing it for you.

4. Check the Compressor

If there is no low hum coming from the compressor, it may be damaged. But if there is a hum but it is not smooth or is too loud, you may have to replace the compressor.

However, you cannot do this yourself. Only a certified technician can, according to the law. So contact Samsung to report the issue or chat with any of our technicians here to sort it out.

5. Inspect the Main Control Board

Replace the main control board if it has burns on it, especially at the solder points. Make sure to buy the right part, using the right model number or serial number.

Here is a video showing how to find out if the control board or even the inverter board is damaged and how to replace it…

And if you are not sure about replacing it yourself, have a technician fix it for you.

Quick Note

If you have a Samsung freezer that just stopped working, it is best to contact Samsung first to report the issue. Do this after you have verified that there is power supply, the power cord is not damaged and the wall outlet is working fine, as well as the circuit breaker. If you have an active warranty on the unit, it will be at no extra cost to you.

But if there is no warranty and you would rather go independent, chat with our technicians right here. They have the experience and expertise to help you sort the issue out.


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