Engel Fridge Freezing Everything [How to Fix]

Sometimes, you will find that your Engel fridge is freezing everything. What do you do? This article shows you how to fix it in no time.

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Unlike regular refrigerators, Engel models are usually small and portable. They look like coolers and have a different configuration. Their parts are embedded inside the back wall or condenser wall of the fridge. So, it is important to know the parts of your refrigerator before fixing the freezing problem.

Engel Fridge Freezing Everything – Solutions

Take the following steps if your Engel fridge keeps freezing everything:

1. Test the Thermostat

To test the thermostat, unplug the fridge and open the door of the fridge. Undo the screws on the back wall of the fridge and take out the frame gently. Locate the thermostat and pull it out from the thermostat control assembly.

Next, take out the styrofoam and disconnect the thermostat from the wire connector, then get a multimeter.

To use the multimeter, set it at the lowest range, clamp the probes of the multimeter on each other, and plug it into the thermostat of the wire to check the result.

This test is called the continuity test. If the result exceeds zero, it implies that the thermostat is faulty and needs a replacement. But if the value is zero, it implies that the thermostat is still functioning properly.

To replace it, simply disconnect the old thermostat from the wire connector. After doing this, attach the new thermostat to the wire connector and put back the insulation foam.

Now, re-position the thermostat assembly, and put back the frame. Then, drive in the screws and reassemble the fridge components.

The thermostat is responsible for regulating the temperature of the fridge. It determines the degree of hotness or coldness inside the fridge. So, if it is faulty, the fridge will experience some problems like freezing.

2. Adjust the Temperature Setting

To adjust the temperature setting of your Engel fridge, locate the controls on the side of the fridge. Press down the “SET” button for about 3 seconds until the LED display blinks. Next, press the “UP” button to reduce the temperature or the “DOWN” button to increase it.

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After setting the temperature, the LED display will stop blinking. This is to confirm that the temperature has been set.

However, the temperature range for Engel fridges is about 0 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit or -18 to 55 degrees Celsius. This temperature range allows you to set your fridge the way you want.

Similarly, it is important to note that Engel fridges are usually preset from the factory before purchasing them. Although the setting may change over time, resetting it is a very simple task. You can always refer to the user’s manual for more directions and information about how to set the right temperature for your fridge and prevent it from freezing.

Some newer models of Engel fridges have freezers and fridges in the same compartment. Therefore, be sure to know how to properly regulate the temperature in it if you have one.

3. Check the Door Seal

To check the door seal, switch off the fridge. Carefully open the door and observe the rubber seal around it. Close the fridge again and observe if there are any holes or loose areas.

If you notice that the door seal is torn, worn out, or does not stick firmly to the fridge when it is closed, replace it as soon as you can.

To repair the seal, disconnect the fridge from the power source. Open the door and use a small palette knife or flat screwdriver to tuck in or tuck out the door seal, as the case may be. When doing this, ensure that all the sides of the door seal or rubber lines are firmly placed around the door.

On the other hand, to replace it, get a suitable rubber line or door seal that suits your Engel fridge model. Next, unplug the fridge, or disconnect it from the battery.

Place the fridge on a work surface, open it and detach the door from the fridge’s hinges. Place the door aside and use a suitable screwdriver or your hand to carefully remove the rivets on the door.

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After this, pull out the frame, remove the old door seal, and line the door with the new one starting from beneath. Place the frame back, drive in the rivets, and reassemble the fridge components.

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4. Inspect the Control Panel

To inspect the control panel, switch off the fridge and open the door. Carefully pull out the control knobs and locate the screws of the fridge. Loosen the screws with a screwdriver and raise the frame covering the parts of the fridge a little with a flat blade screwdriver. This is to unhook the frame completely from the wall of the fridge.

After removing the upper part, locate the control panel and undo the screws on it. Bring out the control panel box and detach it from the power supply assembly by unplugging its wires.

Then, observe its nodes and wires. If you notice any burnt or disconnected wire, it implies the control panel may be faulty. The control panel cannot be repaired so a replacement will be needed.

To replace the control panel, unplug the fridge and open up the cover of the fridge. Set the control knobs aside and undo the screws on the fridge. Next, carefully pull out the frame covering the components of the fridge and remove the control panel box.

Disconnect it from the power supply assembly, plug in the new one, position it correctly, and reassemble the parts.

After fixing the control panel, you can test-run it for about 5 hours to check if it is working properly.

The control panel controls the temperature setting, LED light, and on/off buttons. This makes it the brain-box of the refrigerator. Therefore, any fault from it affects the entire refrigeration system.

5. Gauge the Airflow

To gauge the airflow in your Engel fridge, use a thermometer. This could be digital or manual. To use a manual thermometer, open the fridge and hold it over the fridge for about 10 seconds, then check the red line to know the exact temperature range in your fridge.

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Alternatively, to use a digital thermometer, open the fridge and place it over the fridge for 10 seconds, check the readings on the screen of the thermometer to know the exact temperature of your fridge.

By knowing the exact temperature of your fridge, you will be able to monitor it. For instance, if it goes below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature can freeze up water, vegetables, and fruits.

Also, it is important to note that the temperature of the environment where the fridge is kept can influence its temperature. During winter, for example, there is a tendency that your Engel fridge may freeze up everything you put in it because of its sensitivity to the environment.

So, it is advisable to keep your fridge in a cool dry place, not too close to the ceiling or roof of your house.

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Important to Note

Your Engel fridge may be freezing everything quickly because of an abnormal voltage supply. Therefore, after checking all the parts of the fridge, check the source of the power supply.

Most times, Engel fridges come with different battery sizes and voltage usage capacity. When you use a high voltage supply channel for one with low voltage usage capacity, it can alter the temperature of the fridge. So, ensure that you always use the right battery or power supply channel for your fridge.

This video shows how much power a typical Engel fridge uses…

In case you still have a warranty with Engel, you can contact their customer service for expert advice, replacements, repairs, inquiries, and helpful tips on how to fix any problem affecting your fridge.

However, you can also engage the services of professional refrigerator repair agents. We have experienced technicians here to help you fix the problem.


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