Samsung Ice Maker Making Very Little Ice [How to Fix]

If you find that your Samsung ice maker is making very little ice, the fix is easy. Here, we discuss the issue and how to fix it quickly and easily.


Samsung Ice Maker Making Very Little Ice – Quick Fix

If your Samsung ice maker makes only one batch of ice or just a few ice cubes, try any of the following:

1. Lower the Temperature

If your refrigerator has a digital interface for setting the temperature, press the Freezer (-) key until the setting goes from where it is currently to a spot lower on the setting range.

For example, if it was at 0 degrees, take it to -2. Then, give the unit time to adjust to the new setting before determining if it fixes the problem of the ice maker making little ice.

Something this simple could be the reason why the ice maker is unable to produce as much ice as it should.

2. Turn on the Power Freeze Function

Not every Samsung refrigerator has the Power Freeze function. But if your model has it, turn it on by pressing the Freezer pad and holding it for about 3 seconds.

Turning on this function increases the ability of the ice maker to make ice. When the function is on, it takes the ice maker 55 minutes to make a batch of ice, instead of the usual 90 minutes.

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This is because the fan in the freezer, along with the compressor, will run for 10 hours without stopping. As a result, the temperature in the freezer will drop to the lowest, even lower than the set point. And if it takes less than 10 hours for the ice bucket to fill up with ice, the function will automatically go off.

3. Inspect the Water Valve

Take a look at the valve, which is usually where the water line is at the back of the unit, to see if it is open all the way. If it is not, try opening it manually. But it is also an indication of a problem with the valve.

In the event the valve is not automatically opening fully when it should, you may have to replace it with one compatible with the refrigerator model.

If the valve is not fully open, water won’t be able to flow freely into the ice maker, to fill the ice mold. Consequently, the ice maker will make little or no ice due to the lack of water.

4. Check the Water Filter

If you have never changed the water filter in the refrigerator, it is time to change it. And if you have not replaced it in the last six months, it is due to be replaced.

In addition, if the filter has any damage to it upon inspection, the best step is to replace it. This is because water filters cannot be fixed.

A damaged or old water filter reduces the quick flow of water to the ice maker. When there should enough water in the machine, you will find that there isn’t enough ice if the water filter impedes the flow of water.

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Depending on the Samsung refrigerator model you own, the steps to take in order to change the filter will vary. Therefore, consult the owner’s manual for the unit to see instructions on how to change yours.

Sometimes, resetting the ice maker fixes the problem. So you can reset it using the test or reset button. Allow it to run the full cycle, give it time to cool and make ice and see if there is enough this time.

Here is a video showing different reasons why the ice maker is making little ice…

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Important Note

Every Samsung refrigerator with an ice maker should be able to produce 120 cubes of ice a day. So if yours is giving this number a day, it is working fine.

Additionally, if the refrigerator is new, it needs time to cool sufficiently enough to produce the right amount of ice.

Therefore, give it up to 12 hours to cool properly. Then, throw out the first 3 ice batches which it produces. They won’t be clean enough for consumption. Besides, it is a cleaning process to ensure the ones you consume are made from very clean water.

Thereafter, you can use the ice.

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However, if you follow all the steps above yet your Samsung ice maker keeps making little ice, contact the Samsung Support Center to report the issue and request service.

Otherwise, chat with any of our qualified refrigerator technicians. They are readily available to assist you with any refrigerator problem you may have.