GE Freezer Door Will Not Open [How to Fix]

This is rare but you may find that your GE freezer door will not open. If you have this problem and don’t know what to do, this article helps you fix it.

GE freezer door will not open

GE Freezer Door Hard to Open – Quick Fix

If you find that a GE freezer door is hard to open, check to see if the lock function is activated. Some GE freezers have this feature. So if you accidentally turn it on, the freezer won’t open.

Take a look at the control panel to see the lock button. When you find it, simply press it to unlock the freezer.

But if the freezer does not have this feature, then it is something else. There may be a spill on the door seal, most likely a sugary drink. Closing the door on it makes it stick as it dries.

Warm water and soap can do the trick. Clean the seal even with the door closed until the warm water seeps between the frame and seal. It will weaken the stickiness and allow the door to open.

And when it opens, clean the seal and the spill thoroughly. Make sure to dry all the moisture so it does not freeze and cause ht problem to return another way.

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When the Door Is Pressurized…

Someone may have opened and closed it just before you. And if this is the case, then the negative pressure is keeping it shut.

You cannot open the door immediately; you have to give the pressure time to subside. Once it does, the door can open easily.

However, if you cannot wait that long, the following are some quick fixes to open the door:

1. Loosen the Seal

You can loosen the seal that binds the door frame and the gasket using your fingers. Doing this will relieve the pressure and allow you to open the door.

2. Check the Leveling

If the freezer is tilted farther back than is needed, it would make opening the door a harder task. So be sure it is leveled appropriately. If you are not sure how to do this, consult the user manual.

3. Oil the Door Seal

Use a good lubricant on the door seal to keep it from sealing too tightly. The lubricant will reduce friction.

Petroleum jelly is a good choice but it is important to note that not all seals work well with it. So, find other suitable ones or consult the user manual.

When the Door Is Frozen Shut…

A few times, ice keeps the door from opening. It means there is a buildup of ice that has frozen the door in place.

To fix this, simply disconnect the freezer or refrigerator from electric power. Let it sit for 24 hours, at least, and leave the door open during this time.

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After the full defrost, dry every trace of moisture from the freezer. Pay close attention to the door frame and rails if it is a drawer.

Make sure there is no water and give the unit time to air dry for about 20 hours. Afterward, reconnect it to power.

If the freezer is an automatic defrost model, it means the defrost system has failed. That is why there is an ice buildup; the freezer is constantly running in the cooling cycle.

Therefore, troubleshoot the components of the system to find the faulty one. And when you do, replace it immediately.

However, if none of these works, it is time to bring in the big guns. Contact GE to report the door issue and request assistance.

You can opt to use any of our available appliance technicians. Use the chatbox to your right to speak with them, no appointment, no waiting period, and no expensive in-house call.

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