GE Refrigerator Door Won’t Close [Solutions]

Sometimes, you may find that your GE refrigerator door won’t close. If you are wondering what to do, this article will show you how to solve it.

GE Refrigerator Door Won't Close

GE Refrigerator Door Won’t Close Automatically – Quick Fix

Here are possible reasons why your GE refrigerator door won’t close automatically:

1. Door Is Blocked from Inside

Ensure nothing is obstructing the door from inside. Reposition any item that may be stopping the refrigerator door from shutting itself. It could be a result of a stuck food container, shelf, or drawer.

2. Door Is Crammed

Check the door and remove any overweight containers. Also, ensure not to overload the door. Over time, overloading the door will cause misalignment and pull the door downward, thereby preventing the unit’s door from closing automatically.

3. Hinges Are Broken

Check to ensure the door hinges are not weak or broken. If they are, have them replaced.

If the door hinges are weak or broken, the door cannot close automatically. overloading the door usually causes broken/weak hinges. So, again, avoid overloading the refrigerator door.

4. Leveling Is Wrong

Ensure the refrigerator is properly leveled. To determine this, inspect the refrigerator to know if the front part of the unit is a little higher than the back. If not, check the installation guide to level it properly.

One of the tell-tale signs of a poorly leveled refrigerator is the inability of the door to close automatically when opened at less than a 90 degrees angle.

In addition, check the lower part of the refrigerator doors for shipping/packing foam. If you find that the foam is still there, remove the tape on it and take the foam off.

If the refrigerator does not have proper leveling, or the packing foam is still there, they may keep the doors from closing.

5. Door Gasket Is Weak/Torn or Dirty

Check the gasket and ensure it is not torn or dirty. If the gasket is weak or torn, replace it. If it is dirty, use warm soapy water and a soft cloth to clean it. Clean the lapping side, too.

Furthermore, check to see if the problem is with the lapping of the gasket. Sometimes, the gasket may wiggle loose. So in this case, push the gasket back into position.

However, note that if the gasket becomes loose frequently, it is an indication that the gasket is weak. So, it will be safer to replace it.

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Here is a video guide on how to replace a gasket on a GE refrigerator…

Similarly, if your GE freezer door won’t stay closed, check the hinges and gasket. Ensure they are still in good working condition. Otherwise, change them as they can cause the freezer door not to stay closed.

To check if the door seal/gasket needs replacement, shut the refrigerator door against a dollar bill. Then, try to pull the bill out. If it comes off easily, replace the seal.

Additionally, ensure you do not overstock your freezer and check for ice on the seal. These may keep your freezer door from staying shut, too.

GE Ice Maker Door Doesn’t Close – How to Fix

Below are the common reasons why your GE ice maker door doesn’t close and how to fix them:

1. Rusted Solenoid

Check the solenoid. If it is rusted, change it with a part that fits the refrigerator model you own. A junked-up solenoid may be the reason your GE ice maker door doesn’t close.

Moreover, changing a solenoid is not time-consuming. It takes about 1 hour to change it. So, you can replace it yourself.

2. Weak Ice Chute Door Spring

Check the ice chute door spring. If it is weak, it can keep the ice maker door from closing. So, replace it.

Other times, apart from the solenoid and door spring, tiny pieces of ice on the door keep it from closing. So, it is better to ensure this is not the case.

However, if none of these fixes the problem, it may be time to service your appliance. So, contact the GE service center to book an appointment.

Alternatively, chat with any of our technicians for assistance. You don’t need to book an appointment or have an in-house call.

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